🇷🇸 BACK in BELGRADE for 2020! | The One with the FLASHFORWARD! | 2020 TRAVEL & Work PLANS!

🇷🇸 BACK in BELGRADE for 2020! | The One with the FLASHFORWARD! | 2020 TRAVEL & Work PLANS!

come on David you can do this hello
everyone and welcome back firstly yes I am blonde secondly Merry Christmas I
hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you were celebrating also Happy New Year
or Happy New Year or whatever it is in your language that’s right it’s 2020 and
more specifically it’s January the 5th 2020 and you know what semi-nomad life
has begun that’s right traveling full time is over kind of
we’re traveling in a different way now going forward and I’ve got one thing to
say Welcome to Belgrade, that’s right look at that in the background
that means welcome to Belgrade yes I’m back in Belgrade I was last here in
August I think last year and I decided to come back here somewhere to basically
live for a few months amazing and you know what I’m gonna do today we’re gonna
talk about plans for 2020 and you know what I know what you’re thinking you
know it’s just gonna sit down boring talking video no way we’re gonna be a
bit novel and inventive and do it in a bit of a different way talking about
travel plans work plans you name it for the coming year and by the way I’m
freezing my tits off yes Belgrade is freezing it’s Arctic but I don’t care
because I’m loving it so firstly we’re gonna have a little look around
Belgrade. Oooh Belgrade Fortress (MUSIC) okay I quite like my blonde hair let me
know what you think in the comments and yeah Belgrade yes it’s cold yes it’s
gre yes it’s miserable this is Europe in
January people that’s what it’s like it’s like England exactly the same in
England as well and the thing about belgrade and serbia i want to mention is
that i will be traveling elsewhere in serbia while i’m here over the next few
months so if you are from serbia let me know in the comments down below any
places that you would like to see videos from thank you to everyone that has
already done so in previous videos and on the subject of new year and
resolutions i think people that make new year’s resolutions and generally people
that have no hope of achieving them because they normally quite stupid
things like you know eat vegetables stop smoking stop biking else that’s three
for me actually however i think it’s still important
that we plan be ambitious be audacious make long-term plans even if they don’t
work out we’ll see what happens one of them for me is that I want to look less
like a tramp traveler you know get rid of this stupid red jacket look a bit
more you know normal now that we’re living normal life again semi no my life
there’s a market up there let’s go and have a look (flashforward) So good evening everyone, we’re continuing our London journey for the second time this year the second time
I’ve been back in London are we’re in Covent garden and guess what day is it’s
New Years Eve yes it’s December the 31st 2020 and this video is very much my
review of the year video, you might remember last year i did a video in my mum’s place in
Devon this time we’re taking a walk around London on the evening of New Year’s Eve there’s people everywhere so there’s Covent garden station lovely
I’m not going to dwell on this area too much because it was in the videos only
this year when I was back here to get my passport if you remember that just after
I left Oviedo the weather is very terrible you know I’m still taking Spanish
after my time in Spain speaking of that I could really do with some proper
authentic Spanish food again but we’re just gonna have a look around at New
Year’s Eve in London and talk about some of the good bad and the ugly of 2020
because there have been many ugly moments I’m sure you remember so well
let’s continue walking it’s not London without a trick so Angus Steakhouse and
Leicester Square station that are and apologies of the bad lighting and the
wind despite getting a new phone in Tbilisi earlier this year it’s still a disaster
zone there’s low light conditions I don’t know where I’m going
aimless walking I just look at lovely central London on New Year’s Eve
we’re heading towards Leicester Square area and earlier in this video I’ll show
you some shops over the top now I’ve been to areas like Chelsea Kings Road
embankment Waterloo Bridge places like that places
that I used to come to a lot when I lived here and when I worked here
obviously I’ve said in the previous video I might be moving back here moving
to the fifth year of travel there I don’t know if I could do any more Oh Piccadilly Circus it’s been a long
time 2021 is coming it’s time to find somewhere sit down probably not the best
place well done David as always sothank rise for the Piccadilly Circus lighting
fantastic and you know what let’s start with travel so I think the first thing
to mention about this year you know what I’m going to talk about the place I
don’t need to mention it you know that place was monumental it was the best
place I’ve ever been and looking back at Mexico from 2019 you know there were so
many misconceptions about Mexico and I banged on about that in
videos but oh my god you know having people having misconceptions about
Africa as a continent itself shocking you know the ignorant the level of
ignorance was was shocking and I think those videos hopefully proved but you
know you can go to a place with those misconceptions and completely being
smashed out of the water as I mentioned earlier Spain it was great to go there
because obviously this yard was in Mexico has marched very shortly in
Mexico briefly rather so to be able to live in Spain for a period of time to
really experience the differences between Mexico and Spain that was my aim
no place not Benidorm on Malaga it was all about the real Spain
you know authentic Spain before these Spaniards go crazy at me again I think
it’s been a bit bonkers actually you know just like 2019 we went a lot of
places that I didn’t really expect it but I was going to go to and you know
the thing about planning in terms of travel a lot of people bang on at me
about you know oh you said you’re gonna go to this place but you didn’t we can
make plans but it’s okay to change them it’s important to have long-term plans
in life and oh hello part you know darkness lighting there’s Regent Street down
there lovely and in terms of work let’s get a bit further away from the camera
this time oh my god so obviously our talking is reduced a little bit this
year I’m still doing it it’s a stable income my ebook that’s the thing I’m
proudest about this year I’ve become a writer and obviously it took longer to
release and I thought completely underestimated the design phase and
actually going online but you know eventually people stopped buying it and
it’s provided another income and now I’m writing another book an actual book a
real book about the 1,000 days of travel which goes way back to like mid 2019
when I achieved that also so work wise I’m really pleased you know again I’ve
got a talkie as a stable income YouTube still remains to be a constant income
which allows me to travel still so I think the thing about this year is that
I’ve realised it can continue I’m it at the fifth year now as I said it’s
bonkers look at Piccadilly Circus on New Year’s Eve buses lights stunning! finally was becoming a
semi-nomad the right thing to do absolutely you know when I was in
Belgrade it was I remember remember whiskey and cardi they were the best I
miss them so much even though there were little bitches to
begin with you know I became friends with them eventually and you know the
the thing about being a semi nomad it has changed so it’s okay to go back to
being before did you all know Matt again and that’s
happened this year but you know being able to actually settle in a place I
finally got used to it after Mexico City experience a couple years ago and you
know going to places like Sarajevo Montenegro Vienna top-notch and being
able to actually focus on YouTube for the whole week and not do everything at
once but the thing I’ve realized is that it’s not necessarily like that because
I’m always checking emails I’m always doing about 10 million 10 million things
at once overall I think it’s made me realize that yes I can be a digital
nomad I’ can be a semi-nomad if I want I can so is the next step the next stage
by next up is fireworks we’re back in the warm in Belgrade and
on the subject of warmth the central heating where I’m staying is fantastic
I can have hot showers every morning unlike a certain other country that will
go unnamed *cough* Mexico but anyway another great thing
about this place is the fact that there are two cats one of them absolutely
loves me the other one hates me so the plan is for the next couple of months to
try and build a relationship with those cats hopefully so those were my plans
for this year are they realistic are they audacious should we be planning
ahead that far ahead in the future the thing I want to do this year is try and
stick to those plans as much as possible at the end of this year we’re going to
revisit this video by hopefully be filming it in London again see a
challenge it’s a huge challenge that’s what I want to do challenge myself this
year so what are you gonna do in terms of challenging yourself this year let me
know down in the comments do you prefer to plan long-term like that do you
prefer to plan month by month what kind of plans do you have or are you one of
those people dare I say it that relies on hope fate and destiny you know that’s
not the way to live your life right so anyway that’s it this video lots of
videos coming from Belgrade and also my first semi Nomad trip location which
will solely be YouTube for the whole week yes which has been revealed on my
Instagram so head over to my Instagram and you will know where I’m going if not
you’ll have to wait I’ll see you soon catch you later

