✈Monterey, California ►Vacation Travel Guide

✈Monterey, California  ►Vacation Travel Guide

Hi I’m Jon Olson welcome to next stop
from another fantastic destination whose motto is, grab life by the moments welcome to magical Monterey California, on
this episode will bring you 2 of it’s most popular attractions the monterey bay aquarium and the
Monterey Jazz Festival will take the whale watching & wine tasting and introduce you to some of it’s
passionate locals, all this and more on Next Stop Monterey the fun starts NOW! when you visit
monterey you’ve got to check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium it’s all about education and
entertainment the beginner to have a moderate to cramp at the Cal almost quite trust just and
tell me friends ever had live help on AIM and its really are how much you are here this Press
sardines their went up by this time like a sight to see
and Paul got about 3,000 30 10-year I’m financially 500 this altogether I have seen starting to think
that any of our other exhibit pullback party
moving get alright colors found top-level light bringing breathtaking the the this to the spring effects feels like
we’re outside on me yes so here we are on our way
bashing that very public that her family then
head to bring about eighty at from here free and I don’t
have to pay for it a man like that tell us how to make rather I think that
we live very popular great photo opportunity your identity the way I’m urge the babys baby this is a nursery for a
lot of our bad from afar leopard sharks this here’s a
shovel nosed Bihar best I never heard okay what’s funny
they don’t deserve me at my side in the back raising here and no one that only
about six inches from wing to wing and a dairy all harbors are
fast becoming a while for whatever reason they it wouldn’t be
able to survive out there cell and I think she married here although
for making me well creditors I think I fire oh yeah like diving birds
of their picket the water for them and then of the public health thing down again I can benefit that like hell
team enough for the touchy-feely section your
head says the way to hands-free call freeway but it’s definitely worth Batman
something different like the feeling that we have here but if you start taking through the he
and the Cal from pretty interesting animal like that like left one services like
all eight decorator cadmium again pretty harmless animal
they have incredibly small pinchers but that on the deck rare crap because
there and take all the believe in algae and i cant decorate themselves with it him watch Co this kind of the same at so here we are
in a world that have jaylene company different stacy is well founded
on Friday colours them but more importantly uppermost
right pretty meaning in my heart spring-like
fine last yeah scraps of people like that more ex-boyfriend I are less by analysts right now yet they’re
amazing mad the the this building is awesome feels very
authentic it actually feels like I’m in a can how it is important to us has 3 a.m.
planning something starring starting citing capital of the world
Uruguay congratulations on that thank you I are
demanding that Tehran can the name on it but the beautiful pictures we still have here by talks
about the history now the slogan moderates red light by the moment another I didn’t rap like but was a
meaty red light but learned floor right here in modern-day talks why the ocean today coming up on Next Top Northern California’s hidden gem Carmel
Valley Village Carmel Valley Village is a little piece
to have been located just outside Monterrey fine wines great food and a step back in
time do do do I love a good story especially when it
talks about wine russell’s got a great story not only about your opinions but the
whole area it’s kinda maintain a really nice growth no mater is such a a wonderful place to to grow up and I think that almost came
you’ve got look passable that I grew up in Toronto Shannon enjoyed
fishing and scuba diving and surfing in all these great different things a growing up on a vineyard here Monterey
really kinda showed me like while moderate really is a very diverse place
because I was able to do all these different activities and then to really
kinda pursuing for my true passion which was winemaking Ste we just heard of five wines rated on the
wife is just and they’re great they’re all the the
high 80’s to 90’s this is a drive Riesling I’m I think
typically you’ll think I’m a lot of Calpine domestic reasons as
being you know I’ll big sweet viscous and kinda sappy the lovely summer time one this is our
2012 game in Orebro say you know kinda strawberry rhubarb you
know great acidity Europe again on the lower and the spectrum I’ll
call about twelve and a half percent alcohol so we got some visitors here but but but
but but but we don’t see that if they have a very likely that a
waiting room this is something that we’re experience so you know daily here in
Carmel Valley now just kinda showcases the the relax atmosphere
that’s out here so I have now I’m gonna pour you some
the famous Saint Lucia Highlands Pinot I’m so this
was one the ones I was just reading why is this just a nice delicate
expression appear California you are you notice the pretty
transparency I love this see what Lord I love your wife to expand
the pair was he mentions get there yes we recommend first on my list for the Kappa Resaca Ste as you get more local the net the the the when the locals recommend that you know
it’s gotta be good Russell he recommended it Terry recommended lot of
other friends Thomas gotta come to Cafe rust Julian thanks
for having us for so long what makes this place special artist
with a special loll because we make everything I’ll from
scratch and I’m with fresh local produce and every day we try to keep it calls
this point and real boo boo not too heavy people can enjoy it every day that’s
great well I don’t even know where to start on the table right now what are we looking at well you can try
