✅ TOP 10: Things To Do In Vienna

✅ TOP 10: Things To Do In Vienna

The beautiful city of Vienna, Austria’s
capital, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. Vienna, also described as Europe’s cultural
capital, is a metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, an abundance
of baroque buildings and has all the inspiration that you could wish for in order to discover
this wonderful part of Europe. Before we get into the top 10 things to do
in Vienna, we’ve included links in the description to various discount codes and links to resources
of things to do, so make sure you check those out. 10) A number 10 is the Haus des Meeres Aquarium
(Pay) Haus des Meeres is Austria’s largest aquarium
and it’s housed in an 11-story high former WW2 bunker. It has two separate shark pools, and you can
regularly watch zookeepers swimming with these amazing creatures. On the ground floor, visitors can walk through
the ten meter-long Atlantic Tunnel, the tunnel leads through a 500,000-liter tank, which
is home to the fish of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from damsel fish to eagle rays and
a nurse shark. On the 11th floor the rooftop terrace grants
visitors a breathtaking view of Vienna. 9) Number 9 is St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Pay,
Tiqets bestseller) The majestic St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one
of the most important sights in Vienna. It has stood overlooking the heart of the
old town for more than 700 years and stands proud in the Stephensplatz. Visitors can climb the 340 steps or so up
to the South Tower and take the lift up to the North Tower, to enjoy breathtaking views
of the city. Inside the church there are a total of 18
altars, several smaller chapels, and even some tombs and catacombs. As an iconic building of Vienna, St Stephens
cannot be missed! 8) At number 8 is Volksgarten (Free) The Volksgarten is a 19th century landscaped
public park located on the Ringstrasse in Vienna. It was built from 1819 to 1823, and there
are two different styles that constitute the park. The side of the Hofburg was created in an
English style, with a relaxed tree population. In contrast, on the Ringstrasse side the park
was constructed in a French baroque style, with a highly detailed and precise planned
garden which is a lovely place to linger and enjoy the gorgeous flower displays, fountains,
hidden monuments and art installations. 7) At number 7 explore the Imperial Palace
of Hofburg (Pay) Vienna’s Imperial Palace, the Hofburg, was
for centuries the seat of the Habsburgs, rulers of Austria until the end of WWI. There are 18 separate wings here, all designed
by different world-class architects of their day. One minute you’re walking through baroque
splendour, the next you’re in stylish neo-classical with some of the oldest sections dating back
to the 13th century. Today the palace houses three museums that
afford historically authentic insights into the traditions and everyday life of the imperial
court. 6) Number 6 is the Spanish Riding School (Pay,
Tiqets bestseller) The Spanish Riding School is one of Vienna’s
most attractive buildings, but what’s inside is even more beautiful. Experience the magic of the famous Lipizzan
horses in action while enjoying a score of classical Viennese music. See the intelligent, lively Lipizzan horses
in preparation, as their trainers run them through the haute école or ‘high school’
of classical dressage, including their spectacular jump kicks. 5) At number 5 is Donaupark (Free) This 245-acre park, between the Danube Canal
and the Alte Donau, was converted in 1964 to a park with colourful flowers, shrubs,
and walks, as well as a bird sanctuary. Visitors can find a bee house, an aviary with
native and exotic birds, a small-animal paddock, a horse-riding course, playgrounds, and games. An outstanding feature of the park is the
Donauturm (Danube Tower), an 830-foot tower with two rotating cafe-restaurants from which
you have a panoramic view of Vienna. 4) Number 4 is Madame Tussauds Vienna (Pay,
Tiqets) Madame Tussauds Vienna is in the heart of
Vienna’s Prater park and brings you a fun and fascinating way to spend some time. Get up close to famous figures like Michael
Jackson and Albert Einstein plus Austrian national treasures like Mozart and Klimt. With over 80 wax figures placed throughout
the 2000 m2 museum, you’re sure to find plenty of fascinating figures who are happy to pose
perfectly still for as many selfies as you want! 3) At number 3 is Maria Theresia Platz and
Monument (Free) The monument of Empress Maria Theresa is situated
in the middle of Maria-Theresien-Platz in the city centre. Maria Theresia was the only female ruler of
the Habsburg Empire and governed from the year 1740 to 1780. Still one of Vienna’s iconic landmarks,
this magnificent monument glorifies Maria Theresia, who sits enthroned, high and mighty
above her advisors and generals. 2) Number 2 is Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo
(Pay, Tiqets) The famous Vienna zoo was founded in 1752,
which makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world. Located on the grounds of the imperial summer
palace and open year round, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn is brimming with an amazing array
of animals, with more than 700 species including pandas, tigers, orang-utans, koalas, elephants
and many more. There are many talks throughout the day by
experienced Zookeepers and even a simulated Amazon rainforest environment to walk through. 1) And at number 1 is the Prater Amusement
Park (Free, pay for rides) What could be a more enjoyable way to experience
Vienna than having a fun packed day at the Prater Amusement Park. The Wiener Prater Park was once a hunting
ground that developed into a public space, it now hosts the impressive Amusement Park
and is free to enter, however, you can pay for the individual attractions. Inside the park is a multitude of rides and
stalls including bumper cars, carousels, rollercoasters and the famous Giant Ferris Wheel. So that sums up our top 10 things to do in
Vienna, we hope you enjoyed, if you did please leave a like and if you’re new here feel
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  1. No Schonbrunn Palace??? Also, I think the narration is computer generated which is something a lot are using now. Actually this was better than a lot I have heard.

  2. Sorry but this is a terrible video. I go to Vienna every summer. Not only were so many things pronounced incorrectly, but your failure to include Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, which is the single greatest “thing” in Vienna is inexcusable. You also failed to include the Ring Strasse (which is pronounced stra-za by the way, not stras) is staggering considering the ringed shaped boulevard is lined with some of Vienna’s grandest buildings. You also included a zoo, aquarium, and Donaupark over the Belvedere Palace, State Opera, St. Charles’s Church and the Art History Museum.

  3. Visually it is not bed, but I have problems with selection of top things. No Shoenbrunn, Belvedere, Ringstrasse, Karlskirche, Graben, Nashmarkt, KHM,…And among included are Madame Tissaud, Meeres, Riding school, Prater,…

  4. I love Vienna and I would like to live there. Ich mag Wien und würde gerne dort leben und arbeiten. 😘😘😘

  5. This seems hilariously tailored to people from a certain country with an IQ of below 100. Great comedy sketch, gave it a big fat like. Keep up the good work

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