? SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: BUDGET TRAVELLER Guide to Secret Beaches Ep01

If you’re into cheap holidays packed with
free cool things, stay tuned! Hi ! Orlando here from WishCasting! DID YOU KNOW that Seychelles can be damn cheap? On this episode you’ll discover: 1)How to get free entrance to Seychelles world’s
top beaches 2)How to save on transport around the island
3)How to save on accommodation 4)How to dine till you explode with little
money 5)All the recommended top locations by locals
to avoid tourists! OUR TOP PRIORITY is saving money and having
a local experience! We have Low Cost Travel guides for Dubai,
Italy and plenty more! Tap this popup above and check them out! The main island can be divided into 3 general
areas. North, center and south. The north for beaches, trekking tracks along
the coast, street food and parties. The center with the Airport, the luxurious
Eden island for rich people and interesting mountains to do trekking on. The southern part with beautiful beaches but
with dangerous currents. You can download this free map from the link
in the description and print it out, it’ll help you avoid the bad places and find the
good ones! On this video we’ll be visiting the main Island
Mahe for 5 nights, then moving on to the little island of La digue for 3 nights. We’ll also swim to tiny beaches where it’ll
be just us and a few crabs! On our first day, we landed in Seychelles
airport and hired a car. We rented ahead of time to get a good deal. We booked it from economycarrentals.com and
saved a lot of money. 196 euros for 5 nights, so 39 Euros per night. It was 3 of us so, super cheap! After picking the car up we drove to our accommodation
in the North. The best deals we found were Chez Lorna on
the main island MAHE (26 euros per night per person) and Oceane self-catering on La digue
Island (Around 30 euros per night per person). Chez Lorna is a guest house! We had our own garden, our own balcony, our
own private apartment and a fully equipped kitchen. We stocked up with groceries on the first
day and saved money by eating at home in our garden. What cheap skates… We have arrived it’s exaclty as it was in the pictures, even better! this stuff is so much appreciated.. you can chill here, relax! Avoid hotels and go to guest houses! Huge private villas, cheaper and nicer than
hotel rooms! You meet locals that know the best tricks! Search on booking.com and sort by price. Scroll down till you find a good average score
and plenty of reviews. Open a couple and check the pictures and location. If it convinces you, take it! We made friends with the hosts and had dinner
with them a couple of times. We ate traditional food at cheap prices and
got to discover many important tips! We even made a new friend, Vovo, who joined
us on many excursions! We now meet every time I go to Scotland! OUR FIRST DAY was our BEST EXPERIENCE: First we exchanged our money into local currency:
Take dollars with you and change them at the Unimoni Limited. As soon as you enter you’ll find a UAE Exchange
kiosk. Tell them you’re an Emirates employee, they
don’t check! They’ll give you the best exchange rate possible. First visit was the beautiful beach of Anse
Major in the North-West. We went by car to La Scala restaurant and
parked. We then walked through the jungle on a wonderful
trekking path! We loved it cause it crossed multiple different
landscapes: first jungle, then seaside, then rocky hills and caves! Once you reach Anse Major you’ll be stunned
by how beautiful it is! you gotta help me on spotting them cause.. I really will sh*t my pants if they drop on me Tell me: is it nice or horrible? horrible! ahah Reaching this place isn’t easy. You either walk for 45 minutes through rough
jungle and spiders or you rent a boat which is expensive! So you won’t find mainstream tourists here. Once we reached Anse Major, we relaxed there
for a while, snorkeled a bit and later, swam for 35 minutes to a small beach following
along the coastline. August is one of the best periods to come here cause it barely rains Once we reached this super small beach, it
was just us with a couple of curious crabs. Completely different species from the ones
on the mainland. Mainland crabs are dark gray, lazy, slow,
not afraid of humans. These crabs however are light brown, fast,
curious and have eyes on their antennas. Enjoying the video? Consider SUBSCRIBING! You’ll be updated on new travel guides and
get the best cheapest tips! We don’t get paid for these travel guides
so ALL possible support helps! ON OUR SECOND DAY we went to a beach with
a small intriguing island called Anse l’Islette. The unique thing of this place is that depending
on the time of the day, you might have to walk or swim to the island. The tide can surprise you so be sure you’re
equipped with waterproof bags and fins. The currents are strong so you’ll need the
fins. There’s one villa on this island, they use
it for reality tv shows. We happened to be there when a russian reality
tv show was being filmed. We asked around and locals told us this is
an island where they record porn films. Nevertheless we loved it and recommend it
BIG TIMES. We then went to beau vallon in the afternoon. This beach is very popular among tourists,
however it’s one of the biggest beaches on the main island so don’t expect it to be packed. Here we had a wonderful swim, drank coconut
water scraping the jelly pulp out, enjoyed loads of street food and fresh fish just caught
from the sea, we even helped the fishermen collect the net and ended the evening dancing
to the rhythm of local music! If you’re confused and can’t find the places
we’ve been to, don’t worry! Down in the description you can find a link
to all the places seen on this video. They’re all marked in the same color! Print it and take it with you! ON OUR THIRD DAY we booked a guided tour from
the company Creole travel services to the island of La Digue. We’ll talk about it in depth on our next video! Stay also tuned for free alcohol tasting with
locals and more! Don’t miss Seychelles part 2! Subscribe and Ciao! 🙂

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