with the ECB and the polling had after classic we do have the
Istanbul warmed up now following the table good are the special
tonight it’s all fresh probably fall penso que work at
home or from Bob Long have the past are realistic eyes of a
very good because I thought about question which is the mall really like
playing to receive been here many times
obviously many what’s the experience like for you a most importantly to me is is that
we’re going to get great food and it’s gonna be great every time it’s not with
the sponsoring go to experience the food and its you
know hit or miss sometimes this great sometimes as mediocre every time it’s the best knots and
that’s what I truly love about the place isn’t always the best you’ve got a
really special part in the world here ALC around anymore masai taken up step
back in time you know like to chat about earlier know
the wine and and and food like this to me just get home you can chairs scared the who Alaska Airlines the official airline
at the Monterey Jazz Festival and proudly serves Monterey County with daily service from Monterey to San
Diego you can easily connect other Alaska Airlines destinations like
Las combos Boston and the beautiful Hawaiian Islands have
a lotto and collide more information visit award-winning Alaska Air dot com and learn how you can explore more and
spend less with Alaska Airlines up next a fantastic hotel featuring the only craft brewery in Monterey and epic
whale watching minor is one of the few places in the world we can see whales
year-round today with princess Monterey whale
watching to do just that them you welcome aboard the great Linda my name
is Catherine I mean at us buyout just on that ship today now as we head to the harbor we’re
taking a look at the California theatre and I in their everywhere turned out we’ve got
thousands up in here feelin and threw up in out water up on
top the buoys they’ll be all over the rocks in wow what’s going on with those feel I
and they’re getting outta water because it’s praising in mare might know if these walls are supposed
to be shiny anymore I maybe with white bellies by you notice they’re kinda dusty gray day
what’s going on there well they’re beefing up and picking out
so had their slot Thanksgiving if you were to
run your fingertips across the wealth body the black I’ve the slapping skin would
come up on your finger test mine even notice just forward of the
blowhole you’ve got these weird bombs peppering their a said no way lol has a face like the
humpback whale these white cell digging into their skin
with the brown question panel of come in how a shell
they’re just filter feeding make it a great be right up his welfare
hitchhikers left flank left side well coming up
right there heard on believable yeah care from a lifetime so to get some perspective I after some
length out there how big these wells are 43 47 feet in length hold their I have all it just broke up a small
crowd had after big the hope all is on the humpback well it node
there the pac-10 coming out big long one like
expand all night yeah night KL but why for my ol for the bubblebath bubbles from them from the way up he’s not that well Arts
will let users narrowly thing bubbled up three the
proud I to our that was great to be passionate
about your job and Catherine here defines passion you love your job I love
this job it’s fantastic out there today was really special not been
typical there at today’s off the charts at the moment in
time game with rounded back more than 20 humpback whales releasing a
roundabout it was crazy rain was really great not got all excited I’ve never
seen a day say said it isn’t that big but else about Sophie feed look at that car and she actually laid aids this season on
the room and raise 3 check right there and at one point so be sixty-seven gonna well-kept they
hopped on the bridge they’d win out what this step and stayed with that for the entire time watchin way out to
be read a letter back to mom at the end of the day for the love month but moderate monorail
on my I love the wildlife along the ocean I love the trees the people here
are fantastic good eating restaurant all over the buying and you love your
job I love my job and we love you and I think I’m not yeah hello I’m do it’s always such a pleasure to meet
someone and local tourism who get sedentary hear from the Portola
Hotel & Spa she gets it she’s been a moderation
champion at for small thank you it’s a pleasure thank you so
much for being here you and your team been outstanding and really capturing
the great experience as you can have here in Monterey and help us help but that’s true but there’s so much to
experience here and the the new branding for our Convention and Visitors Bureau
Asian now as grab life by the moment and I’m not
really what we do here in my room at this location his perfect it ideally can walk to
everything I mean if you’re in outdoor action packed person we’ve got da money
Beach just footsteps away just outside the door 18-mile I recreational trail being mall for dining and art is just a short drive away modern
actually got an art gallery right here on site nice now I love the officials
worked and a little many savitz’s yes the
fisherman’s work on a new attraction that we have as well as they work
marketplace which has just opened up you know where the first me that you’d
be so for certified hotel on the Central Coast summer we’re very proud of that time so
and everything that we do our sustainable
practices have to do with work with all the local gerrymander ranchers the farmers and I
we take a great sense of pride in that from our guest rooms right down to all of our
cuisine the property itself it’s beautiful it’s quite large thank
you that’s a lotta friends this hotel yet on the different types
well we have several different room types and sweets we have 379 alt a
little up to 60,000 square feet we can be per
