100 thoughts on “(百香果)Eat a lot of food, soak the summer of the fruity fruit ——passion fruit |Liziqi channel

  1. anybody know, the water she is using come from nature, but not the tap water, I guess this water come from mountain, it is Mountain Springs.

  2. Hi Liziqi. You know I showed a few moments of your show on mine to promote you, and I got flagged. Not all as beautiful as I thought. Just another cog in the machine…….D~

  3. 처음.과일.새콤하니.맛있는데.아주.행복하게.사시네요.청포도.메론.도심으세요.ㆍ꽃들도.백합.튜율립.장미.ㆍ.

  4. I had eat the passion fruit but never touch about saving the skin for tea 🍵 😮❤️❤️❤️❤️ who love chickens foots 🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 李子柒的婆婆笑起來的聲音就好像宮崎駿動畫裡的婆婆笑的聲音:我們的小魔女真的一轉眼就長這麼大了。

  6. Terkadang saya suka berkhayal,,, bisa ngntilin cece ini,,, ngerasain seperti apa khidupan nya kyknya enak bgt,,,, gk sempat nyinyirin kehidupan orang lg lah,,,,,😆😄😅

  7. I think this video is like those videos that don't need words or subtitles. Not only do we enjoy the process that she makes these delicious food, but we could feel the calm and beauty of natural life. This is fantastic! Although we live in city, we could feel at peace with the world when watching the video.

  8. After watching most of your videos I am not sure what types of fruit or vegetable you don't have in your garden. OMG

  9. Technically she moved back to look after her Grandma. So the land is probably her Grandma’s and passed down through generations so they have looked after it very well. Maybe her parents looked after it before she did, either way she deserves it for how it has been maintained. If they built this long ago, through decades or even a century, It probably didn’t cost much at all to start off with.

  10. I appreciate most things … But how can you eat a chicken foot?
    By nibbling the wrinkly skin off the bones? There's no meat on them! Blegh

  11. Some info about Li Ziqi: Li Ziqi's grandfather was a cook in her village, many of her cooking and woodwork skills were learned from her grandfather. In the initial stage, she did everything alone by herself because she could not affort hiring people. After she became famous she hired an assistant and a videographer to help her.

  12. I see there are 5.8k dislike about this video. I searched the comments and found they left no reason for their dislike. I just wonder……..

  13. When I see u ..I can fell only one girl ….do all this think ……then I also started cooking …pls Di watch my cooking … https://youtu.be/N-bP4bgMEgk ..

  14. When she hungry .. she will simply go to her backyard and come out with amazingly delicious food .. when get hungry .. I simply go to the kitchen and come out with coke and fries 😂😂😂😂

  15. wat a life ? pluck what ever want, cut, cook , eat …wow…

    In city life ,there is traffic, no green, pollution, every thing we need to buy , no garden, everything is synthetic food , no security for job, competition, bills . …..wat not…?

    just want leave everything and live a calm ,peaceful life without any tensions .

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