اماكن لازم تزورها في ألانيا !

اماكن لازم تزورها في ألانيا !

Hello my friends , this is Harith al mohandis today I will show you the most famous beach in Alanya ,Turkey which called cleopatra beach It’s so famous and popular in Alanya I highly recommend to visit it when you are in Alanya enjoy this video ! I’m walking now next to the beach as you can see on my side nice street with some green trees and cool vibes weather you want to walk or just sit and enjoy the sun , this street would be perfect you can notice it along all the way you can try some activities while you are there such as paradaling this will cost you about 50 $ for 30 minutes or so as you can see there’s a small boat which will drag you while you are in the air you will find a lot of these areas along the beach which called beachers and contain cafeterias you have to rent these seats , it will cost 20-30 Turkish Lira for the whole day and they have food and drinks with this amazing view in front of the water the places here contain numbers not names like this one ahead , it’s number 12 and so so you can locate your place by the numbers and if you need to meet someone then you will need to use these numbers if you are here only to enjoy the sea and beach then as you can see the sea behind me and on the other side across the street you will find hotels so if you want to be close to the sea then you should stay in one of these hotels to save you from the transportation expenses they are saying that you shouldn’t play with these cats because they have diseases and they are been cured in the moment this is the Teleferik of Alanya which will take you up to the castle of Alanya the tickets for one person is 20 Tl and with this amazing view our video is coming to end I guess now I look black and burned because of the sun (hahaha) I hope you enjoyed the video ! don’t Forget to subscribe the channel ! and I will happy to read your comments below this place is one of the most visited places in Alanya like this video and thank you for the support see you in the next video , Salam

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  1. دعمكم حافز الي … لا تنسون الأعجاب ومشاركة الفيديو والقناة اصدقائي الاعزاء ❤

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