اجمل رحلة سياحية في اسطنبول !

اجمل رحلة سياحية في اسطنبول !

I will show you this amazing place ! Sile is located in the northern region of the Asian side of Istanbul now we are having a rest from the road for 10 minutes so that you can but food and supplies and to use the bathroom too as you can see behind me is (the hidden lake) which located between the mountains it’s so famous place here and you can sit and rest or eat beside it I will share with you the details about this trip I’m going with a tourism company which is specialized with this kind of trips it costs about 125 TL for one person approximately 20-25 $ the trip program is : the transportations from and to your hotels , from and to Sile and avga it contains the lunch meal too and a tour in the boat so if you like it , I can give you the number of the company or the person who I booked from and I hope you will have a good time it’s really so calm here , Listen ! so calm ! really nice place you can relax easily here and to enjoy the nature of the beautiful Turkey I just hope that you will be able to notice that through this video ! a tip for you ! make sure to wear a sport shoes because you will walk for long distance in the forest what a beauty she ran (haha) , sorry caty they rent this grilling equipments so you can make your own food here I’m walking in the middle of wood and I’m afraid that a dog or wolf would attack me (haha) where would I go , definitely not swimming in this cold weather (haha) there’s a fence , so I should be safe I guess you will experience the countryside life when you come here which we are not use to ! it’s full with houses made from wood it’s will give you different perspective ! we will try to take this boat in a tour in the lake it costs 25 TL we supposed to go in this boat trip but we couldn’t make it we took a lot of time taking pictures but we will take a boat tour in Avga we will have our dinner in this restaurant and this is the river we will go in a boat tour now we are going in a safari trip by motors now and this is our driver Hussam (haha) it’s raining now this safari cost 150 TL for the motor which can divided by two people and last for 45 minutes now we are in Avga this is the Black sea incredible place you can find this place when you go in safari so make sure to go ! and this is the Turkish delights there is honey , spices and tea too in this store if you needed any gifts this is where you taste the honey this cost 25 TL and this one is 15 TL different kinds of fruit honey and this is the best honey brand , I highly recommend it different kinds of tea and we are in the end of this video in the this beautiful place where the lake is behind me I hope you liked this video ! The most important thing is don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel and you are free to write anything you like in the comments and send the channel to whom might be interested in this kind of videos as you know how much I appreciate your support which would make me do more videos for you guys see you in the next video , Salam !

14 thoughts on “اجمل رحلة سياحية في اسطنبول !

  1. دعمكم حافز الي … لا تنسون الأعجاب ومشاركة الفيديو والقناة اصدقائي الاعزاء ❤

  2. رحلة سعيدة ان شاءالله ماشاءالله على جمال طبيعة تركيا كلها حلوة سبحان الله

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