okay hello everyone and welcome to a
very hot and scorching Thursday afternoon. I’m in Victoria Park in Hong
Kong today is August 15 2019 and this video is very much an interruption to my
regular upload schedule so if you’re a regular viewer you’ll know that I upload
videos once a week I’m currently in the middle of editing two more videos from
Belgrade so they’ll be coming up over the next couple of weeks but the reason
I wanted to upload this one now is the fact that what I’m going to talk about
is a very current and relevant issue and perhaps if I uploaded this in a few
weeks it would no longer be relevant to you okay? right, I found somewhere to sit
down, we’ve got these lovely golden horses in the background apologies in
advance I will be mopping my brow throughout this video because it’s
absolutely sweltering right now. now as you’ve seen in the thumbnail this video
is all about is Hong Kong currently safe in august 2019 for foreigners / tourists and
rather than babble on for 10 minutes about it and then give you the answer at
the end I’m just going to tell you right now what my current opinion is as of
today in real time. right now on the whole I do feel safe in Hong Kong what I
will say about it and I’ll go into a bit more detail about it in a moment is the
if you are not actually involved in something in a country that has these
issues you generally won’t be affected you know think of it like when I was in
Mexico in Acapulco or when I was in Colombia in Medellin if I’m not actually
involved in you know drug cartels and drug crime I’m not generally gonna be
affected by crime obviously there’s exceptions but that’s how I feel
currently in Hong Kong I’m gonna talk a bit about the background of it and also
what my experiences are so far has any advice that I can give about being in
Hong Kong at this time of the year while this is all happening so you might be
asking firstly why am I in Hong Kong okay so if you’re new I have been
travelling full-time for the last three years I work online so I basically hop
around the world working wherever I can and I was recently in Europe as I said
at the beginning I was in Belgrade recently and I’m on my way to Indonesia
to see a friend and basically the cheapest way I could
find a game to Indonesia with minimal layovers and all that was coming to
Hong Kong I’ve been to Hong Kong before about two and a half years ago so I did
do some videos here then you can check down in the description
there’s the playlist if you wanna have a look at them and it’s always been a
place in the world that I’ve really admired in a way because obviously it’s
got the British colonial history and when I walk around Hong Kong it kind of
feels like the Asian London because you’ve got the double-decker busses
you’ve got British companies here like Marks and Spencers I can get food but I
would get in London and also I’ve got some students on I talk to I teach
English online and who are from Hong Kong and they speak very passionately
about British colonialism and they’re passionate about British English and
things like that and one of them, Fion, who might be watching this I talk to
regularly about the issues that are going on right now so that’s why I’m in
Hong Kong so what is the background of it if you don’t know it feels like it’s
not covered in the media all over the world because I’ve had many subscribers
many of you and also on Instagram messaging me since I’ve been here you
know am i okay am i safe like worried about me firstly
thank you for that because that’s really nice but I wanted to go into a bit of
the background just so that you know obviously I’m not an expert all right
it’s just from what I’ve been told and from what I’ve seen and things like that
you know media isn’t always reliable we know that basically a few months ago an
extradition law was introduced by Carrie Lam the CEO of Hong Kong and that’s how
it started it started with peaceful protests as in Hong Kong residents don’t
want that bill to be passed because it could involve any criminals being
extradited to China where it’s a different legal system things like that
so it started with peaceful protests but it’s escalated in recent weeks so it’s
got to the point where the protesters are not as peaceful as they were and
they want the resignation of Carrie Lam they want people that have been
protesting who are now being classed as rioters to be exonerated effectively and
also the most serious thing I think in my eyes is about and I’m going to be I
don’t want to be political but I’m going to use the word alleged just so I don’t
get in trouble alleged police brutality
and abuse of power so there has been many instances of locals and protesters
even people that aren’t protesters being beaten with batons, police are using
tear gas they are using tear gas in enclosed spaces and I’ve also heard
about expired tear gas and I’ve read about it as well in there wait I don’t
know that scientific terminology for it but you know when tear gas expires you
know in terms of time it can develop into a form of cyanide so obviously it’s
it’s extremely serious that allegedly those things are happening emphasis on
that word allegedly in terms of safety here I have seen things so this is where
I talk about my experience so far I’ve only been here a few days and primarily
I’ve been working a lot the last couple of days so I haven’t been out that much
but at the airport when I first got here and on Sunday just gone there were
protesters in arrivals relatively peaceful yes there was chanting and
screaming and shouting people had banners safe Hong Kong free Hong Kong
stands with Hong Kong hashtag you know that sort of thing people giving out
leaflets I had a few people approach me Hong Kong locals who were wanted to tell
me about what’s happening you know I already knew what a little bit about
what was happening so I declined I didn’t want to get involved I also didn’t
