100 thoughts on “【ENG SUB】《 Fox’s Summer 》S1EP1——Starring: Seven Tan, Jiang Chao,Zhang Daniel, Wang Yan Zhi

  1. q biasanya nonton k-drama,… 沒想到 c-drama 也 和 好看。。。
    I'm watching this drama twice… but still very exited….
    love this dram…
    handsome actor
    beautiful actress….

  2. Over exageration.. for episode 1. Lots of fuss.. not surprised.. so u unreal..
    So the boss has time to check these nonsense- dusts etc.. good…looks like he has no real job.. making so many people walk behind him.. again so unreal

  3. Subenla en Español plis yo la kiero ver completo está muy buena la vi en avances y me gustaría terminar de verla espero y lo suban en Español plis lo estaré esperando con ansias

  4. the man is very strict and serious then he found girl blah blah blah 😂😂😂✌
    i love the segment boy and girl always fighting but in the end they will get together 👏👏👏😂✌

  5. QUESTION? Does Jiang Chao play both parts? President Gu AND his nutty Secretary? Same height, hair same but combed differently, etc? President Gu is one hot stud muffin. Yes, I know he is married in real life, and has an infant son. Jiang, you are a fantabulous actor.

  6. im kind of looking for a korean/indonesian/chinese series with this description because i forgot its name can you help me with this please?

    Student (girl) wants a kiss from a popular guy. he doesnt want to becuase of how she looks. she finds a piece of paper where she can pay to have a boyfriend who can prepare her but he falls in love with her. Her best friend have also crush on this guy.

    Thank you 🙂

  7. I hope they make a series like put your head on my shoulder because that series is so perfect even tho there are cliches and imperfection huhuhu

  8. She didn't slap the guy who splashed wine on her face? I would crack his head open with high heels. Asshole! Asian men want to dominate Asian women.

  9. Male lead : spraying again and again to keep his hands tidy …meanwhile me..is it necessary to take a bath today😕 😂😂

  10. ไม่มีซับไทยรึค่ะยากให้มีซับไทยจังเลยค่ะชอบมากเลยดูหลายลอบขอบขุนร้วงหน้าค่ะ

  11. There are two chracters in here from "age of youth"one is yitong as jun yao and the second one is that uncle on the dinning table wih jun yao….. i really miss the drama "age of youth"

  12. send help. i can't seem to move on from the last drama I've watched its called my girlfriend is an alien huhu! Does anyone know any good c drama? Or this fox's summer is recommended to watch?

  13. She is looking so cute in her outfit
    A little barbie doll☺
    Its my first time to see her in such outlook otherwise in other series she has been shown from middle class family. But always naughty 😀😀

  14. Oh wait I recognise 2 characters from the drama youth the man and his daughter on dining table that man was the old man whose daughter was killed by ni Jin and the girl was yi tong the roommate of ni Jin
    Edit: oops I realise that I have copied someone's comment

  15. No drama are not touching my heart after I watched "put your head on my shoulder" ❤️😍😍😍😍❤️😘😘😘

  16. That pink colour frock girl and the step father of lin yan shu the main female lead is in youth Chinese drama this drama is too good plz watch it viewers

  17. The female lead if from my mr mermaid…btw i just finished it and its good… if you watch it your mood will change🤣🤣 also amazing characters and actors😁😁❤

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