And today, before watching this movie, I want to recommend the channel “Menaga” on this channel you will find a different kind of life hacking, homemade, and repacking parcels link to the channel description, go and subscribe Hello to you again I Anar, and today I will tell you and show 10 life hacking for summer sorry for my voice, I’m sympathetic unwell pleasant viewing a picnic by cutting an empty bottle of juice, you put two awesome foil plates freezing some wet wipes, you can use them with different kinds of bruises and abrasions, or mosquito bites. Use a few frozen bottles of water to properly cool your room let’s say during the game on the computer, put a few bottles around, and they are thus of blow air. when you are going camping or on the barbecue, always carry a roll of foil. from it you can do the dishes, and can also cover its food, protecting it thus from insects, cooling or overheating from small pieces of masking tape can make excellent kindling for the fire it is very well lit and does not go out in the wind. because of the glue content also because she will see how cool dymovuhu all familiar situation when you want to ride a bike it does not take a rucksack, and where to put the keys, as there are no pockets. for this, use the usual laces with his shoelaces in your keys, they will not be thwarted, and they pretty much will stay on your shoes summer always want to drink something refreshing. How about natural lemonade? I’ll show you how to do it in small proportions although you can make a whole bottle of lemonade we need the lemon juice and sugar. in proportions of one to one after mixing the juice and sugar, it is necessary to filter our juice and mix with water. in proportions of a juice, water and five. and we get a wonderful lemonade from childhood. sold cold accumulators. but why buy them when you can freeze the usual damp sponge and put it in a bag потом этот аккумулятор холода можно использовать в термосумке, чтобы ваши напитки охлождались, и остовались прохладными. Normal water reaches the resting place of the warm, grab a frozen bottle of water, and thus you get excellent cold water which did not even have time until the end of defrost Dear friends, this is unfortunately all but do not worry but do not worry as I promised to competition. Here he is. Winners will be five, and each winner will receive 500 rubles. conditions will also be a few. Terms and conditions – is to subscribe to my channel and my page VKontakte. All references are herein. and the second condition – Like it and write a comment with a link to your VKontakte but it is better to leave the id rather than a link. because the link may be banned Thank you all for your attention. all the while.


  1. 😐Я так лимонад в 6 лет сама делала без лайфака я же знаю что лимон кислый поэтому сазар добавляю😡

  2. хотя вы можете сделать сделаю бутылку… 1 сока и 5 воды😂

  3. ти крут я подписался в вк поставил лайк подписался на канал вот мой вк https://m.vk.com/id353979525?act=edit_status&from=menu

  4. Ну в вкМне нравятся твои лайфхакер и все что я попробовал все работают

  5. Клевые лайфхаки, очень помогли, большое спасибо!:)

  6. фууууууууууууууууууууууууу!!! дерьмо не роботоет!!!

  7. мне видео понравилось но лайф хак с ключами я уже видел на другом канале

  8. Надоели ваши "лайфхаки" ,пишите видео на другие темы,у вас нет идей ?Нет,это не качественный контент.Все ваши лайфхаки видим в других видео

  9. ак так то у меня такой же микро и звук гавно,а у тебя супер.Какккккк?
    Ответь пожалуйста где обрабатываешь звук?

  10. Ну зачем матерится конечно шнурки не очень но зачем привязывать к обувь ключи? Все класс

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