want to film there as well because there were you know officials airport staff
and police around so I didn’t want to get into any trouble with that and
that’s the first thing and other than that I’ve seen little things so outside
my hostel around the corner there is a like a pharmacy and on the wall there is
like an advert of for a beauty product or whatever and it’s got a
picture of a woman – those guys just walking off in the distance
they’re putting like things over eyes of people I’m assuming because of that
thing with the woman that was shot in the face so things are still happening
in Hong Kong – this is to do with the fact the night I got here on Sunday I was
walking through the airport to go to the MTR and there were announcements due to
an issue at a certain station I think it was in the northwest that MTR station
has been closed and what happened was that’s where the police let off tear gas
in an enclosed space underground on an empty our station and they also
allegedly shot a woman in the face in the eye with like a beanbag bullet so
they’re using beanbag bullet like I’m not the expert on police weapons, beanbag bullets rubber bullets as well shields you know all that stuff and that
caused uproar quite understandably from Hong Kong residents the police are doing
things like that you know potentially blinding someone I’m not sure of the
status of that woman at this stage so the next day on the Monday protests
escalated at the airport people were wearing eye patches to
highlight the point about the woman that was shot in the eye and the airport was
closed and the airport has been open-close open-close since then and
there’s been a lot of people at my hostel that that come back to the hostel
because they provide this cancelled things like that so I’m meant to be
leaving on Saturday okay and generally these protests seem to happen at the
weekend primarily and so I am slightly worried at the moment in terms of how I
can get out of the country I was watching a video this morning about
protesters walking departures and people you know innocent foreigners tourists
wanting to get to their destination having to climb over people crying
arguing fighting with protesters you know it’s it’s a complex issue which
I can’t fully understand because I’m not a Hong Kong resident I wouldn’t claim
for a second to even try and understand or relate to what people are doing
it feels like it’s quite out of control it build by it anarchy in Hong Kong in
many ways there’s people that my hostile are talking about go into protests and
it’s just crazy in a way and I think the thing I’ll say about Hong Kong residents
the good thing is is that it tends to be young people I think that are protesting
more because obviously they’re the next generation that have gonna potentially
be under Chinese law you know it’s the whole thing about ‘one country
two systems’ you know and Hong Kong residents want to keep their system they
don’t want to be governed by Chinese law which is extremely different and so I
get why they’re doing it but I think it’s in some ways it’s going too far
you know something needs to be done right now to stop that and I lesson it
or reduce it or change matters and it’s only the government that can do that I
think so that’s my experiences that’s the
background and back to being safe you know I’m conscious that many of you
watching might not be seasoned travelers or people that have travelled a lot or
even been to Asia before or you might be in a country in the world where Asian
matters are really covered in the media you know I’ve spent a lot of time in
Mexico and one thing I noticed about Mexico and the u.s. is that it’s all
geographical you know in the US there’s a lot of media coverage about Mexico,
the video I did in Belgrade a lot of people are commenting saying I didn’t
know anything about Belgrade I don’t know anything about the Bosnian war so
it’s all geographical and I think it’s the same with Asia
so perhaps the media in the u.s. I know many of you
watching will be from the US I don’t know if the US media is covering what’s
really happening in Hong Kong so well you might not be necessarily aware of
safety and things like that but I think the biggest advice is just go about your
business as you normally would and just be wary you know don’t get involved in
any situations that you don’t need to be you know you’re not a Hong Kong resident
so you know what is the point in a way it doesn’t affect you I think just be
sensitive and understanding of the locals are going through evil and I
couldn’t begin to understand what I feel like being in the position that they’re
in it’s quite scary in a way and I tried to think how this could escalate further so I
hope this is kind of puts your minds at ease in terms of coming to Hong Kong if
you are planning a trip very soon just keep up to date with news updates from
the air for our flights actually flying things like that and you know speak to
locals if you if I may you’re staying in a hospital that’s great because you can
talk to a lot of locals even if you’re in a hotel you know you can talk to
hotel staff you know are there protests happening today just keep out of the way
of it that’s the best thing to do you know I might be investigating anything
like that coming up in the next couple of videos because that’s what I do I’m a
youtuber so that’s an exception so I will put myself in that position
willingly I understand the risk and I’m not saying that you should okay so I
hope this helps up next like I said to be a couple more videos from Belgrade
and then we’ll be on to a couple of videos from Hong Kong before we reach
day 1000 let’s be happy and positive you know I’m reaching 1,000 days of travel
in three days I’m heading to Indonesia to see my friend Rafi I cannot wait
let’s I forget out Hong Kong lovely thanks for watching and I’ll see you
next time

