✅ TOP 5: Best Camping Tent 2020

✅ TOP 5: Best Camping Tent 2020

When you’re trekking miles into the backwoods
or making your way up a mountain, every once of gear weight counts, and you often must
balance comfort against practicality. Overland hiking or mountaineering means using
the most compact, lightweight tent that suits the conditions. Luxuries like enough space to sit up are sacrificed
to keep your pack weight down. When you’re car camping, on the other hand,
you only need to haul your gear a short distance from the back of your vehicle, so go ahead
and bring along a big, bulky tent with all sorts of special features. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best tents for camping on the market, we have included links in the description
for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your
budget range. Starting off with the best overall camping
tent we have the Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent. The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent
is a superlative tent for the family of campers for one reason above all others: adults and
kids usually have different sleep schedules. This was very much the case just last weekend
when my son and I went camping. I tucked him into his sleeping bag (after
several books and lots of snuggles and a bit of negotiation) before sunset, yet thanks
to Coleman’s Dark Room technology walls and rainfly, the interior of the tent was plenty
dim enough for slumber. On hot days, that same Dark Room tech can
reduce interior temperatures by more than 10% when compared with other tents, and that
can mean a notable several degree difference. Another reason this tent is great for families
is thanks to the screened-in vestibule that sits outside the main tent door. You can fit a pair of camp chairs into this
bug-free zone, enjoying time technically spent outside while staying near the sleepers within. And by the way, you can fit two queen air
mats or five twin sized mats within the tent and still have a bit of room for gear. I single-handedly set this tent up in less
than 10 minutes, and breaking it down again, including folding the tent and rainfly up
and tucking it all into the bag, which I was able to zip shut, took just over 12 minutes. (Yes, I timed myself.) Not bad for a shelter that kept me and the
kid bone dry in a downpour. The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent
earns the Fast Pitch part of its name thanks to pre-attached poles, an easy Instar-Clip
suspension system, and an elegant simplicity of overall design. If you have set up even two or three tents
in your lifetime, you won’t need to use the directions to pop this baby into shape. Also worth noting is the small zippered slot
through which you can pass a cable and the pair of hanging pockets for sundry items. With nearly 150 reviews posted on Amazon at
the time of this writing, the Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch Dome Tent has a solid 4.2-star
average rating. A customer named Lizzy admonishes people to
“buy this tent now,” noting how “beautifully it held up in the rain” and wind. A gear tester from Outdoor Gear Lab called
the Coleman Carlsbad an “affordable tent” that “stays cool and dark in the sun” and
that is “easy and fast” to pitch. You can also read our full review for more
details. Next up we have the best car camping tent
for foul weather which goes to the Kelty Gunnnison 4 Tent. I can pitch my Kelty Gunnison 4 in about five
minutes, and I’ve done so as rain began to fall at what proved to be the leading edge
of a long storm. Being tent-bound is no fun, but being tent-bound
and soaked is miserable. When you and your camping buddies are nestled
down in this rugged dome tent, you’ll stay warm and dry within even as the storm rages
without. I recommend you tuck a maximum of two additional
people beside yourself into the Gunnison 4. The Kelty Gunnison 4 is constructed primarily
out of rugged polyester but with a mesh upper third that promotes fresh airflow. The tent’s rainfly sits several inches above
the primary dome, so any condensation that collects will flow well outside of the tent
and will stay off of you and your stuff. Breaking the Kelty Gunnison down is every
bit as easy as setting it up, and it packs into a bag you could fit into a larger hiking
pack should that ever be necessary. At 10.5 pounds, this tent is a bit too heavy
to use on any appreciable distance trek, but it sure is a fine choice for car camping or
for short hikes into your campsite. A fellow Kelty Gunnison 4 owner named Michael
said the tent was of “outstanding quality” and noted that it kept him dry in “torrential
downpours,” which is exactly what Kelty designed it to do. In their Gunnison review, the folks from Backpacker
called it able to “take on challenging weather and withstand strong winds.” Up next we have the best low-cost car camping
