?? PACHUCA, HIDALGO | Is this MEXICO’S Next BIG TRAVEL Destination? | A BRIT in HIDALGO Part One

?? PACHUCA, HIDALGO | Is this MEXICO’S Next BIG TRAVEL Destination? | A BRIT in HIDALGO Part One

hola amigos and welcome back! Three years!
that’s how long I’ve been traveling, yes this video is my three year travel
anniversary video and in keeping with the number three I’m also coming to the
end of my third trip in Mexico but don’t worry there are plenty more videos to
come and you know what I think we may have left the best until last
you’ve all recommended it now I’m here welcome to Pachuca! (MUSIC INTRO) keeping up with my (I must say) slightly
welcome trend OF visiting locations in Mexico that may not be on everyone’s
radar when it comes to visitING this country for example Cuernavaca, Tlaxcala, Zacatecas and Ecatepec, Hidfalgo is a state that I’ve always wanted
to visit. So many of you have recommended it I think from day one and there are
so many things to do here, there’s so much to see, I’m really excited. It’s
extremely high up just like Mexico City so it’s about 2500 metres
high so you may have issues with breathing and altitude problems
particularly if you smoke! And this state has many borders with other states in
Mexico for example the wonderful San Luis Potosi to the north, Veracruz (which
I love pronouncing) and Tlaxcala and Puebla to the south but most
importantly there is something amazing about this state I’m so excited about –
I’ve never found anything in Mexico that has a connection with England (where I’m
from) but this state has that! To the north is Mineral del Monte (or Real
del Monte) – it’s a small mining town that has a history with Cornwall in England
that will be in the next video I am beyond excited to go there. So without
further ado let’s explore la bella airosa – the beautiful breezy city let’s get
going! so the breezy city I must say it is
quite accurate because it is quite windy here so I apologize if there is some wind in
this video. Now first impressions-wise Pachuca – I love it and I’ve loved it from
the moment I got here for so many reasons, you know I’ve just come from
Tlaxcala & Apizaco, as you know they’re quite small cities/
towns so coming here you know there are more amenities available –
Burger King over there! So it feels like I’ve kind of come back to civilization
and the thing I will say, I don’t want you to get triggered by alright –
comparing – I know that many of you have seen videos by people saying is this
Italy? is this Spain? no its Mexico and it isn’t always right to compare other
countries to Mexico and vice-versa however I’ve got to say when I first
arrived here walking down avenida revolucion where we’re going to go in a
bit there were so many striking familiarities and similarities for me it
felt like very much like Medellin in Colombia and I even had a friend of mine
who lives in Medellinn, he saw my Instagram stories that I was there and
he asked me “oh are you in town where are you!” so it’s not just me and also Brazil Rio
de Janeiro and you’re going to see why later and even like an area like this,
hotels and buildings around the side it kind of feels like a square in
Europe like in Berlin Athens Krakow or places that I’ve been before and
ultimately you know even though there are similarities we have to remember
this is Mexico it has its own identity is this Mexico yes it is let’s get going I have a subscriber called art-deco
it’s probably not her real name but as you can see there are plenty of examples of
Art Deco style architecture in Pachuca which I’m amazed with because I love Art
Deco architecture the things that you have to look out for the day so the 30s
early 30s is when Art Deco was popular you can just see you know the railings
on the balconies the windows and you know the gold things that go down there
I don’t know what they’re called you know I’m not the expert but I really
love Art Deco architecture I didn’t think that I would see that in Pachuca
and this beauty is the monumental clock which was built to commemorate the
Mexican Independence as you get with many monuments around this country. this
monumental clock is one of the things you’ll see on websites about top tourist
destinations it was built in 1910 hundred years after the independence of
Mexico from Spain so it commemorates the centenary or Centenario the area that I’m in with decorations
and a Christmas tree going up as we speak is Plaza Juarez there’s a big
statue of Benito Juarez there’s a Teatro behind me and various other
buildings including restaurants and things like that around the side from I
understand it’s great place to come to on Dia de Muertos so it’s a bit like the Zocalo in Mexico City obviously a bit smaller and look around the outside you
know you’ve got these hills and houses going up into the mountains which is
somewhere we’re gonna be going to soon “Feliz Navidad, Prospero ano y felicidad! I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas” I said merry with the
Spanish R let me know what you’re doing for Christmas in the comments hopefully
without terrible singing and that’d be great hola, right we’re down avenida revolucion we’ve
left the central area and I must say the longer I’ve been in Mexico I think my
Spanish pronunciation has really improved if you compare it to the early
videos which means the more Spanish I put in videos, youtube translation has an
absolute field day so if you are struggling with English or my accent
particularly or if you just want to watch the video in Spanish you can click subtitles
at the top, hopefully they will be moderately accurate all right music!
