(青梅)The routine thing you shall never miss every summer- to eat green plums|Liziqi Channel

(青梅)The routine thing you shall never miss every summer- to eat green plums|Liziqi Channel

Green Plums Salt Salt, Plums Salted Plums Store for at least half a year Rock Candy, Chinese liquor Plum Wine Store for at least half a year Massage salt onto plums to soften and speed ripening Submerge in salt water for a day Take out and rinse a part of the plums Air dry surface moisture Rinse in running water for 2 hours Sugar and a bit of salt Seal and ferment for at least 3 months – Fermented Plumb Juice Rinse multiple times 25% sugar candy water, let water cool naturally Air dry surface moisture Submerge in sugar water for a day Submerge in 33% sugar water for a day Second batch of sugar water Cool naturally Ferment for at least 3 days Crispy Plums Fermented Plum Juice – fermented in 2018 Plum tea Fermented in 2018. Salted Plums Cold served cucumbers with sauce Plum Wine, fermented from 2017 Plum pork Fermented plum juice with steamed fish

100 thoughts on “(青梅)The routine thing you shall never miss every summer- to eat green plums|Liziqi Channel

  1. Hai.iam from India.tamilnadu.chennai I like your videos It's really unbelive. I suggest also my friends they also like your videos. I want meet too u and but it's not doing because i am simple person. If i get that great chance i never miss it. I hope it's doing soon and i pray to God.finger cras???

  2. certainly many viewers ask, this woman is very beautiful and good at cooking, but I only watch your traditional food

  3. Hello Liziqi my name is Pham Khanh Linh in our class 6A i’m the students. I like Vietnamese, English and Historic , science ?. I don’t like Maths. My sister 2 sister girl ? Nguyen Khanh Linh and Le Quynh Trang class 7A. I love you ?❤️ ? Liziqi. I hate you Hoang Anh Pham street. I aam 12 year school ? Xa Dan. 18 friends. Phuong Anh and Ngan my house ? Linh. Khanh Linh like lick ? feet ? Pham Hoang Anh. I love you ??❤️ Liziqi. I hate you Hoang Anh. Thank you so much.

  4. Hello Liziqi~ I’m sunny. I’m from Vietnam. I really really love watching your video. It makes me relax and I feel so comfortable when I watch it. Thank you so much ~ Hope you always happy in your life, love you. ?

  5. Where did you learn how to do all you do? You k ow so many recipes and how to do everything from beginning to end. You seem too young to have such a wealth of knowledge.

  6. I love all those baskets and all those jars that fill with.one thing I keep asking myself she always looks so sad.dose she have any other families or friend.all she does is work.shes.very beautiful and let's not forget talented.

  7. I love how calming all of her videos are. I could have the most stressful day and watch one video and feel at ease. Does anyone know what fruit she is cooking with here? I want to say a small pear of some kind.

  8. Folks living along Appalachian coal mine area should learn something from this girl. Food stamps should not diminish your dream of poetic life.

  9. We are the only country in the world that majority of the people do not live with or take care of our elder generations. It is a shame

  10. 真的挺感动的,昨天晚上把你的视频发给了我的犹太老板。中国在西方人的眼里是神秘而让人害怕的,你的视频让所有的人感受到了美好,这种美好是跨越国界和种族的,谢谢你!

  11. This beautiful, talented and hardworking lady originally had these videos made to promote her online store. But it reminds me why many ancient Chinese scholars and politicians chose to live in the outside world to get away from politics and reality.

  12. 团队犯了一个小失误, 最后一幕在她给奶奶夹菜时把奶奶也录进去,让人开到奶奶发自内心的快乐的笑容…..

  13. Просто какая-то невообразимая природа Китая.Растет все.Всему хватает места под солнцем.Спасибо за видео.

  14. Love you because I am admire your work.

    Here in my country, youtuber have to be very talkative, somehow I believe they just over doing that.

    But your video very calming and relaxing. Less advertising video. Thanks for your time for everything

  15. Boa noite , eu sou brasileiro e tenho assistido todos os seus videos que posso , te acho uma doçura , com muita competencia no que se propoe a fazer !

  16. 謝謝你讓大家看到一片“桃花源”,你做事如此嫻熟是沒人能演得出來的,看你的視頻能讓心靜下來真的很棒??????

  17. Many years ago, when I first visited a rural peasant's house in Sichuan, I often found out that there were bamboo groves near each house. Is it true that everyone in the countryside is so high, "Would you rather eat without meat than live without bamboo? Without meat is skinny and without bamboo is vulgar"? Oh! It wasn't until one day when I saw two families scrambling to grab the bamboo leaves in the bamboo forest near their home that I realized that it was the best dry leaf for a peasant's fire! On the other hand, the countryside is actually environmentally friendly. If one day, farmers use induction cookers, who else wants the leaves from the bamboo forest? No one wants it, don't they all become wild forests, and who will sweep the dead leaves? Sure enough, many years later, I went back to the village again. Many village houses have all rice cookers and electric water heaters. Bamboo leaves are not used so much. Many villages in the village have bamboo forests scattered throughout the dead leaves, but the countryside has never before So clean!

  18. 子柒, 你的视频有种恬静而又震撼的美!我喜欢你视频中的一切,我觉得除了大家对你赞美的一切,你对美的理解极大的超越了我所见过的很多艺术家!

  19. I love to watch Li cooking for Pau Pau. When I was young Pau Pau taught me how to cook. Not in a wonderful kitchen like you have there. We did not have woks that we decades old to cook with. I can only imagine have wonderful the flavors are coming from woks such as yours.

    Thank you for creating these ancient old time cooking and living videos for us. They are so peaceful to watch. I would love to live like that, but it is nearly impossible in this day and age. But thank you for creating this world for us to watch.

    Thank you for creating a world where I can see Pau Pau again. I miss Pau Pau and Gung Gung so much. Wish you had a grandfather figure to for Li to love and care for too.

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