🌞Microsoft Outlook 2016 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply

🌞Microsoft Outlook 2016 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply

here’s how to set up an out of office
message in Outlook 2016 first you’ll need to create the message itself open
up a new email leaving the address field blank create your message the subject I
choose is out of office first to 7th of May next write the text of your message
I’ll be out of the office from first to seventh of May inclusive and so on
but now instead of sending it to someone save it as a template go to file then
save as and select save as type outlook template outlook will helpfully take you
to the templates folder and you can name it out of office and the date and then
save it that’s the first step done next we’ll use outlooks rules to set up a new
rule that will send a reply using the template you’ve just saved go to rules
manage rules and alerts and create a new rule it’s a logical process that you
build step by step I want to start with a blank rule and apply the rule after
the message arrives next I choose where my name is in the to box and click Next
that means the message will reply automatically to anything that’s sent to
me then I choose reply using a specific template I choose the template I’ve just
saved by clicking on the link here and selecting user templates in the file
system there it is click on it and select open I can see the rule building
in the box here and it’s showing the correct template next you’re offered the
chance to specify exceptions now this is very important
if someone sends you an automated message you don’t want to reply
automatically to that because you’ll set up a chain reaction of ping-pong
messages that will quickly flood everyone’s inbox including your own
so select accept if it’s an automated reply you can select other exceptions if
you want the final step is to finish the rule setup and you’re given two options
the first option is to apply the rule to everything in the inbox and you
definitely don’t want to do that the second option is simply to turn the rule
on you can either leave it until you’re about to go away or you can turn it on
right now turning it on produces a warning message
it will only work if you leave Outlook on and running it’s not magic you can
test it by sending yourself an email from a different account and when you
get back to the office remember to turn the rule off go to rules manage rules
and simply uncheck the rule that’s it now you’re back to normal and you can
start to answer the 1,700 emails or so that have arrived since you went away of
course you could always have set up a rule to divert all your emails for
someone else to answer but it’s probably best to warn them first eTop Technology
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27 thoughts on “🌞Microsoft Outlook 2016 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply

  1. Actually signed in to leave a comment – super helpful. The instructions Microsoft provides are garbage compared to this!

  2. OK can someone explain to me if multiple people use the same computer at work will outlook automatic reply work or do I have to leave it running my login????? Thanks

  3. When I set up a specific rule to automatically reply to emails that are being received, only 1 automatic reply is sent to the sender. How do I set the rule to have the automatic reply sent every time the sender sends an email?

  4. Hello @eTop Technology, Inc. I can't thank you enough for this video, very clear and straight to the point. On behalf the other comments.. It's old school method? then I love old school. Hugs!!

  5. Wait, so this only works if my Outlook is on. If I'm not in the office, my computer is off, so Outlook can't do this. Right? How is it that I get automatic out-of-office responses from other people? Are they leaving their computers on the whole time?

  6. It will only work as long as you stay logged in to your outlook account. That is useless if you won't have your computer on.

  7. How to reply the message they send means they ask me my name ,address etc.This message come from Microsoft company.please reply

  8. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Worked like a dream!
    No one else could figure it out and I found you because I was smart enough to look.
    Thanks again!
    :0) <—–This is my after vacation look! I hope it lasts!

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