❌13 STARTLING Things Not To Do In ASIA

❌13 STARTLING Things Not To Do In ASIA

so besides knowing what to do in a
country knowing what not to do in a country as well is very important after
two years of traveling around Asia we decided to share with you what not to do
in Asia this video will cover 13 different topics everything from social
norms and traditions what to avoid what not to forget and much more this will
help you travel better safer and have less awkward moments on your trip in
Asia. if you plan on constantly changing the country around Asia one thing you
need to know is that in some countries the currency are quite weak there and
their money can be hard to exchange when you move on to another country it’s
better to exchange a small amount of money that you have left over in the country
before you leave the country the reason we say that is because some countries
may not accept the currency you are looking to exchange it happened to us
once when we left from Indonesia to Vietnam we have plenty of the small
bills in rupiah which we couldn’t exchange it at all in Vietnam or when we
left Vietnam to Laos the same thing happened to us this is why we always try
to only withdraw the amount of money we know we are going to use another
solution to this is also having some USD with you because in case you can’t find
ATM in the airport yes some airport they don’t have ATM there like for example in
El Nido Philippines so then you can just exchange the dollars bill that you have
or other dominant currency like euro also some Southeast Asian country have
visa on arrival Scheme in place and most of them like for
example Vietnam Airport and don’t accept other currency when you pay for the visa
besides US dollars in some countries like Vietnam there’s
actually a third-party taxi that looks exactly the same as their regulated
taxis and if you get in one of the unregulated taxis the result is that the
meter may ring up a lot faster than normal so make sure you don’t forget to
check the actual name of the company in the country that you’re going to so that
you know the regulated taxi names prior to arriving there also don’t hop in a
taxi without asking first if they charge base or meter or not because some of
them will charge you a fixed fare even though they have a meter so depending on
where you go make sure you don’t jump in a taxi right away so eating street food
most countries in Asia especially Southeast Asia are known for the street
food scene also it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by hygiene standards here
well we don’t normally have a problem with street food and getting sick while
traveling I did have a problem one time while I was in Bali I got Bali Belly
but fortunately activated charcoal pills helped out a lot it quickly absorbs the
toxins that are causing the problem or probiotics which can actually help you
recover from this problem and help improve digestion and increase natural
immunity I’d highly recommend traveling with probiotics that you don’t need to
refrigerate because they can bring you back from a very bad situation really
quickly and save your entire trip so next one we have this issue when we
travel to Cambodia when we travel to a remote island of the Philippines and
including in Delhi India as well so the problem is that we couldn’t withdraw
money or use debit card there all the banks have used so all the banks
I’ve used so far have worked in my card which most the time they do but some
countries like India that’s like hit or miss like they would accept it or
wouldn’t accept there I’d have to use my personal versus the business and it
didn’t really work too well don’t forget to call your credit or debit card
company before you leave to ensure that you have your card authorized for your
foreign destination this can prevent them from suspecting suspicious activity don’t forget to do your research unplug
and electrical outlet potential in each country that you’re visiting countries
throughout Asia rely on different standards for plug types and outlet
configurations while most countries use plug a but some
of them come with special plug types for example Singapore and Malaysia use plug
G Indonesia uses plug C and F plus Sri Lanka uses D and M or Taiwan uses B most
Asian countries run on 220 / 240 volts that means if you’re coming from America
or another 110 to 120 volt country your appliances and electronics may not be
compatible with the voltage used in Asia so to be safe make sure you get a travel
adapter the one that we specifically use is Ceptics it comes with two USB plugs
two sockets it’s very handy in helping us save the devices because it comes
with surge protectors so if there’s any kind of shortage while you’re traveling
it’ll ground itself and stop from shorting out the device that you’re
plugging into it also if you plan to visit multiple countries throughout Asia
Ceptics is perfect that comes with 12 different plug sets that cover just
about every country another great thing if you’ve ever had that problem where
your adapters falling out of the wall you don’t have to worry about this with
Ceptics it’s super sturdy so you can have the
cords hanging off the adapter while it’s plugged into the wall and you don’t need
to worry about it falling out don’t rely on just grab or uber the
reason is because in some countries uber is not available anymore and in some
countries you can get a cheaper fare from local right sharing app for example the
Kakao taxi in Seoul is way cheaper than taking uber or in Bali Indonesia Gojek
is way cheaper and it’s most commonly used compared to the other app so do
your research before you travel to see what kind of transportation is needed in
that specific country so don’t rely on just using card either credit card or
debit card in asia card is acceptable almost everywhere especially if you’re
traveling to Seoul South Korea the card is widely used anywhere either
it be paying for the taxi driver or any restaurants however it’s mostly cash
economy here in Asia especially in Southeast Asia or South Asia you hardly
ever pay for anything using your car especially when it comes to small local
restaurants or local taxi and your payment by card does happen to be
accepted at a hotel offer a tour of you booked you will likely be charged around
3% fee on the total price and you would need to have plenty of small bills too
mostly things are cheap in Asia so bills equivalent to one dollar two dollars or
five dollars will come in very handy in some country like Indonesia and Vietnam
don’t get confused by the number of zero as you will notice the denominations are
quite high too for example 10,000 VND is less than 50 cents the best way
that we would suggest you is that always remember the color of each bills instead
so then you don’t get confused because when it comes to the number of 0 on the
bill it can get pretty confusing sometimes we can’t stress this enough most
countries in Asia especially Southeast Asia are very conservative places and
keeping in mind local sensitivities and cultural norms may keep you out of
