インドネシア旅 No.7

インドネシア旅 No.7

I used to live in Fukuyama. Why in Fukuyama? for a training. He was a training apprentice. for three years? We are going to Banyuwangi and Bali island. After that, we are going back to our country, Japan. We went to Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya this time. and we are on the way to Banyuwangi. This is a trip on Java island. In 2009, I was in Korea. Korea? Wow! Cool! Do you speak Korean? Yeah, I do. Just a little bit though. like… I am XXXX. (in Korean) I’m studying Korean. (in Korean) I’m really hungry. (in Korean) You’re cool. You can speak lots of languages. just I know some words. The grammar of Japanese and Korean are similar. We just arrived at a station to get a ticket. Actually, we were wondering what transportation we should use. We’ve heard that a train is three-hour faster than a bus. Three hours is a big deal. We’ve already used a train a lot, but we gonna use it again. And we didn’t book online, And we didn’t book online, We will try to buy a ticket at the station. Let’s go! A ticket to Banyuwangi is sold out. She said there is no ticket available today. This station looks big, so it seems lots of people use a train. There were so many people waiting. Yeah, there were. so, we will head off to a bus terminal to try to get a ticket. After going back to our hotel and picking up our baggages, We are on the way to a bus terminal . I feel it’s taking time to reach a bus station. The owner said it takes about 40 minuets from the hotel. I think we are almost arriving though… It takes time, right? Yeah. The view out of the window is different form the city. I feel kind of we are driving on the highway. It is a bit hard to come here for a foreign tourist. We finally arrived at the bus terminal. I’m wondering if we can get a ticket… I think we can get it. I hope we can get it. How many hours to Banyuwangi? It takes six hours. He said an economy bus takes… He said an express bus takes six hours, and an economy bus takes 12 hours. What a big difference! It’s a bit far. I wanted to buy a water… Yeah, I wanna have lunch too. We should have it after checking the departure time and buying a ticket. About 1,300 yen. sounds good! We arrive at a bus terminal. It’s very big. Yeah, it is. The guy I’ve asked took us the place where we could buy a ticket. We are at the bus station called Purabaya in Surabaya. Not Surabaya bus station, we are at PURABAYA bus station. This place has a different vibes form a train station. I like it. It looks good to kill time. The price of the ticket is… 175 rupiah. This is equivalent to 1,400-1,300 yen. I guess it is a bit more expensive because we got it through the guy. ,but we have a lots of stuff so we wanted to get a ticket asap. Our departure time is 2pm and noon now, so we will have lunch and chill out around here. I feel a different vibe form a train station. I can’t wait to shoot the feel. like that. We should turn right here.. We can’t speak Dutch, right? Indonesia was colonized by Netherlands… Amazing. You really like Indonesia now, right? Yes! It’s really safe. I’m wondering where a man who wanna buy this. A nail clipper. People look they want it. A nail clipper is a good choice. The guy told me what should inspire you. There are some poor people in Indonesia They struggle to earn money to live. so, we might encounter a guy who tries to rip us off. but the price will not be twice or three times. so we shouldn’t worry about being ripped off while traveling too much. One more thing, In Indonesian, people believe what goes around comes around. like karma. So, the poor might rip you off some small amount of money to live from hand to mouth and bring up their kids. but, they will not try to get twice or three times. He said it’s not about their religion, it is their culture. It’s really inspiring! Some people in other poor countries might try to rip us off twice or three times… Actually, I’ve asked about the price of the ticket that we’ve bought. He said that our tickets are cheaper than his. He needs to go to Bali island straight, so our tickets might be less expensive. It sounds really fair. I think we could get it with average price. Finally, we left the bus station. We were on this bus waiting for an hour. Yeah, the staff said the departure time is 2pm, but it was 3pm. This kind of happening gets us nervous like, ‘Oh, we might be on board a wrong bus….’ We bought an express bus ticket to Banyuwangi. He said it takes six hours. I felt like ‘hold on, we might be on an economy bus… that’s why the departure time is an hour behind???’ An economy bus takes 12 hours to arrive in Banyuwangi. but, the guy behind us said this but takes six hours to Banyuwangi. I hope this bus is the right one. The guys behind us are getting along with each other. We are hitting the highway. The city we stayed last night is here, called Surabaya. And, we are heading off to Banyuwangi. Here it is. We don’t know which route we will use inland or coastal. We are happy, if the bus goes by the costal route. The guy behind us told us it takes about an hour to Bali island by a ferrie. So, Banyuwangi looks so close to Bali island. Our adventure of Java island will get done soon! Can’t wait! We are on the bus for a long time… We’ve been waiting to arrive in Banyuwangi… We’ve finally reached the halfway point. Staff passed out this ticket. This bus seems to include dinner. I guess we can choose what we want among these. It looks all you can eat, not the style we chose what wee want. This is not light meal, this is dinner! We stopped at the service station, and had dinner. The next stop is our destination, Banyuwangi! How many hours more? I think three or four hours. It’s crazy. It takes so many hours. We got along with local people. That’s why a bus is more packed than a train. It’s fun. We need to endure this long ride more. Let’s go! We arrived! Yeah. What a long riding… It took about 10 hours. It’s crazy. We need to head off to an guest house. Riding a bus is tough… It’s clean, looks good. Nice! Is it cold? or hot? No, problem. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too!