avenida revolucion is basically a big long road that goes all the way through
Pachuca all the way up to Centro and i got off at the bus station at central de
autobúses and walked all the way down here and this is part of what I mean
about Medellin if you’ve been there you’ll know that in Medellin you’ll have
these like covered bus areas all the way down these long roads and actually and
look at the trees look at the sky hey I’ll go definitely feels far more
tropical you know I think that if we are further north we are a bit closer to San
Luis Potosi remember how hot it was in San Luis! So I’m definitely feeling a
difference here however it is slightly cooler at night as you would expect at
this time of year November and I love the taxis
green and white! Another reason that Avenida Revolucion has a bit of a Medellin vibe is because of the amount of restaurants down here a lot of
independent restaurants like Holy cheese, guacamole berg brothers up there
gastropubs things like that I get the impression that this road would be like
the place for nightlife and eating out things like that. So if you want to get away from
Centro I think this will be a decent place to come and think it might
be quite lively at night. the place I’m heading to now is
somewhere I’m so excited to go to it’s right behind me and it’s very close to
the only Starbucks in town it’s not far from the bus terminal it’s Las Palmitas. let’s get going! there is a stairway across the road but I’m gonna
do a runner over this road and climb over this as you do alright I’m almost
over it’s good job I’m still reasonably flexible at the age of 37 ah there we go.
This has to be one of the most iconic shots I think you can get in Pachuca
we’re gonna walk up that road another similarity with Medellin is that Las Palmitas kind of in a way has a similar story behind it toComuna trece (Comuna 13) in Medellin I did a video there last year as you can
see hillsides and you’ve got these amazing brightly colored buildings all
the way up the hillside and basically that the story behind it was around the
fact that this is a slightly less affluent area it’s poor our people had
less money and in an effort to give it a bit of a
bit better reputation from that gritty reputation full filled with crime a guy
who is actually an ex-gangster from what I understand put together this project
to paint all these buildings in these vivid bright colors as you can see
aren’t there you know it goes all the way out there but then they are not
painted, unpainted buildings are there so perhaps this is
still in progress I believe it’ started around 2014 I could be wrong but we’re
gonna go out there and have a look. listen to the breath this Hill is so
steep remember this is two and a half thousand meters up or is it is it feet?
I can never remember right let’s continue just look at this view –
Hills in the background you can see the city all the way down below we’re gonna
go down here see what we can find this feels very much like the hillsides in
Guanajuato but in a very different way it’s kind of the sort of place that
you could easily get lost in just look at that look at these colors let’s go
up there (MUSIC) okay I’ve just stopped for a moment to
get my breath back hallelujah, I might need a lung transplant and there’s something I
want to say that might blow your mind a little bit I think when it comes to
people’s opinions of Mexico I think initially people always have this view
that Mexico is a poor country there’s poverty everywhere drug cartels all over the
place but yeah that is an issue in some areas but having been in Mexico for this
amount of time you do see areas that are you know more affluent plenty of areas
in Mexico City, Polanco, Chapultepec all those places so you do start to get this
view that Mexico is this you know magical rich utopia but there are still
areas like this you have to remember that and I don’t see this area as a
tourist attraction yes it’s exciting to come here and it’s amazing in terms of
the views and it’s beautiful but let’s remember that for the people that live
here this is their life it’s not amazing and beautiful because they may be in a
position where they don’t own a lot of money and houses they live in aren’t the best quality, so just remember when you come to places like this, respect the place you come to similar to Ecatepec, it’s getting windy let’s continue these views are out of this world I’m heading down this way
down the steps down to that carpark I’m gonna go across the road again back to
Centro we’re gonna have some food Right we’re back in Centro about an
hour later. Pachuca is very windy! 65 pesos buffet but no we’re
gonna have some pasties! I was gonna try that place but it’s in pitch-black
darkness like most Mexican restaurants so lighting you wouldn’t be able to see anything, so there is a place near where I’m staying where we could get some pasties all right let’s sit down I’m out of
breath I did fall over earlier by the way in las Palmitas, classic! It’s my first
injury since Paris when I tripped over an electric scooter outside the Louvre and
almost broke my toe but anyway I’m outside pasties, a pasties
place. what is a pasty I hear you cry? so as an english person Cornish pasties are
probably just as popular as something like fish and chips but people don’t
seem to know what they are I’ve had many messages since I’ve been here say what
the pasty and I’m saying it with English pronunciation all right Cornish pasty