trouble local traditions in Asia differ from
country to country but some of the common things and practices is unlike
the u.s. or most European countries whether you can wear shoes in a house in
most of Asian countries however feet are widely considered to be dirty and impure
so you have to take off your shoes while entering the house or temples in some
countries like Vietnam or Cambodia they even avoid talking about their
governments we made the mistake once in Cambodia by asking a local guide about
that topic it was an awkward moment and he said he
can’t speak about this issue because of the government in the past another
common thing is PDA is not accepted in a lot of places throughout Asia there are
some extra things that divers from country to country
for example while you feed the birds in Thailand but you can’t do that in
Singapore or while you chew gum in other countries you can’t do that in Singapore
it’s so crazy that gum is illegal to sell in Singapore chewing gum is illegal
but you can bring your own gum if you get caught throwing it on the ground
oh boy oh boy you can get good bad day how much is the fine if I still come thousand us a thousand Singapore
Singaporean dollars if I soak gum but I’m not gonna be in jail yeah okay
so make sure you don’t forget to do your research about the country you’re
specifically visiting at that time now when you speak about getting around in
Southeast Asia one of the most common ways to get around Southeast Asia is
actually by renting a scooter don’t forget to take pictures of your scooter
from different angles and all the way around it before you sign the contract
of renting it that way you have documentation of all the scratches or
the little things of dents or cracks and no one can claim that you’re the one
that did it also don’t forget to ask for a helmet prior to getting on the scooter
and renting the scooter in most countries they’re obligated to give you
a helmet as an extra also make sure you don’t forget to actually do some
research on the road conditions and what other people say about renting and
riding scooters in that specific place that way you don’t get over your head
and you can actually handle the road conditions that you’re on some of the
places like Bali where the road is very narrow there are a few – no traffic or
red-light signs we would not recommend any beginners to ride a motorbike for
themselves an example country like Vietnam well you can see by yourself why
will not recommend for beginners to rent a motorbike here as well so Airport
kiosks should be the last option you consider when it comes to exchanging the
money exchange rate is poor there and some of them come with high fee we
always withdraw money from ATM right away at the airport first but be
cautious when doing so as well because some of debit cards charge out of
network transaction fees so you have to call your bank before your trip to see
if your card charged this fee or not if so look for the debit card that doesn’t
use your institution apps to find an ATM near you try to withdraw a large amount
of money if your bank charged ATM fees don’t rely on this cheap shopping most
countries in Asia is well known for being the shopping paradise is filled
with various different kinds of market there is something to suit everyone and
every kind of shoppers is known to be destination where you can bargain with
the vendors and it’s also very cheap here you think that just because you
have your US or European size knowledge then shopping will be easier in Asia
then you should think again there are three main common issues to consider
when you want to shop in Asia first of all Asian size may come in size
standard by country the most common you will see are sizes from South Korea
because they use the simple number system for example the size 55 is
equivalent to small size in u.s. sigelei size tend to run smaller compared to US
or UK size and lastly some XL of XXL size may not be available at all in Asia
it might be available in some special market but it’s not something that you
can find everywhere also if an item runs in free size of one size do not buy it
if you are a slice of four or above in the US summary of the body particularly
the chest and the shoulder may be a bit smaller than you used to actually I
encountered the problem of this once when we try to shop in Seoul South Korea
it’s so hard for me to buy shoes in South Korea
because Korean woman has just a small feet
another time back then I’m at a time back then I’m still still them so
normally I go for like a trip store in Korea and I always fail to be able to
find the shoes with my car I am a big toe so my feet is really here but my
feet guys I wear like 39 to 40 euro size 39 to 40 euro size that’s huge and
Korean girls typical Korean girl field is about 30 35 36 maximum that I see
some of my friend has 38 that’s it this seems to be a thing in all of Asia
though especially if you’re a westerner they may not have the sizes that you’re
looking for so just know that if you’re bit heavy you might have to pay a little
bit more find that big size you need donggu so grab Boober or taxi from the
airport right away in some cities or countries like so Hong Kong Singapore
Taiwan Malaysia Bangkok of the Alinea you can easily take Metro from the
airport train to the city center which is way cheaper than a taxi and most of
the time is way faster as well because you can avoid the traffic in these major
cities Asia in general and Southeast Asian region specifically alone is home
to some of the world’s greatest ancient empires and has more than 30
unesco-listed will heritage slice and is for temples even though you don’t plan
to see the temple on that specific day that you are out in town but while
roaming around the town what happened to us all the time is that we just randomly
see temple along the way so there is a high chance that you will find one along
the way so you will soon discover that most of them have a dress code you
should obey before entering you usually have to cover up your shoulders and top
of your arms as well as down to your knees
why temples provide shawls for example to use to cuddle up with you will be
wearing something that thousands of people have also won as well so bring a
sarong with you is some of the good idea that I would highly recommend you will
be able to wrap it over your shoulders or around your waist in order to gain
the entry so these are 13 essentials from us and if you feel like we’ve
missed anything at all please let us know in the comments below and we can
make sure to add it to the next video we really hope these tips and tricks are
helpful for you on making your next trip the best trip yet and if you haven’t yet
head over to divert living.com it’ll be linked down below and you can download a
whole bunch of free travel essentials depending on the country you’re going to
so make sure you subscribe and turn on the bail notification so that every time
we upload you’re notified and we’ll see you guys in the next one

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