23 thoughts on “🇷🇸 BACK in BELGRADE for 2020! | The One with the FLASHFORWARD! | 2020 TRAVEL & Work PLANS!

  1. Yeah, so don’t fear the retard spaniards, they’re only around 50M, we can bit the Fuck out of the before they know it.

  2. Your plan looks doable. I've been planning my eminent retirement. I had a 3 year plan (2 yrs ago) but as time gets nearer, I make adjustments and procrastinate. Still hope to be in Mexico by 2021.

  3. Добродощао брате!
    Welcome bro!
    Serbia is haven for smokers, and DON'T PLAN ANYTHING, let everything happen!

    Great hair colour, btw!😉

  4. David, my wish for you in 2020 is to add a special person in your life (if that is what you want), someone who loves to travel. Happy New Year!

  5. Hello David, You said that you lived a few months in Spain….I can't find those videos. Can You give me the link, please? Gracias Enjoying your videos.

  6. Happy new year. Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Enjoyed watching the videos when you were in Mexico. Keep up the great work.

  7. hi David happy new year we all have plans,,,but you have to be flexible ,,looking forward to seeing your adventures this year ,,i,m of to Malaysia– Borneo and Thailand in a few weeks,,,2020 is going to be a good year,,,,👍

  8. Hello David y Feliz Año Nuevo to you and all of your viewers. I must say Belgrade looks a bit frosty, but very beautiful. Enjoy you time there and wherever this year leads you. Plans are wonderful but as we know, sometimes life gets in the way. Flexible and no expectations. Just go with the flow and you'll find the magic in life!

  9. Hello David! I'm the proud owner of the new instagram page called Belgrade Eats (@belgrade_eats), and I'd love to give you a food tour of the city for free at any time (contact me over there if you're interested). Also, if you want to travel around Serbia, a really good locations are: Golubac Fortress, Novi Sad, Subotica, Sremski Karlovci, Smederevo, Nis. Look them up and the pics should be inviting enough. Cheers!

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