【✿deer girls✿】トロピカル・サマー (Tropical Summer)【MMDG16-R2】

【✿deer girls✿】トロピカル・サマー (Tropical Summer)【MMDG16-R2】

After the rain, between the clouds shines the sun and a brilliant rainbow Look, this year the hot season has finally come again And strangely, my heart is in an uproar Riding my bike to work It’s my first day on the job There’s so much I have to remember This and that, my head’s in a panic! Fluffy fluffy, careless celebrations I’m enchanted with this tropical summer Fun events are waiting, from here on to the mountains To busy with love and fun I, somehow, put off my homework for later For now, I just want to treasure these days My heart won’t stop racing, this summer is different from usual I can’t take my eyes of you, On a beach dyed in the sunset as the two of us are casually chatting I want to summon up the courage to tell you But I don’t know when to break the ice While you stare off into the ocean The words I throw at your back, disappear into the salty breeze You turn around and ask me to repeat myself but I end up just smiling, as if I were joking Looping and looping, I’m all dizzy I’m enchanted with this tropical summer It’s not going well, but I don’t want to give up Too busy with love and fun I, somehow, miss my curfew But even if i get yelled at, I won’t be fazed My giddiness is overflowing This summer is different from usual Since you are next to me It is a time that will not appear again and the thought of it passing is scary Fluffy fluffy, careless celebrations I’m enchanted with this tropical summer My heart starts running faster when I see your smile Too busy with love and fun Doing my part time job with my fullest effort So I won’t regret anything for the rest of this summer My promise to you My appreciation for you Even when the season changes, we’ll be together alright? ENG TRANSLATION Luckycloverz94

18 thoughts on “【✿deer girls✿】トロピカル・サマー (Tropical Summer)【MMDG16-R2】

  1. 😮😮ficou muito bom, eu me subscrevi seu canal por sua voz e melhorar meu português kkk (não sou brasileiro, tó aprendendo português e seus videos me ajudam muito , obrigado e muita bonita voz 😃)

  2. Saudadeée!!!!!!!
    Muito obrigado Myio
    eu sempre sinto saudade quando vc fica um tempo sem postar uma musica linda dessas kkkkk
    vlws aeh :3

  3. AHHHHH MYIOOOOO~ QUE COISAS FOFAS VOCÊS DUAS~!!!!! <3 O video ficou maravilhosinho~e gamei na arte também~ <33 Mais um ótimo trabalho o/

  4. olá , meu nome é Pablo , sou um Promotor de Eventos de Anime e gostei muito do seu trabalho . Gostaria de saber se vc tem um meio de contato para podemos conversar melhor .Se você tiver Whatsapp é só me passar seu número que eu entro em contato .

  5. Isso ficou realmente muito bom.
    ¡oɥuos ɯn ǝ zoʌ ɐns ǝ 'ɐɯɐɹƃoloɥ ɯn ǝ ɐpıʌ ɐ 'oɐsnlı ɐɯn ǝ osɹǝʌıun o:ǝs-ǝɹqɯǝl
    boa sorte para quem tentar entender

  6. faz tempo que, o meu filho eu perdi para esse monstro, que por trás dessa matança, e quando se fui, até hoje eu continuei cantando triste, esse som da insanidade🎶❤

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