किल्ले पन्हाळा , कोल्हापूर | Panhala Fort and hill station

किल्ले पन्हाळा , कोल्हापूर  | Panhala Fort and hill station

Friends, Welcome to India Travel Videos This fort is 20 kms away from Kolhapur city Panhala fort is witness to the dramatic events of Shivaji Maharaj’s life During the formation of Karveer State, this fort used to be the Capital of Marathas The Entry fee is required to go to the fort Here used to be the gate called “CHAAR DARWAJA” i.e. Four doors The British destroyed it in 1844 As you reach on the fort, there is a passionate effigy of Veer Baji Prabhu Deshpande with the sword First of all, we went to see the building called “Sajja Kothi” In this building, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had kept his son Sambhaji Maharaj to look after the area. Shivaji Maharaj used his secret conversation on this There is an inscription written in Urdu on the wall There is a difference of opinion between who and when built this building According to one opinion, Ibrahim Adilshah constructed it in 1500 This two-storey building has been constructed using lime and stone. Now we are in the compound of Sajja Kothi This side has the fortification (fort walls). We are on on of the turret now Here you can see two-faced turret The name has been given because of the stairs are from both sides Pusati Buruj You have to walk for 15-20 minutes to go here. It was used to keep an eye on the western area. A good view of sunset is visible from here Three door (TEEN DARWAJA ) This is the most important door in the west The good looking carving is done at the door In 1676, Kondaji Farjand (Maratha soldier) won the fort with the help of only 60 soldiers. This fort is one of the good condition Fort in Maharashtra state This fort has a history of about 1200 years This fort was constructed in the time of Shilahar King Bhoj Nrusingh After that fort went to, The Yadavs, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Mughals, Marathas and finally had the British Adilshah Fort repaired Many new walls and gates are made Shivaji Maharaj also made some improvements in the fort After the end of Afzal Khan in 1659, Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort Adilshah sent SiddhiJohar to get back the fort Siddhi Johar had surrounded the fort, then Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj came out of intelligence and proceeded towards Vishalgad Fort. Baji Prabhu Deshpande was with him And to make the enemy a fool, Shiva Kashid Shivaji become Maharaj and went out from other route Siddhi Johor’s soldiers captured Shiva Kashid thinking he is Shivaji Maharaj After knowing the truth, Siddhi Johar killed Shiva Kashid Siddhi Johar’s army started chasing Shivaji Maharaj On the way, Bajiprabhu kept the enemy in Ghodkhand (narrow way out of the mountain) and asked Shivaji Maharaj to go ahead. As soon as Shivaji Maharaj reached Vishalgad, as if it was fixed … gave the signal of three guns Baji Prabhu, who has been fighting till now, heard his voice and gave up his life Salute to the soldier who gave his life to fulfill the dream of Shivaji Maharaj’s self-rule state On the walls of the fort is the peacock craft of Adilshahi era, the sign of the lotus of King Bhoj and in some places there is inscription in Urdu, so there is a statue of Ganesha on Because this fort is in the hands of many kings, the sign of each other has been changed ANDHAR BAVADI The building and well is made of black stone near the TEEN DARWAJA , is called ANDHAR BAAV. This is a three-storey building At the bottom of the building there is the deep well There is an open space on the intermediate floor, there is also a way to get out of there Here was the house of Queen Tarabai Hose is good Ambar Khana Amber khana used to be a basilica (the safest place inside the fort) There are three granary named Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Here, they kept collecting different types of grains The grain was kept in large quantities on a large scale. The basic purpose of building this main building will not be to keep the grain Who will put such a such a beautiful window on grain store? This building, perhaps in front of the main building, may have been used as reservoir A small bus will move you around important points of the fort. The other tourist attractions of the fort are Tabak Garden, Nehru Park and Wagh Darwaza. At the entrance of the fort is the effigy of Veer Shiva Kashid ji Someshwar pond This is a pond in Panhala village There is Someshwar temple on the shore In this temple, Shivaji Maharaj offered hundred thousand flowers of magnolia. Rhede Palace We saw a building on here When we asked people about this architecture, the response came, it is the Radee Palace ( Bull’s palace). strange ! a Palace built for the bull! Sambhaji Temple This is a small temple This temple is from Sambhaji Maharaj of Kolhapur. Dharmakothi A little ahead of the Sambhaji temple is this magnificent building Here the public treasures were donated to the poor people by bringing grain Nyakini decor Here the emperor entertained the dancers of exile This building is now in a fractal state There used to be regular dance organized here This is the Parasher cave It is said that Parashar used to live here on the sage Here we saw the cave is locked Cannot see anything inside Now we have come to Pavanand From here, Wadi Ratnagiri takes the view of Jyotiba and Kolhapur. Now we are near the temple of Masai Devi This temple is at a distance of 2 to 3 kms from the fort from this height and distance the spread of fort can be seen easily Here you can see fort from one end to the other end All main buildings on the fort can seen from here If you liked the video then click the LIKE icon Let us know your thoughts in comments below Click the bell icon, you will get notifications of new videos With this, the journey of Panhala fort ends. I am Rahul Bagal and Arvind Chavan to take your leave. Keep watching India Travel Videos !!

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