夫夫でゆる〜くピクニック!!・ゲイカップル Husband’s Picnic in the Park! (Gay Couple) (#73)

夫夫でゆる〜くピクニック!!・ゲイカップル Husband’s Picnic in the Park! (Gay Couple) (#73)

Hi guys! It’s Seigo & Bren! And today, we came to a park to to take a walk! And we brought some food with us! In this bag. And, as you can see, we are at a park. It’s a metro park! It’s actually a really big park with lots of trails to walk on, and there is a dog run over there, and a play ground for children. So we thought we would take a video here! Seigo: I wonder if he hurt his foot. Seigo: Did it make you want a dog? I never stopped wanting a dog! Seigo: Someday… Seigo: This is a really fun place for kids! With all of those structures over there. The park keeps going and going over there too. Bren: Yeah, it’s pretty big. Seigo: It’s really sunny out, but not too hot today. There’s even a breeze! Time to set up “camp”. Bren: Are we gonna sleep here?? Seigo: Lay that blanket out like a pro! Seigo: Not too bad… By the way, the blanket was a gift from Bren’s aunt! We didn’t bring much in this giant bag! We ate a little bit before leaving home so we aren’t that hungry. Seigo: It’s a cooler, but it has straps and a handle so its easy to carry around. Bren: And some chips… Bento Mugi cha We have both iced tea and mugs cha… Seigo: Well maybe the iced tea alone isn’t enough to quench our thirst! I brought some ice pops too. Seigo: Wont it melt if we don’t eat it right away? Bren: No, i think its fine. Seigo: Oh, really? Yeah. Seigo: Ok. Delicious! Bren made what could this be? That’s a secret. I’m not telling. I want some iced tea. Tada~ Bren made his signature fried rice! It’s still warm! This is only about half of the fried rice he made! There is still a lot at home. Try it! What an enjoyable flavor. Enjoyable?? Yeah, its wonderful. The day we went to IKEA and took the video there, we went to another picnic area. Another park. Well, we didn’t have a picnic that day though. Yeah, we just took a walk. And it started raining like crazy! And our hair got all wet. But today, the weather is prefect! We saw a ton of animals at the other park though! We saw a deer with babies, a woodchuck, Yeah,a woodchuck, a wood pecker and a turkey, We saw a lot of animals, didn’t we? We saw a skunk the other day too! Skunks stink, but they are really cute! They walk like… Really cute. I hope we see some more critters today! We are gonna go on a hike after this I hope we can see some more animals! As long as we don’t get lost… Thats right… This may be our final lunch. That’s scary! What kind of chips are there? The ones from IKEA? Yeah! They are good. They are just plain chips with salt. I’m going to use my hands to eat them. What do you usually use to pick up chips? My feet. These kinda taste like norishio chips! Maybe the salt is similar. They are good! Yeah! Very pleasant. Really great. It’s peaceful here. The dog run from before is back there. (Time for pictures) How is it? I took two. Not bad! *BURP* We are gonna put the pictures we took on Instagram and Twitter. So go check them out! Oh! I forgot the camera was on the whole time! This is Bren’s favorite iced tea. It’s 0 calories, but really good! “Famous Sweet Tea” Wasn’t this only available in the south? Well, this isn’t the south so… it’s from the south, and I don’t remember seeing it in Pennsylvania. So it’s not available in every state. I’ve only seen it at Walmart here. Yeah, at Walmart. I think it’s pretty popular in Tennessee. It’s good if you mix…was it vodka? well, it’s better with the regular “with calorie” version, but you can mix it with Tennessee Honey whiskey the one from Jack Daniel’s, if you mix that with this tea, it’s really good! I had a dream last night, but I forget what it was about… It was kind of weird It wasn’t a happy dream But I don’t remember what it was It’s kind of funny because… Look there’s a grill That thing over there!? I wish we had found this place earlier! It would have been fun to bring Landis here!! Lately I’ve been adding ginger to my fried rice! It’s good! isn’t it? Ginger raises your internal body temperature ! It’s good for your health! You have something on your face! If this were Japan, we would be able to drink beer outside. But it’s against the law to drink outside in America. That’s too bad… I wish we could drink beer now…even though we have to drive later Why is it against the Law? I don’t know… Is it like some old rule or something? Maybe…It’s kinda like how people with tattoos can’t go to the hot spring in Japan… It’s one of those rules that no one knows why it exists. I see… I know that alcohol was banned in the US a long time ago. The prohibition. Yeah, I wonder if that has to do with it… Maybe the face that people were drinking in secret at home caught on or something! It’s probably not NOT related… some of it’s effects might be left over. Maybe thats why the alcohol laws are stricter here. Well there must be some reason… Before coming the the US, I thought that it was normal for people to drink outside. If you watch American movies or TV, people are drinking all the time. So I thought it was really relaxed here. But after coming, I realized that America is pretty strict when it comes to alcohol! Like even if there is an adult there, in Japan, if there is an adult buys the alcohol, there is no problem. But a few times here, we have tried to buy alcohol, and they wouldn’t sell it to us because there were minors along with us. That hasn’t happened in Ohio, just when we were in Tennessee. Yeah, Tennessee was kinda strict. It was really annoying at times! Like “what??” And they never had it written anywhere. I was like “But we are adults??” and the way they say it is always so scary. Like “Nope. Nope.” What do they thin we are gonna do with he alcohol! Who knows… I think I may be able to actually finish all of this! I thought it would be too much, but… Honestly that doesn’t surprise me at all! 😄 You’re known for being able to eat a lot. Oh it’s kinda soft… I’ll go grab some tissues. Did we bring some? There are some in the car. This thing is like a drink now! Hold on~ Don’t you have a towel in that bag? Be back here in 10 seconds! I can’t, my foot hurts today! He just left me like this! I don’t know it it was on camera or not, but this thing just exploded! I think we call this a chubetto in Japan. At least thats what I’ve always called it… This flavor takes me back to my childhood! Ive tasted it before in Japan. (Picture time again.) I get thirsty when i eat ice-cream. Time for some after-ice-fried rice And chips Alright! I finished it! it was wonderful! Thank you for stopping by! Please come back again! Thank you! Don’t mention it! Um…anyway, It’s time to go walk off these calories! Please join us on our walk! Let’s go! Bye!

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