✔ Minecraft: How to make a Camping Van

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Camping Van

HOW TO MAKE A CAMPING VAN I don’t even know if camping van is the correct term of this thing, but let’s get started..! Wheels. 6 of them. Deal with it. (totally) I chose pink beacuse I rarely get the chance to.. The music playing is by C418,the artist behind the Minecraft soundtracks (thank you for saying that) What do you think of it? (my favourite from the Minecraft Soundtrack.) (best jumping skills ever) (silence,better for me,he made my job way easier) So,how was your day everyone? sorry if i distract you with this,its my freakin job i try to make captions alive. Make it nice and cozy inside.. (finally he said something) done,gg not yet? goddangit. This way of making the front and back works with almost any car-like vehicle! (irish accent) GOOD TO KNOW Whoopsie Doopsy! Though you can do that.. ;[ The stone slabs are obviously for the ventilation system.. If this reaches 1K likes,I’ll do a tutorial for the Breaking Bad RV:] If I ever make the Breaking Bad RV, I’ll put it in the chest! The end of the captions! Thank you for clicking that useless CC button for my work! HEY MAM!

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  1. Sei schifoso pazzo idiota e anche malato Perché dopo non funzionano quindi Perché spegni blocchi per fare delle per fare delle tipo delle costruzioni

  2. 4:37 whoever's watching in 2018 will know that in the 1.2.8 update it changed to where you can put string and then break the block under and it will stay! You can even just place it on a block on the side then it will be placed one block away from that block you placed the string on! Sorry , Magma! (MagmaMusen) Wrong Time To Make This! (Wrong Update To Make This)!??? have a good day!???

  3. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I ALSO LOVE MINECRAFT!!! but i cant play on it anymore because my little brother BROKE THE DISC!!!!!!!!!!!

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