متحف الوهم والخداع البصري #أسطنبول

متحف الوهم والخداع البصري #أسطنبول

Hello my Friends , This is Harith al mohandis as you can notice and see it’s illusion because today I’m gonna show you the museum of illusion enjoy the video this is the front view of the museum the ticket prices are shown ahead for adults 59 TL for kids 39TL and if it’s full family which consists from 2 adults and 2 kids it would be 159 TL total price and from 0-4 years free entrance you can see also the opening and closing times it’s open every day of the week even in saturday and sunday from 10 am to 10 pm pay attention to these signs the pictures will be perfect only if you stand on these signs look at this disappearing trick ! and here I am again (haha) as I mentioned , try to stand on these points I challenge you to stand there for 3 minutes , It’s so difficult it feels like you are spinning this is the illusion what are you doing ? by the way , this is Faisal from Palestine he is already an architect what is the idea ? can you see the trick ? they are both look the same although the line on the right is smaller than the one on the left the point from this shape is when you concentrate on the white points , you will feel there’s black points around ! I don’t know if the video will show it but now I can see it , it’s obvious the face trick ! can you see the face in the middle ? there’s a face shade here stay concentrate for 30 seconds after the 30 seconds pass , you will see that the face will start to shrink and disappear ! it’s about 20 seconds now , stay focused don’t lift your eyes from the shape ! it supposed to start disappearing now ! for me it’s disappeared (haha) this is the room that never ends (infinity) definitely , you should visit this place it’s really cool you will have good time here it will keep looking at you ! I forgot to tell you about how to get there the museum is in Taksim , Istiklal street to be exact you can go by metro (M2) or Buses if you are coles to any station of the metro (M2) then take it to Taksim station if buses take it to the station Taksim Tunel I will attach the google maps location of the museum in the description below so check it out Taksim Meydan is in that way you will keep walking until you see this building the museum will be on your left side after you enter this place there’s also here some cafes and restaurants if you like to eat something this is only a mirror but still looks like a Tunnel ! can you see the end of it ? as you can see from side , it’s a black box! but when you go to the other side of the same box , you will see different shape and color ! even different color ! the trick is in the installed mirror look here , different boxes sizes the one on the left looks bigger , right ? they are having hard time to get out from this illusion tunnel (haha) I can’t come to help you guys (haha) I hope you liked and enjoyed in this video I’m now literally upside down (haha) don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and send the video to the people who might be interested see you in the next video , Salam

15 thoughts on “متحف الوهم والخداع البصري #أسطنبول

  1. دعمكم حافز الي … لا تنسون الأعجاب ومشاركة الفيديو والقناة اصدقائي الاعزاء ❤

  2. كلش حلو الفديو اتمنى عدنا بالعراق مثل هذا المتحف ربي يحفظك ان شاءالله

  3. الصراحهه اول مرا اشوف فيد واكملهه للاخير ونبي يعني اهنيكك حارث مدري شحجي ع جمال التصوير لو ع المكان استمر💜💜.

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