?? Pisa Travel Guide ?? | EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before You Go!

?? Pisa Travel Guide ??  | EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before You Go!

Hi I’m Abi with Holiday Extras Travel Guides,
and this time we’re in Pisa. We’ll be giving you all the essential information that
you need to Travel better. Covering tips on money, language, getting around, and of course
the iconic leaning tower. But first here’s bit about this small but
historic city. Once a powerful maritime city state, modern
Pisa is a small town packed full of culture, with a long and interesting history. Although
it’s iconic leaning tower made it world famous, there is much more to Pisa than this
one landmark. Friendly locals, great food, and classic architecture,
make it one of our favourite places to visit in Italy. Pisa has one airport that’s only one short
hop from the City centre, and it’s here where our guide starts
Pisa airport is the main gateway into Tuscany, and receives almost 5 million passengers every
year. It’s really close to town, and transfers are available by public bus, taxi or the Pisa
Mover service. When taking the bus look out for the big blue City bus signs. Taking the
Lam Rossa line towards Pisa, Tickets cost €1.20, buses leave every 10 minutes and
the journey takes 6 minutes to Pisa Centrale. A taxi should cost around €10, with an extra
€2.55 charge on Sundays and public holidaysNew in 2017 the Pisa Mover shuttle service costs
€2.70 each way and gets you into town in just 5 minutes. It’s defiantly our recommended
way to get into the centre. Pisa is a small city and one that’s best
enjoyed on foot, infant it’s usually quicker and easier this way. For example a walk from
Pisa Centrale should take no more than twenty minutes. The bus service in Pisa uses three main lines;
red, green and blue. The red line, ro LAM Rossa, is the one that takes you to the Leaning
Tower. Tickets are available in tobacco shops, the station and airport. Buy your ticket before
you travel and then validate as you board. Bear in mind that after 9pm the buses switch
to a reduced night service until midnight. Tickets are available in 70, 120 and 240 minute
variations and the 70-minute ticket is also available in books of 4 or 10. Driving in Pisa is similar to other popular
Italian cities, in that it has a limited-traffic-zone, called the ZTL. Driving in this zone will
incur a fine between €60 and €100 each time you pass a traffic camera (meaning you
can get fined multiple times for driving along the same street). The Leaning Tower is one of Italy’s most
iconic sights, and is what Pisa is best known for, here are the key facts: The Towers characteristic lean is caused by
a combination of it’s small foundations and the soft soil on which it was built. After
a programme of structural strengthening was completed in 2001 the tower is now safe to
enter. When buying tickets you’ll be given a time
slot to return to enter to the tower. This could be up to 3 hours after purchase.
So we think it’s well worth booking your tickets in advance to avoid the long wait.
Only 40 people are allowed inside at any one time, and children under 8 are not permitted
at all. No bags at all are allowed in the tower. You
can take a camera, but your bag must go in the free security deposit.
You’re allowed 35 minutes inside the tower after entering.
Opening times are varied, we’ll link to the official website in the description to the
official website. While the tower dominates the tourist scene
there are actually loads of other really interesting buildings here too. The area we’re in right
now is called the Square of Miracles. And features a baptistry, and cathedral, it’s
a UNESCO World Heritage site and locals say it’s one of the most beautiful urban areas
in the world. Other sites that are worth visiting are the
Camposanto Cemetery near the tower and the Tuttomondo’ mural on wall of St.Antonio church,
by American pop artist Keith Haring. And one last thing, make sure that you book a tour
with Pedi Cab Pisa, Roberto is a really lovely guy, who’s passion for his home city comes
across in this tour. He works on donation only, so give generously, because it’s so
worth it! Although we found that the restaurants, and
tourist attractions all spoke excellent English, we still like to learn a little bit of the
local language when visiting a new place. So after our tour I convinced Roberto from
Pedi Cabs Pisa, to help me learn some Italian. So how do you say Hello?
Ciao? Ciao! We use Ciao for say goodbye, or hello!
It’s the same!! and yes? Si!
No? No! Please? Per Favore!
Thank you!! Grazie! I don’t understand!? Non ho Capito? SO massive thanks again to Roberto! And to
book a tour with him then send a message to him on his Facebook page! The currency here in Italy is the Euro, so
with that in mind, here’s a look at our costs during our time in Pisa.
A flight from the UK should about £60 return per person.
Our 3 bedroom apartment was £111 per night. This pizza was €8.
This pasta was €8.50. And this coffee was €2.50. so that’s it from my short time in Pisa,
and as you can see the city has so much more to offer than just the leaning tower. So make
sure you take the time to explore it properly. For more on Italy subscribe to our channel,
because we’ve got guides on Rome, Venice and Florence!
So that’s it! Ciao!

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