🇮🇸 18 AWE-INSPIRING Things To Do in Iceland 🇮🇸

🇮🇸 18 AWE-INSPIRING Things To Do in Iceland  🇮🇸

I’m Abi and I’m here with the Holiday
Extras Travel Guides, in Iceland. And in no particular order, here are our top things
to do… First up is the Blue Lagoon. This geothermally-heated
pool has become Iceland’s must-do. Its water reaches up to 38 degrees and its algae, minerals
and silica is said to condition and rejuvenate the skin. Gullfoss is an enormous and breath-taking
waterfall on the Hvita river. You can see regular geothermal eruptions at
Geysir, although it’s actually its smaller neighbour, Strokkur, that goes off every 10
minutes or so. Thingvellir National Park is where you can
see the join between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city and
the embodiment of the Icelandic culture of self-sufficiency and a keen interest in the
arts. For 900 Krona you can take the lift to the top of Hallgrimskirkja for unparalleled
views over the city. Down by the harbour the Saga Museum is the
place to learn all about Iceland’s Viking history. You can even try some authentic armour
or just go for the faux fur and sword option like me. About 15 minutes outside of Reykjavik is the
Laxnes Horse Farm. Fun fact: Icelandic horses have five gaits, which is two more than any
other breed. Hiring a car is absolutely the best way to
experience Iceland. The Ring Road runs around the entire country and if you want to do the
whole thing, we’d give it at least two weeks. Seljalandsfoss is just off the Ring Road,
about 90 minutes South-East of Reykjavik. Part of this one’s charm is you can walk
all the way around behind it but you’ll need waterproofs! About 15 minutes further along is the giant
waterfall, Skogafoss. We’re at the top of Skogafoss. It’s absolutely beautiful but
nothing like what I expected. There are stairs that you can climb, all the way to the top,
and believe me, it takes a while to take your time. But the real gem is actually back here.
So you climb over a fence, it’s quite muddy, quite uneven terrain as well, but it’s beautiful.
You can see all the way down, where the river runs, and it’s genuinely the most beautiful
Icelandic scenery I’ve seen so far. Seljavallalaug is a secret geothermal pool.
To get to it, you drive to the end of road 242, leave your car and then hike the rest
of the way through a breath-taking valley. It’s not the easiest of routes but it is
worth it. Up next, Reynisfjara beach. Well, just take
a look for yourself – it’s stunning. And now it’s the canyon with the impossible
name. The canyon is totally off the tourist track. It’s over 100 metres deep and 2km
long. Next up is one of the most beautiful places
we visited in Iceland. Jokulsarlon translates as ‘glacier river lagoon’ and basically
it’s just where the sea over there, meets the glacier and it breaks off into all of
these chunks. Personally, I think it’s the best place for a bit of photography. Glacier hiking was easily my favourite Iceland
experience. The sheer scale of this landscape leaves you in awe. And, the climbing itself
wasn’t as easy as it looks. Only around in winter, the ice caves at Vatnajokull
glacier have to be seen to be believed. We did a tour with the guys from iceguide.is.
They provided all the extra kit we needed and are really friendly and true experts when
it comes to exploring the caves. Iceland is one of the best countries for seeing
the Northern Lights. When I eventually saw them, the colours and sheer vibrancy were
something I’ll never forget. So that was our top things to do. Hopefully
we’ve given you some inspiration for your own adventures. Keep watching for more Iceland
content and subscribe for a new video every week.

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  1. Great video! I was just in Iceland as well. I'd love it if you checked out my version!

  2. This video is amazing and was published at the perfect timing for me! I am going to Iceland next week and cannot wait! I have been using your video to map out the best way to explore since I will be staying in Reykjavik for a week. Thank you! Btw– What is the name of that canyon? Is Jokulsarlon close to any of the major waterfalls? Thank you again!

