【Tokyo travel】Japanese Religion. How to pray Japanese temple!【Jinja &Tera】

【Tokyo travel】Japanese Religion. How to pray Japanese temple!【Jinja &Tera】

welcome to Tokyo Ne! today I want to
explain…We!? sorry we want to introduce about Japanese religion Shinto and
Buddhism two major religion in Japan Shinto is a Japanese ancient religion
we calling ginja.ginja is nature religion symbol mark is Tori Tori is a
entrance to the sanctuary Ne! and then Buddhism temple is We calling Tara Buddhism is coming from India not so
difficult manner of worship okay first I explained manner of worship about Japanese
BUdism Temple first bow in the front of the gate and then need clean after
enter temple this time need to clean your hand from left side and the right
side and the mouth and then cleaning hishaku ne this manner is a ginja also
same I explain one more time later after cleaning yourself one more time
cleaning by incense then get ready for pray ne. first ring the bell second
monetary offering bow 45 angle and then pray then one more
time bow that’s it not so difficult ne.next we explain manner
of worship about Shindo temple Shindo temple manner is a little bit difficult we
explained with demonstration . fast walk to the left side of torii why keep left side? because center is a
God the street and then bow before enter this also important coming
cyozuya .Cyozuya is for cleaning place okay I explained how to clean Ne! first wash
from left hand second wash right hand third pour your mouth
fouth clean up hishaku Nick okay we show you ne left hand second right hand and then
pour your mouth this time no drink ne you don’t drink? No!!! okay I believe
you and then last clean Hishaku. like
this Ne. okay after clean up we go to Temple for pray this time also keep left
side and then bow in front of gate and do not step on the threshold when you
enter bow and then don’t step threshold ???
did you step threshold? No! You step!!!really? I’m sorry we come in temple first monetary
offering this time don’t slow money okay and then second
ringing the bell ne no throw ringing the bell, hey God im coming!!!like this ne. then start to pray this manner
is little bit difficult fast bow twice second clap your hands twice third
put your hands together fouth pray fifth bow again before you leave okay
show you two time bow two time clap your hand then pray your happiness and family happiness
like this then one time bow okay finish and then back time also keep
left side don’t forget like this bow one more time bow that it ne! and then I give you one
point advice five yen coin is better for monitoring offering five yen coin is
called `Goen` in Japan goen mean the good connections people offer five yen
coins for good connection with God like this and then please tell to God your
address when you pray God find your place very easy by this like this! Japanese God have strong
power please pray for your happiness and your family
happiness when you come to Japan Have a wonderful day and enjoy Tokyo!!!!! Ne!

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  1. Very interesting video, it was nice to learn about your different religions. New friend here, looking forward to your videos. 🌹

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