🇮🇨Top Places You HAVE To Eat In Lanzarote 🇮🇨 | Where To Eat In Lanzarote

🇮🇨Top Places You HAVE To Eat In Lanzarote 🇮🇨 | Where To Eat In Lanzarote

Hello! I’m Jake, and today we’re going
to show you the six best places to eat in Lanzarote. Who’d have guessed that one of the best
places to eat in Lanzarote was underground? Jameos del Agua is a kind of museum, gallery,
restaurant and landmark all rolled into one, set in a stunning underground anomaly that
is uniquely Lanzarote. The restaurant Jameos Del Agua is set down
in these lava tunnels and it’s just so cool like all the decor is all about bringing nature
things and everything the menu is fantastic, I’ve got some steak on the way on the way
and yeah it’s going to probably be the coolest place you’ll eat in Lanzarote The Jameos Del Agua are a collection of caves
created by lava, and renovated by a famous artist and architect Cesar Manrique. When
you first descend into the caves, you’ll enter the Jameos Del Agua restaurant. A delicious
menu full of traditional Spanish and Canarian cuisine, as well as many crowd pleasing dishes
like burgers and soups too, you’ll find something for everyone. The view from Mirador del Rio is stunning,
but there’s definitely a different joy to be found in a warm, local restaurants like
El Sibarita, in Caleta De Famara. This town is a water sport paradise, and the wind that’s
scooped in by this beautiful cove attracts surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers alike. El Sibarita is proudly a small business that
sources delicious local ingredients for their home-cooked food. They specialise in vegan,
vegetarian and asian dishes, but don’t worry carnivores – chicken and/or prawns can be
added to any dish, and it’s just as delicious. Although their menu top-lines as vegan and
vegetarian, you won’t be stuck with a salad. Big, mouth-watering rice bowls and delicious
veggie burgers await. and to be honest, what better way is there
to recharge after a long day of surfing and sunbathing with a big healthy hearty meal. ok, so this was a bit of a cop-out. You’re
not gonna come here for the food – don’t get me wrong there’s nice baguettes and
nice pastries, you know. You can come here for a good lunch. But the real reason you
want to eat here is to look out at all this. What a view. Mirador del Rio is a lookout
point set on the northernmost point of the island, and it’s 400m high. Two enormous
glass windows, called ‘the eyes’ of the Mirador, give you incredible views out to
see, and the nearby island of La Graciosa, home to only around 700 people. The balcony
and the eyes alone are amazing, but if you’ve got the time, and the courage, make sure you
also venture up to the lookout point on the top of the building. The view is spectacular. Lanzarote has a couple of truly unique places
to eat, but you cannot miss out on El Diablo in Timanfaya National Park. A uniquely shaped
building on a peak in the middle of the Fire Mountains, El Diablo has panoramic floor to
ceiling windows, giving you 360 degree views of the landscape around you. The park is famous
for looking eerily like you’re on another planet. For some, that’s good enough to draw them
to El Diablo. But for me, the real kicker was that this restaurant cooks using volcanic
heat from below the ground! As the theatrical displays for tourists outside will show you,
there is intense volcanic heat just below ground level. Using a huge grilling shelf
placed atop a deep shaft into the ground below, they channel that volcanic heat to flame grill
the food for the restaurant. and let me tell you don’t fill up on mains
because they do this really delicious dessert that’s like called what’s it called volcano
volcano on brownies soil ouu it’s delicious like a lovely and creamy and make sure you
get that as well all about what the volcano. In the big and bustling resort town of Puerto
del Carmen, you’ll find all manner of lively Irish bars and crowd-pleasing restaurants
– and a walk around the dock, El Varadero, is a perfect way to spend the evening. But
here, we’re going back to the smaller, rustic, genuine places. Blooming Cactus, an independently owned vegetarian
restaurant a little off the beaten track, with a fantastic greek mezze themed menu.
It was easily the best Moussaka and tzatziki I’ve had in my life, and although I know
that it might not sound very traditional to Lanzarote, you can’t have tapas all week!
I’d encourage any hungry traveller to enjoy trying something a little different while
they’re on holiday – and Blooming Cactus is the ideal place. While we’re on the theme of cacti, there’s
another tourist spot that makes for a fantastic place to grab something to eat. It’s Jardin
de Cactus, or, the cactus garden! …when you first come through that door and
you’ll see the bowl open in front of you full of all kinds of different cactuses and it’s
like nice and calm and quiet and you’re away from the wind and it’s kind of weird which
I really like it’s going to be one of my favourite places here I think. A restaurant sits on one of the higher levels
overlooking the garden – which is shaped honestly like a giant succulent bowl I’d love to
have on my coffee table – and it’s such a relaxing place to spend some time. The shape
protects you from the wind, and they serve a pretty unique dish – a cactus burger! This
vegetarian burger is made of a blend of different ingredients, including cactus, and has a fantastic
looking colour. Fits with the theme of the place just brilliantly! So there we have it! 6 wonderful places to
eat while you’re visiting Lanzarote. If you’ve been to Lanzarote before and you
think we’ve missed somewhere particularly special – let us know in the comments. I’d
love to say we’ve eaten everywhere in Lanzarote but that’s just not true. Make sure you
check out our Lanzarote Travel Guide for loads more information about the island, or if you’re
thinking of booking a trip, we’ve done a brilliant video on the best places to stay
as well which you can see on screen….. NOW. Subscribe for more travel tips, thanks a bunch,
my name’s Jake and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Pizzeria Angelica in Puerto Del Carmen. Very small back street place with a view of nothing but the staff and pizza is the best and cheap.

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