  3. Hey ! Thank you for this fantastic movie. I love Iceland 👌😀 please take a look at my roadtrip movie in 2016 : https://youtu.be/ZVV5UwrXXk4

  4. Awesome! I'm going to Iceland late August early September. I will stay for one month to make Aerial Drone Footage. I will crossing Route N1. (about 1500 KM) Here is my travel itinerary i intend to do:

    Blue Lagoon
    Dettifoss waterfall
    Dynjandi (Fjallfoss)
    Dyrhólaey – rocky plateau
    Estrada 939
    Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon
    Grotagja Cave
    Hellisheiði Eystri
    Hengifoss Waterfall
    Jökullsárlón Lagoon (icebergs and Seals)
    Jökulsá á Brú
    Kolugljúfur Waterfall
    Krafla Lava Fields
    Latrabjarg bird cliffs
    Laugavegur Austurland
    Mýrdalsjökull Glacier
    Myvatn Lake
    Myvatn Nature Baths (Jardbodin vid Myvatn)
    Reynisfjara (Reynishverfi)
    Selfoss (Geyser)
    Skaftafell National Park
    Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture
    Thingvellir National Park (patrimônio Unesco – onde os vikings se encontraram para criar o parlamentarismo)
    Þjófafoss (Thjófafoss)
    Vatnajökull National Park
    Volcano Tours

  5. Are all the shots in the video filmed in November?? Some of the places still looked quite green! I heard it is very rainy in November, but wanted to go at that time to catch the northern lights and see the ice caves.

  6. Helpful video! I just got back from Iceland and it was beautiful, checkout my video to see all the places i visited!

  7. Omg great video! 2 weeks ago I went to Iceland and the experience was amazing!! I made a video about my journey too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifEJZ4uOjqQ
    The weather there was super amazing when I got there 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips — they helped us plan our recent itinerary to Iceland!
    Quick question: what's the name of the soundtrack you used for this video?

  9. Hey! Thanks for this video! Where exactly was this shot filmed at 1:05? Looks beautiful! 🙂
    Another question: in how many days did you get to see all of these places? 🙂

  10. Hi, I'm planning to go to Iceland this October. Do you have any recommendation for a good, warm winter jacket to use there?

  11. Hi!!! I'm planning to travel to Iceland next year in September, it's a good time to go? and can I see the North lights?
    I'm 17 so I will be 18 at the time and I don't know if I will have the car license at the time. Can you give me some ideas how to travel whiteout a car?
    nice video and will help me a lot!!!

  12. Good video and editing.
    A little disappointed because nothing on Snaefellsnes, Westfjords, Myvatn, Detifoss…
    Blue lagoon is too crowdy, i prefer the lagoon at Myvatn, much naturals and much beautiful and very less expansive!
    You missed a lot of beautiful things in Iceland!

  13. Very helpful video! I'm planning to go to Iceland for 2 weeks in late December/January…… is that a good time of year to go? Or should I wait till summer? I'm planning on buying an expensive camera to take along….. other then the blue lagoon what's a warm place to swim? Also can you like kiyak down any rivers or no? Thank you!

  14. Hi Abi!
    Thank you for the nice compact video! At what time of the year did you go to Iceland?
    Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards and happy new travel year,

  15. brilliant video and just added some to does in my bucket list in june.
    shame I won't be able to see the northern lights but by the looks of it I won't be bored at all.

  16. Great video! I have some spare time at the end of May and I can catch a cheap flight from Stockholm to Reykjavik back and forth. From what I've heard is that Iceland is pretty damn expensive. Any tips & tricks for traveling this country on a low budget?

  17. I am usually quite vicious when it comes to reviews about Iceland. As much I felt inclined to judge this one the same I could not.

    This is Iceland. Go there!

  18. Should I visit during the month of November? I am wondering if all these beautiful locations will be open due to the weather!

  19. Visiting Iceland for the first time this summer (also my first time outside the US). I’m really looking forward to it, I’m going with a group of family friends, hopefully some nice long day hikes will be in the mix!

  20. Went to Iceland in December last year <3 Absolutely gorgeous. Got an amazing display of the Northern Lights as well. Really want to go again one day. If anyone has an upcoming trip there, I envy you! You will love it!

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