group but we also have great intimate spaces as well there’s some
great dining options in the area and you you have jack’s right here which was
a great restaurant in fact tonight there’s one such that’s right well every Friday we do
feature the winery a month tells WebProNews Peter B is
where the only craft brewery and Monterey I don’t have
a watch on but I think it might be here thirty I think
you’re right I’ll take you there it’s kinda hard day this is a cool place in us down here the
other night and it’s Pataskala shares moderate it really is we have we
have uncrowded what it looks like this place
so much the fully packed every night you know it’s it’s
tucked around the back side the Portola Hotel & Spa it’s a quiet serene little spot so and I
noticed all these months back here I i wasnt
have to pre loyal followers here we do have a lot loyal followers we have
a mud club other folks come to enjoy I like that a lot
yeah and I know I’m gonna like your peers will start on the right hand side and
this is our fort ord wheat beer as an american-style we we brew with
orange peels are fair right now the cattle and it
gives a nice alum orange zest to it as well as that we’d
style that people really enjoy really easy drinking definitely has a
rounder palette really smell the next in line is our amber ale so
he’s a touch of chocolate malt I like the color Chris from all the ads
and Steve ruby color to it and it’s a more medium to full bodied
beer pretty classic camber style beer this is
a chocolate order that I ancient Pino I know that P
no hairs lower chocolate say definitely pick up to ok and yeah some piano in there as well
now the slogan here’s grab life by the moments then was at meteor her lotta excellent
moments to be had her on here this climbing their surfing there’s backpacking there’s ocean life
everything thanks for everything a few guesses 0 the city of Monterrey is located on
the southern edge at Monterey Bay on central California’s Pacific Coast moderate had California’s first theater
pretty Press and newspaper and was the only port of entry for
taxable goods in California from 1777 to 1846 with california became a state among
moderates popular tourist attractions are old Fisherman’s Wharf Cannery Row the monterey bay aquarium
and coming up on Next Top the world-famous Monterey Jazz Festival
means love timing is everything in life reports enough to be here in my rate for
the 56 Monterey Jazz Festival summer the best musicians from all over
the world are right here I’m your own room time many no introduction their job earn the
men’s diary done do %uh remember gone this very sure died at the start fifty-six years ago
that’s kinda interesting history get Jimmy Lyons our founder wasn’t jazz DJ here in Monterey Bay Area a
probably to the cue from the Newport Jazz Festival in Newport Rhode Island
about a big outdoor festival on the sea under the trees in the Sun and it was a great shoulder season
activity for that up tourism community hence the Monterey
Jazz Festival porn the story had that done 67 Monterey
businesspeople each gave a hundred dollars so this
sixty seven hundred dollars funded the first Monterey Jazz Festival
somewhat what’s kept success 56 year that’s crazy well we have burial
a very loyal audience very loyal patrons were treated music can we present really breadbasket really hard on get something like this
to me and a worldly music programs are falling by the wayside schools you gotta
help people in a lot absolutely we invest over six hundred
thousand dollars a year in up local regional national and even
international education programs but your best memory and I’m assertion as you know I think it
just boils down to relationships with certain artists particularly when we do the Commission
pieces because you know those are things that moderate gas that was commissioned
in a remarrying cell now we have a deep
involvement in in the whole process not it’s very
fulfilling that the Oakland Calif the California Honeywell load do we got to the fairgrounds today are guys
that you’ve got to check out the California League of their bring in the crowds having a and man you
guys fun at all we do man we we have we have mono
we make other people have fun whether they want to or not this country music I can’t really put a
finger on it it’s awesome it’s a Mexican its own thing you know
song little style but we we take from a lot of pain Marion West
Coast blues and R&B and we got a mix it with a lot in Long
Island’s music okay supporters music from all over the world
monitor gas mask but there’s also Buddha from all over the world all the
way from Ghana fill it brings his tasty delights the unique thing about it is that it’s
coming from Dan it’s not your everyday food they find a music festival last
year an interesting data yet that %um a social worker by changed
and I went with this I just sent his agency to provide says its new home in
as many you know and no income individuals and
families I love and this is what I do on the fat but I’m a music lover and I thought that and that’s something
that I need to bring to the music scene and thats from Canon local boys from Santa Cruz the North
Pacific string band pin Co yeah in yeah yeah bad thanks for joining us on Next Top a
magical moderate the locals are passionate about their destination it
for good reason this place his awesome thanks to the show’s sponsor
the Portola Hotel & Spa especially Terry we could not have done
it without you thank you so much thanks also to our show’s title sponsors
a good friends Alaska Airlines and Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card Nextag where we take next make it
members everybody sounds good to be passionate about your
job and you my Pandya very passionate about Java Picasa yeah him in fantasy ride maybe rather home yeah and nice KL 9 a.m. crack in writing
the moment they got a lil monster and yeah 0 YouTube it most popular attractions
That Bird and that seal client mmm