tent which goes to the Wenzel Shenanigans Teepee Camping Tent. Yep, you can get a five-person tent for about
a hundred bucks. And while the standard disclaimer that Wenzel’s
tent is best used with one fewer campers than specified applies, overall this is a roomy,
comfortable tent. In fact, thanks to its tepee design, full-grown
adults can stand up in this tent. That same height paired with venting around
the peak allows heat to rise and keeps the tent cool in the summertime, though the design
also means this isn’t a great cold weather option. While this also probably isn’t the best tent
if you’re expecting a downpour, it’s a great choice for camp outs in mild weather or for
setting up at the beach, the park, or at a music festival. Or, if you’re my son and me, it’s a fine tent
to pop up in the backyard and then fill with stuffed animals. Large square windows provide additional air
circulation and a nice view, as does the generously sized two-panel door. I can get our Shenanigan Teepee erected in
about five minutes including staking it down, and the breakdown process is even faster. Also, there’s that price. While not a rugged backwoods tent that will
get you through a blizzard or a big storm, given that pint-sized price, this is a tent
that’s worth buying even if you’ll only use it a couple times a year. A Digital Trends review called the Wenzel
Shenanigan “ridiculously easy to put up” thanks to its single center pole design. Up next we have the best three-season car
camping tent which goes to the Slumberjack Roughhouse 4-Person Tent. When I go camping in the fall or early spring,
my Slumberjack Roughhouse often comes with me. That’s because during autumn and springtime
you can count on large temperature fluctuations throughout the day. I know can count on this tent to keep me warm
inside when its rainfly is zipped down tight, or to let in plenty of fresh air and keep
things cool during the hotter parts of the day. I also know my Roughhouse will keep me dry
in a downpour thanks to the reliable rainfly and is stable in the wind thanks to its low-profile
design. The interior of the tent feels pleasantly
roomy thanks to nearly vertical walls, which allow you to actually make use of the living
space. With a pair of hiking poles propping up the
shade awning, you can enjoy some covered outdoor space as well. It takes a few more minutes to set this tent
up than do some of the others on the list, but it’s worth the effort when the Slumberjack
Roughhouse keeps you protected from the elements. A gear reviewer from Bass Master appreciated
how the Slumberjack Roughhouse’s “sturdy… low profile” allows it to effectively “fight
the wind.” And for our last pick we have the best car
camping tent for large groups which goes to the Ozark Family Trail Cabin Tent. Granted, if you stuff 10 people into the Ozark
Family Trail Cabin Tent, it’s going to be a tight squeeze, but you could fit that many
folks if you needed to. A better idea, though, is to pop in three
queen-sized air mats and let six campers enjoy their outing in comfort. And they can do so with privacy, too, as a
pair of zip-in, zip-out walls can create three interior rooms in this jumbo-sized tent, each
room featuring its own mesh windows and doors. As you might expect, a tent this large is
heavy and bulky even when properly packed up, and it takes a good amount of time to
get the thing pitched, especially if done by one person. But once you have your Ozark Family Trail
Cabin Tent ready, you will have a capacious tent that’s great for use by large groups
or for the prolonged camping trip where you want to store plenty of gear inside and away
from the elements. With the rainfly in place and thanks to the
tent’s taped seams, you and your camping buddies will stay nice and dry in this roomy tent
even in steady rain. With nearly 250 reviews posted online, the
Ozark Family Trail Cabin Tent enjoys a 4.2-star average rating. A buyer named Anne reports that it kept her
family dry despite rain that fell “nonstop for a week straight.” Another owner called it a “high-quality tent
at a very affordable price.” In their write up, Outside Online called this
“massive tent” an ideal choice for “a group of friends” and noted the convenience of its
three doors. So that sums up our top camping tents of 2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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    ✓UK Prices – https://amzn.to/37a1QWn

    ✓CA Prices – https://amzn.to/2TzqJaa

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    ✓CA Prices – https://amzn.to/2G7wq7j

    ► Wenzel Shenanigans Teepee Camping Tent ✅

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    ✓US Prices – https://amzn.to/2UIAvIM

    ✓UK Prices – https://amzn.to/2THJ8l5

    ✓CA Prices – https://amzn.to/3asxxMA

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