♥ Peppa Pig Picnic Adventure & Learning About Forest Animals (Episode 4)

Yey, it’s picnic day! Wohoooo! Let’s go folks! Yeeey! What a wonderful day for a picnic. Yes! Kids, let us sit by the fire! Wo-hoo! Tell me kids. Are you afraid of the forest? Noo. Those are rabbits. What’s this? This is a forest squirrel! What’s that? That’s a fox. She also lives in the forest. Hi, foxy! And what is this? Oo, that’s a bear. He is our friend to. Alright kids, sleeping time kids! Good morning, kids! Fishing time! Yeees! Look!!! We caught a fish! Yees! Fish for lunch! Great! Sweet! Mmmm… O, the rain just started! Kids, it’s time to go home! Camping is a great thing! But only if the weather is good!

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