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  1. The first! Yeeeaaay! Always excited getting notification from you both. Thank you for all beautiful and peaceful video 😇❤

  2. Useful tip : make sure you're not carelessly buy drink and/or food on the bus (drink, beverage, snack). Just to keep you safe, because some bad people mix the drink with drug and you got sleep

    After that, your belongings were gone (including your valuable belongings). So, just be careful

  3. for go anywhere, you should install apps gojek or grab, this more cheap than taxi or rent, you can save money until 50%

  4. This long time not see Purabaya bus station. Last Im going there when high school. Now more bigger and clean. But for bus is still same.

  5. Suka sama vlognya kak ko-hei dan Nobuyuki semua vlog yg diindonesia sudah aku tonton, karna editing dan pengambilan gambarnya bagus.. Kalo bisa lain kali pakai sub Indonesia kak 😁😁👍😊

  6. Train is the most favorite mode of transportation in Java so it's almost impossible to get a ticket without booking beforehand.

    I'm not big fan of traveling with bus since bus tends to get delayed from traffic and some bus drivers can be reckless so in my opinion it's the least safe way to travel.

    I think you did get ripped off. The info I got the bus should only cost around 95K-145K for bus yet you were charged 175K. Yeah, you apparently paid more because you got it through the guy (we call such practice "calo"). It's rather common practice especially in bus stations in my experience. I hope you don't get to meet more scammers like that in the future.

  7. waaa this is the episode I'm waiting for. 🤗 Banyuwangi is my hometown anyway. haha

    As always, here are the tips for your next visit.
    1. I am sorry to hear that you had to use a bus. It is now quite impossible to buy train ticket all of a sudden. Currently, Indonesian are tend to choose train than other land transportation. So, book your train seat long before your visit. 🙂
    2. It would be better if you buy bus ticket directly in the ticket counter. Because I see the guy who sold tickets to you seems like calo (broker). It is common here broker will sell higher price cause the price is marked up for their commission. It is not only in bus station, in the airport as well. 🙁
    3. I want to give you recommendation of tourism spots in Banyuwangi you have to visit, but I believe you back to Japan already. haha

    Ok, I will be waiting for the next episodes. Cheers!

  8. Wow you have amazing adventure in Java's north coast. Next time, perhaps you can go to the southern coast, especially to Yogyakarta. It is amazing place too :)))

  9. Actually, it's like blessing in disguise, lol.
    Train route from Surabaya-Banyuwangi are through inland, around southern foot of Mt. Raung, which got nice view of mountainous terrain and hills, but, even if you get the ticket, it'll be evening.
    On the other hand, with Bus, you'll get through northern coast of Java, and get a glimpse of Paiton Power Plant ( 15.13 ) which always awe me whenever I get there at night.

