100 thoughts on “【華名】誕生日にひとりキャンプ【カナ】

  1. I saw this channel so many times and I thought: this girl looks a lot like Asuka! Now I finally realized it’s Asuka! I’m ashamed I found it until now. ?

  2. At summer camp, I swear we would spend days clearing land to sleep on. Finally we said f’it and bough inflatable mattresses to take on overnight. Bougie, but at least we didn't have rocks digging into us.

  3. this channel is so awesome… I almost feel bad for not knowing how to speak japanese XD… well I guess the time has come for it…

  4. I'm subscribing . I will learn how to speak Japanese and I will talk to the Emperess of tomorrow in her own native tongue. She is more than great. She is down to Earth . I love Asuka ??

  5. What i wouldnt give to go camping with Kana chan. Tho this is a little late, hope you had a great birthday! So adorable <3

  6. I loved your surprise when the tent sprang open. It made me say out loud, "That's why they called them 'Pop up' tents." But then the hard part is trying to close it back up when you are done. 🙂

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