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  1. So Cool! I never thought about doing a trip out to CA before but now I definitely want to go to Monterey! But, seriously, Jon, YOU NEED TO COME TO GEORGIA!!!!! To Atlanta or Athens! I need to see it! PLEASE!!!! Thanks for your amazing show! Make More! MJ

  2. I visited Monterey on Labor Day weekend 1995. Of all the many places I have visited, Monterey is surely one of my favorites. It's very bohemian. I highly recommend it!

  3. I live about an hour away form Monterey and have been there countless times I definitely recommend it and while your here check out Santa Cruz and things like that maybe come over to Gilroy 😀

  4. lived in Monterey for three years and went to M.H.S.
    fuckin loved it. Pebble Beach is amazing and so Carmel. I still go back and visit my teachers sometimes. Shoutout Aristotle! ??

  5. When visiting, you have to go to the Fishermen's Grotto on the Old Fishermen's Wharf! Also, if you rent some bikes, you can ride from the Wharf up to Lover's Point, which is a very beautiful place. Another activity could be walking around Carmel or Cannery Row. This is all coming from a resident by the way 🙂

  6. My family owns a lot of the wharf restaurants as well as the whale watching business and glass bottom boat rides. Probably most famous for the fisherman’s grotto.

  7. Didn’t that aquarium have two whales? Wonder what happened to those two whales? And didn’t they lose a cetacean specialist too? Where she go?

  8. California overall is beautiful – Monterey, Malibu, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Napa Valley, San Diego, list goes on and on

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