    But, that just about views, many spectacle aren't clearly visible at evening.
    Also, considering your tight schedule, and that man reaction ( 10.08 ) it is indeed better with train, lol

    Oh yeah, many people are skeptical about bus, especially inter-provincial, which tend to drive reckless, and longer travelling time compared to train, which get people tend to choose train.

    Can't wait to see more of your story 🙂

  10. Yeay.. now i can understand what you said…
    You both met lot of good people.. so lucky… Yeah Indonesian people is one of the most people on earth who can speak a lot of languages…

  11. Woww!! Banyuwangi is my city💕 its called The sun rise of java. Located on eastern of Java Island, make this city become first area which get the sunrise moments. Banyuwangi become the most favorite destination for some tourist (foreigner or locals) in these years.
    Main destination in this city is Ijen Crater which famous with the blue fire phenomena
    Enjoy your holidays🙏🙏

  12. In Java and Bali, I recommend the following buses. Find their official booths in bus stations (or check google maps, sometimes they have their own mini pool/station) and you will get their fair bus fare.
    Gunung Harta
    Pahala Kencana
    Rosalia Indah
    Harapan Jaya

    They don't always deliver perferct service, but at least you get above average one with fair price.
    Lorena, Pahala Kencana and Rosalia Indah also have their own decent online booking system, so you can check how much you expect to pay for a certain trip.

    You were lucky you were in Purabaya. In orher bus stations, there are more brokers wity crazy mark-ups. I myself wouldn't go to a bus station without knowing what bus to take.

  13. I've been enjoying your trips in Indonesia videos. So amazed of how you're so friendly with the locals. And the video were so awesome! I could feel the soul of Indonesia there, the real Indonesia. Thank you for visiting Indonesia! Look forward to your next trip in Bali ^^
    ありがとうございました!Terima kasih!

  14. Now train is the most favorite transportation in java. It is almost impossible to get it offline. Next time you have to book it first. Have a nice trip

  15. It's on point, there will always be bad people whenever wherever, but not everyone is bad, you'll meet mostly good people and maybe unlucky encounter with bad people sometimes. That what makes your journey memorable, and things to learn as well. After all life is not always a highway, you'll meet narrow hill and a dead end sometimes…
    thanks for another good journey… let me have a look at your window of thoughts again soon.

  16. Tidak pernah bosan menonton video-video ini, love it ✨✨✨ ditunggu video berikutnya yaaaa ✨✨😊😊. . . .
    7.11 nice backsound, what is the title?

  17. More information about Resort and Holiday Package for Karimunjawa Island or The ship departures schedule at Jepara. Just comment

  18. That space for plant is actually for water so local dont use shower but mini bucket and pour it directly to the body for washing

  19. you should order ticket online at least 3 days before…. I always do that.. if you want a bus.. you can ride air conditioned – bus called "patas bus".. you can buy the ticket inside the bus.. to the conductor.. thats way cheaper

  20. Wowwwww, it's amazing. Thank full for visiting Indonesian 🇮🇩
    We hope you're enjoying to visit again😂
    Btw I'm Indonesian people, in PEKANBARU RIAU😉

  21. Ohayo… Hajimemashite. Watashiwa Malang ni sunde imasu. Anata no video mite ureshii. Malang ni itte kudasai. Sugiwa, Bromoyama (Bromosan) ga miemasu. Ja yoroshiku.

  22. you two should check first, nowadays in Indonesia, you can buy order book almost everything online, taxi, motorbike, order food, book train, bus plane.if you don't know how to travell you most likely get in trouble, anywhere in the world

  23. Your new subscribers is here.. Left comment in the middle of seeing this video. But your truth comment within the video is awesome.. How you say hungry.. Need some water and the way you capture the purabaya bus station ambience is "WOW"ing.. You let pepole know the truth.. Which is I found it's beuautiful.. Will defelinetely watch the other vlogs.. ⭐

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