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  1. Just an unscheduled video to let any of you that were concerned know that I'm fine in Hong Kong! Also – some info for anyone planning on visiting.

  2. Lunchtime news today said that China has military gathering at Shenzhen, just in case they are needed. Also they are calling the protesters 'terrorists'.

  3. Thanks David! Your recap was more substantial than what the news are saying. The media, I fear, is taking the side of the police because a lot of videos of violent protesters have been circulating – aiming to paint protesters as a violent mob – but almost nothing about the police brutality. In my book, this foreshadows that a violent crackdown on protesters is in the making which is awful – I hope things de-escalate before that happens -.

  4. Please, please take care and stay safe…
    I be waiting to hear from you stay away from protests]
    Get information before you go out stay Safe you don't know how much I wish on this time you have somebody with you ,,
    I be praying take care ?

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  7. Be careful bro. From what I gather on mainly Youtube alternative media is you don't want to be mistaken as someone China or the US for that matter can use as a pawn, they will think you are media. It's "alleged" that the good old regime change backing of the US is behind the uprising. Not that the protesters don't have legitimate issues. Who doesn't want sovereignty?

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  9. I think I would have left HK in 1997 when it reverted back to China. I understand the protests, who would want to be extradited to China…not me. But what I don't get is why they would drag tourists into what is a local issue. Why protest at the airport. I hear the planes going to HK are half full. Be careful David, I know you will. I am anxious to hear your easy departure and on your way to Indonesia and 1000 days of exciting travel! Congratulations! I will say a prayer for your trip on Saturday, I'm sure it will go without any problems.

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  12. Hey David, you are a #badass amigo, but yeah try no to get involved. Tepito is one thing, this is completely different. Hope you get out on Sat. without any issues. News is making it feel like it may get out of control. Keep us informed and trevel safe my friend.

  13. Oh My God! God bless you and protect you, and I will pray that you are able to make it out of there safely Tao of David

  14. So I have plans to visit HK on 9/8 for 3 days. I’m a bit worried. I’m trying to see if I can cancel it. But I wonder if I would be affected. Crazy.

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  17. Since you bring up this subject, I have something to say. Many foreign and local media are being very bias on supporting those so called "students". However, they are actually gangsters to create riot everyday. They are doing things in a violent way and affect normal people's life and peacefulness. The bill is dead and their primary cause has been achieved. I don't see what's the reason of doing stupid things now to damage their home. A lot of people preceive this whole incident with the stereotype that "students" are innocent and police are violent. They (mostly young people) just ignore what those gangsters have done. Police has been working day and night to keep the real innocent people to stay in peace. Protest is not something abnormal in Hong Kong. But most of the time is very peaceful and police just show up to take care of the traffic and maintain the order. 90% of the social media message is against the police. If you show your support to the police online, you will be attacked verbally. So who is killing democracy? I would say there is a big problem in Hong Kong education. People do not have individual thoughts and lack of analysis ability on each issue. They have been stressed out for years and just find a way to express their temper. They are not the next generation. They don't deserve Hong Kong.Thanks for the space here.

  18. You are clearly capable of taking care of yourself, so I'll just wish you good luck, David. Stay safe, enjoy your stay.
    Best of luck to the people of Hong Kong. Stand up to fascism. Defeat it.

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  22. Im from hong kong, thx for explaining wts happening in hk, avoid going to areas if there is a protest , it is very important to watch the news to know which location will gona hv activities, even hk ppl may not totally understand why protesters go to the airport, but i think they want to spread out the message all over the world, thats why.

  23. Most Hong Kongers don't want tourists, there are too crowd in the roads and Hong Kong is such a small city, more, the tourism business is NOT doing any good to most of the local people daily life, just making it hell.

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  26. Hong Kong was a safe city in the past. In consideration of the ongoing protests, I do not recommend travelling to Hong Kong at present.

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