because it’s English and as I said at the beginning Pachuca and Real del Monte
have a great history with Cornish miners back from the 1800s and as a result
pasties has become have become part of the cuisine in Pachuca normally a
Cornish pasty the pastry will be quite soft it’s a bit like an empanada and
usually it’ll be filled with something like potato meat or vegetables as well
lots of onion I don’t really like them in England to go with you but I’m
feeling that Mexican ones are gonna be better. look what I’ve got
it’s a flipping pasty! Probably for the first time ever this is, well I vaguely
know what I’m talking about when it comes to food because it’s English kind
of, obviously it’s Mexican. The thing about this that you’ll notice, there’s like a ribbing down the down the middle, that’s very classic of a Cornish
pasty it feels like an empanada it looks like empanada and the pastry
are said it’s different it’s a Cornish pasty paid to use soft this kind of
feels like a sausage roll in England you know what I mean I’ve got 2, frijol and mole rojo, it’s pasty time mmmmmmm, that’s the frijol, beautiful and I’ve
got to admit, I’ve already bitten into the other one there’s mole rojo absolutely spectacular okay amigos we’re back where this video
started it’s in the evening and we’re in the center area of Pachuca once again
and just because this video is now in darkness it doesn’t mean this video is
coming to an end no way Jose huns because there was
something else I really wanted to do in this video but I’ve caught you I ran out
of time today therefore it’s gonna have to happen
tomorrow, but for you it’s gonna be in about 30 seconds because first we’re
gonna have a look around Pachuca at night (DANCING MUSIC) okay amigos it’s now the next day and
I’ve just done the most monumental climb probably most difficult climb I’ve ever
done in my entire life up to the Cristo Rey (Christ the King) which overlooks
the city and as I said at the beginning this video there were there’s an element
of Rio de Janeiro and obviously it’s completely different from Rio but when I
first got here I was walking down the street and I saw the Christ in the
distance I thought wow it’s like we go and the climb, yeah I didn’t film
coming up you’ll see why now Briliant! peligro I know that means danger
right I don’t know what the rest of it says and it’s pretty rusty lovely! I can
go up there! You won’t be able to see but there’s like a massive chain of spiders
webs which I’m gonna have to detach from there to get past sorry spider I know
you’re eating your dinner. Yeah that was for my Instagram stories just a couple
of bits it was not the correct route to take as I always take I looked on the
map before I came here and there was another there is like a car park and
other engines the proper entrance so I came up the difficult way I can’t just
myself I slipped and grabbed one of the cactus I had to get rid of spiders, you name it, but that’s all fun right? I had fun, and it’s windy! And weirdly, I’m the only one up here, no one hre, just me and Jesus. Hi hun!
me and Jesus hi hon yeah the way I came there was like a rope barrier that I had
to climb over because obviously was a long way but down there is the carpark
and there was a tour bus that I saw leaving just as I got here so there were
people here before but now but it was myself you don’t get this in Rio de
Janeiro do you you go to the Christ the Redeemer it’s packed and you can’t get
those you know photos with your arms out which I did ten years ago
so absolutely another gem that you can come to to have the same experience but
by yourself priceless (MUSIC) okay to end this video I want to talk
about what I talked about at the beginning which is my three year travel
anniversary if you’re new to this channel welcome you won’t know about the
fact that I’ve been traveling for three years and I’m not just on holiday in
Mexico yeah three years it’s a long time and I
don’t think I could have come to a better place
Pachuca is amazing so far and I think when we travel we sometimes just
instantly fall in love with places I had that with San Luis, Zacatecas and
Acapulco just talking about Mexico on its own and even though I’ve been
traveling for three years you’ll know from previous videos that I’m moving
back to Europe soon to become a semi-nomad or travel in this format it
just doesn’t work for me anymore however days like today and yesterday in
this video trying to fill me with a sadness as well because I know that it’s
coming to an end and I actually quite feel emotional about that it’s not about
Mexico it’s about travel in general my way of travelling will be changing very
soon and coming to someone like this with these amazing views no one around
you can still do these things after three years and I guess in terms of you
that are not travelling for three years come to places like this I say this in
every video you know come to places that are lesser known because Pachuca in my
opinion has far much more to offer than those popular destinations it makes it
go I’m starting to sound like a broken record now saying that in every video
but it’s true so thanks for watching next up we are going Real del Monte,
stay tuned hasta luego! this is why I did the dangerous route I just came out
attempted to come out the proper exit but I’ve been locked because it closed at 5 and it’s 17:05 so I climbed over the barbed wire fence, now I’ve got a hole in my t-shirt. Time to go home!

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