캠핑 초보의 겨울여행 Part 1.우당탕탕 / Camping Part2. (eng)

캠핑 초보의 겨울여행 Part 1.우당탕탕 / Camping Part2. (eng)

This is real… I’m not pretending I’m sleepy I put camera on the bed last night and filming as soon as I wake up I can’t act this face expression I finished editing at 4am Today I’m going camping I told my friend I want to go camping You know my friend Young-Gwang He’ve went camping several times So we’re going together this time How do I look like Ughh Wow this is a reality show I look like a fish… I can see a fish here You know I have some beauty contents on my channel I give you men’s beauty tips because I’m a guy Since a lot of you guys loved my beauty contents so I try to put beauty tips inside my vlogs but there’s definitely a limit in men’s beauty category We don’t need complicated makeup skills Most of guys still prefer a very natural look You look nice and natural but not too nice
that kind of look so you don’t cover your whole face You cover only these spots You see this? there’s concealer on it because
I’ve been using it If I twist it, the concealer comes out see? there you go I twisted a bit too much
and I can’t use them all on your neck and if you saw a person you’re attracted to
on the camping site You quickly dab this on your face and baam You know but I can’t do that… and this tip is for those who have M shaped hairline My hairline isn’t that dee… oops Why don’t I have much hair this part? I bought this to give present for my friend
and introduce you guys as well It’s good to cover your hairline I highly recommend this and this lip balm, as soon as you apply this on your lips this gives you a very subtle pinkish color Anways I gotta go quick
I’ve spent too much time on beauty tips Beauty.. this beauty! Guys Gentlemen, be grateful for my beauty tips
I mean those who find my tips helpful Why did you bring that umbrella? It’s raining tomorrow afternoon It might I mean I have an umbrella leave it I have to go back home again then Oh right – This is not your place anymore
– Yeah I don’t live here I’ve got you a present It might be cliche a lip balm No it’s not cliche Don’t lie to me seriously, I really needed it present is all about what you need I’ve never used a tint lip balm but it’s very subtle Like Jennifer Laurence in X man What do you mean? You’re not understanding You know she can change her skin color like a chameleon and she change her shape I love the texture of it Open it at your house second, concealer I don’t use this kind of thing it’s very convenient He is not losing his hair but has a wide forehead right? so you see this part you apply it on this.. I am actually losing my hair what? are you? I think so
( no he’s not loool) What it’s so sudden then you really need this but I have a round shape forehead I’m really not used to it yes but I wanted also to introduce to my subscribers I am actually ok with my forehead It makes your hairline more natural Thanks Yoonsun kind of rewarding after bragging about my present I applied it now, it’s very natural
by the way I’m bleeding here Be caureful when you shave Be careful guys You get infections Do it good I think it won’t be that cold today 4 celcius What do you know… You’re being really condescending! Don’t mock at me My friend really takes good care of his car We came here to put the air on his tire again anyways if you can’t put air with this
you have a problem on your tire I think I already took 1/3 of vlog footage
before I arrive the camping site – Man let’s go
– No it’s dangerous You put too little sauce You shouldn’t eat a lot, it’s not healthy why did you put that much sauce? and mine is too little I considered the size look, the total amount is almost the same is it? let’s go after finishing this K This is what I’m talking about Speak Korean Don’t speak English shaking your hands
you look like an idiot lol Is there a good spot? No there’s no such thing or a more comfortable spot then? Was this place used to be a reed field? Oh it was? I can’t see the view since I’m so tired it’s really pretty though The situation right now is He told me I’m an amateur camper and we’ve been setting this tent for almost 30 minutes and we still didn’t finish it yet I knew how to do it now Are you sure? He’s asking to his brother but I’m not sure we can finish before sunset This way is right Start from the beginning just I mean It’s all different depending on the tent Hey Oh my gosh I didn’t expect you do this hey come here where did you hide my phone what do you mean I found this You didn’t hide it? I told you I just found this this is going to be uploaded on Youtube
be honest I’m speechless You’re suspicious about me? Why would I waste my energy searching for this I walked around the whole camping site You’re pretending right? you’re driving me nuts
it was inside the car beside the box I’d do anything for you You’re lying I cooked this udon for you eat this udon try it and tell me how it is and sorry for being suspicious about you You’re changing your attitude right away
after finding your phone? I don’t know how to react You’re not talking a word for an hour and
you suddenly make a udon for me.. Just eat the udon It’s good Young-Gwang It’s a wrap Why, you thank me for finding your phone? It’s very warm with this fire after storm comes a calm So many things happened today really This is the beauty of camping You had a hard time for 2 days at your workplace It was really hard I left office at 2:30am in the morning? It was wednesday or thursday I got this huge project so because I have to show a good performance It would have been taken 1 hour if it was a normal project but I took 3-4 hours to make it more delicate that’s why but 2:30am is too much it’s been 5-6 years since I stayed that late Do you want to listen any song? I don’t have any, I like the sound of the nature now and the reason why people go on a camping there’s a book about it we have this gene from primitive ages
that makes us want to be in the nature so it’s our instinct I don’t know if it’s real
I just read it on a book I just love the nature Especially people who are tired of city life This is your first time camping, how is it? I thought camping is just tiring, and it is actually this moment is the epic moment of camping – building a fire
– we still have more drinking beer and wine drinking wine and a good conversation final round final round of meat asking my friend for a title idea you want some wine? I’ll give you You sometimes try to be too Youtubey No I’m just trying to pour you a glass of wine give me the cup Now I know why people go on camping This fire is so nice really and like you said I tend to not look at the phone and just be like this that’s it but it’s really nice I think they’re leaving I’m scared to open this if I open it, I’d finish it really – I can’t stop
– You don’t have to stop How is it? It’s really salty and spicy Yes it is especially eating salty chips after this mild rice crackers
but it’s so good people really love salty foods
It is really good When is the hardest time for you? the hardest time? when I broke up with my first girlfriend with your first girlfriend? when’s that? Is it good? You cook ramen really well

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  1. Spending time with your friend(s) camping is a favorite thing of mine to do. Getting to be away from everything, not worrying about stuff. Just enjoying yourself and the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your friendship.

  2. Yay..the big camping Vlog loved it.?
    Wow..a corn dog its been years since I had one with sauce.? I always enjoy seeing your friend in your Vlogs you two are hilarious. The beauty session are always cute BTW. Speaking English only was so funny. We internationals don't mind it at all.?
    I look forward to seeing part two.?

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    Camping is very beautiful, connecting with nature does feel like a human instinct.

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  12. Mood?❤️
    I love the dynamics with you and your friend. Glad you guys are enjoying your camping trip.

    Edit: Can’t wait for part 2.

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    Hard! hard! to get out of his cozy bed to pitch his tent on pebbles? I sympathize??.
    You look so good both that you make me want to join you around the fire! wait i'm baaaack! ⛺? lool.
    I wish you very good memories♥️

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    Oh the campfire and food! On a cold night with just the fire to look at and keep you warm…that's the best. I can't wait for episode 2!
    Sorry it took so long to watch the episode..but well. Life has been crazy these past days but it's all Ok now 🙂

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