?Outlook 2013 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply⛱

?Outlook 2013 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply⛱

in this short video I’m going to show
you how to set up an automatic reply to incoming emails Outlook 2013 provides a
really useful tool that sends out an automatic reply to received emails
simply by following a set of rules that you set up for it
most people use this to say that they’re out of the office but it has many other
useful functions let’s start by setting up a very simple out-of-office automatic
reply open up a new email in Outlook leave the two field empty outlook will
fill this in for the subject I’m going to put out of office reply next I’ll
fill in the text thank you for contacting me I will be away from my
desk from 1st of July to 12th of July inclusive and so on now what I need to
do is to save the email as a template so I go to file save as I give it a name
out of office reply add the date 1st of July and click save as template and it’s done now I have my template next I need to set up the automatic
reply itself I go to rules create a new rule and I need the Advanced Options
there’s a comprehensive list of conditions to choose from I select where
my name is in the two box as the first condition and you’ll see the rule
beginning to build below click next and there’s a set of responses that Outlook
can take if that first condition is met I need reply using a specific template I
can select that template from user templates in the drop-down box
I want the out-of-office first of July template open that and it appears in the
lower box as part of my new rule click Next finally I need to set up any
exceptions do I want Outlook to reply to every email I’m sent what exceptions
might I need well what if someone has sent me an automatic reply
I don’t want outlook to reply automatically to those it might start a
real old loop so I really do need to check this box next I give the new rule
and easily recognise name out of office 1st of July and I save it Outlook gives
me two options one is to run the rule on all emails in my inbox and I certainly
don’t want to do this but I do need to switch the rule on
my final action is to check the rule apply this rule after the message
arrives where my name is in the to Box reply using the specified template
except if it’s an automatic reply yep that’s fine click finish and it’s
done when I get back from holiday and want to switch off the automatic reply
all I need to do is go to rules manage rules and alerts switch off the rule and we’re there and
that’s how you set up an out-of-office automatic reply to your emails eTop
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11 thoughts on “?Outlook 2013 Out Of Office/Vacation Auto Email Reply⛱

  1. I did everything step by step and it is not kicking out an auto response. I did a test email from another account and nothing happened. I run a business that has "my" email and also a "sales" account email that I comes directly to my work station (through Outlook 2013) However, I have employees that are able to check the "sales" account email from a different work station. Could that be the issue? Having 2 accounts listed? I only want it to auto respond to emails that are sent to "my" account email.

  2. Hello I have a question. The PC that has the Outlook account must be power on to send automatic replies?

  3. you gotta see this video. this video is actually helpful.


    Thanks 🙂

  4. Does this work with cogeco.net Canadian e-mail addresses ? Would like to set this up for work for myself this up coming holiday!

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