🌴 SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: La Digue Island + Guide to Secret Beaches 4/4

If you’re into cheap holidays packed with
free cool things, stay tuned! Hi ! Orlando here from WishCasting! On this episode you’ll discover: 1)How to get free entrance to Seychelles world’s
top beaches 2)How to save on transport around the islands
3)How to save on accommodation 4)How to dine till you explode with little
money 5)All the recommended top locations by locals
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just above! We’re not paid for these videos so liking
and subscribing helps us a lot! So here’s the trick from our last episode,
on getting free entrance to the most beautiful beach in the world: “anse source D’argent”: Before you reach the main gate to the park,
you’ll find a helipad to your right! Park your bike and go to the water, you’ll
find a wall to your left. Walk along that wall till you reach the beach
again! DONE! You just bypassed the entrance saving 15 euros! Ain’t that a good tip ?! We didn’t want to pay the park entrance since
we’ve seen it already. We were only interested in the beach. It’s raining now a little bit unfortunately. But it feels great! Tropical weather! Wow! A sea star! How precious! My precious! Truki! We found a really micro one! So nice! Nature and houses, wooden houses! Beach! It’s a perfect blend! Perfect! This is the area that get’s lively during
the evening, I’m quite sure! I can’t describe it, it’s like vanilla and
fruits! I don’t know! Here, I have a flower too now! I’m blending with the society! No.. I don’t think so.. I’m blending with idiots. If you’re intentions are to visit the park,
please pay for that entrance. Going to this park is extremely recommended. Not only you learn so many new things but
you get to pet centenary tortoises, you learn how coconut oil is made, you can see the vanilla
plantations! The experience is great! It’s cheap and the price allows you to go
to the beach as well so it’s like an all in one experience! Our second Seychelles episode focuses exactly
on this park. So if you’re interested in going there, go
back and check it out! It was 3 of us going there every day. 3 people for 3 days is 135 € we saved! NOT BAD AT ALL ! We invested this money into
fruit cocktails by the beach and coconut water. What an amazing thing! Since we had plenty of time, we did a lot
of snorkeling, some rock climbing and sunbathing. A lot of people would call it paradise, and
I think you’re totally right! I mean this is postcard stuff! You can park your bike here. If you go this way you can reach other beaches
where less people, fewer people are. You got some waves over there and in this
area it’s very calm so you can do snorkeling here, you can actually see something. And over there you can’t see much but you
can do wind surf cause there’s a lot of wind! From Sri Lanka and from Indonesia, they gave
me courage to come up here! Thank you! What’s your name? Suresh! Suresh, pleasure to meet you Orlando! Your name? Mahmoud! Pleasure to meet you! And now the big problem is going back down. So this might be my last video, if it’s not
I’ll see you later! Trukiii ! I never ever recommend something unless I’m
100% sure that I love the place! And this is one of those places! I love it! It’s horrible! Whatever… The place is so cool that it just spontaneously
makes you smile – I’m slim enough! I love it, I wanna go back… Oh my god… If you’re confused and can’t find the places
we’ve been to, don’t worry! Down in the description you can find a link
to all the places seen on this video. They’re all marked in the same color! Print it and take it with you! A super recommended place to go only to take
a beautiful picture for Instagram or whatever you name it, is this location right here! Beautiful pictures and just right next a small
island with no tourists. Another tip to save money is to bring your
own food and drinks in a freezer bag. What a blast! Cold beers and juices by the most beautiful
beach on earth! Please make sure to throw your trash away. Other tourists don’t seem to understand that,
look at what we found! Wear some sandals around the beach to be 100%
safe. Later that evening, we returned home and had
dinner with our Guest house hosts. We cooked side by side and learned Creole
recipes, paying 25 Euros per person, for 4 courses and cocktails with local Takamaka
rum. So some garnish right now, he’s gonna make
a rose out of the tomato. Let me redo it! I missed it! One minute! Nooo! I have to redo it! There it is! This is a bargain since restaurants around
are so expensive! Now let it steam. This is local spinach, it’s from the tree
out here, right in the garden! I had it today, it’s right in front of my
balcony. Just go there and eat it! In creole we call it boet morum? What’s in the broth? Is it just water and spinach? It’s water, i added a little bit of garlic,
a little bit of ginger. No way!! Nice ! We have to turn the potatoes while Milton
prepares 3 cocktails with Takamaka rum. Try Takamaka rum, it’s the signature rum from
the main Island Mahe. Na zdravi! Alla salute mamma! Ciao! At a certain point it started raining and
it got so cozy! Candle light and sound of rain with tropical
food! What an amazing experience! While we’re cooking look how nice it is here! So nice! Isn’t it? It’s nice huh? From the pots to the tummies! Really good! I love it! Enjoying the video? Consider SUBSCRIBING! You’ll be updated on new travel guides and
get the best cheapest tips! We don’t get paid for these travel guides
so ALL possible support helps! ON OUR SEVENTH DAY, we went for trekking at
Pointe Anse Cocos. It was a really long ride. First by bike through a beautiful forest stopping
for some fruit juice and ice cream. Enjoy this beautiful vegetation! We’re really thirsty, we’ve been sweating
all day so.. Some juice is quite right to have! That’s why we stopped at Mimi’s cafe! We took a fresh guava juice, a fresh mixed
fruit juice which I have no idea what it is, but we’ll find out very shortly! We’ve been looking for these shells all day
long, but couldn’t find them unfortunately! Behind they have their own house. Then reaching Grand Anse, we parked the bike
and trekked to petite Anse and Pointe Anse cocos. The trek was tough but very nice! The beaches were natural, untouched! But currents were dangerous so we just roamed
around in shallow water. This one right here is Grand Anse, if you
come this way then you’ll get to Petite Anse 5 minutes and then 15 minutes to Anse Cocos. There’s a bunch of doggies here! Prettyyyy ! Welcome to petite anse! Even here it’s not recommended to swim. You just pass behind the place where they
sell coconuts and you keep on going this way. Always straight, you have to climb the rocks
again and then you’ll reach Anse Cocos. ouch! We’re trying to get on those rocks over there! We managed taking nice pictures, nice videos
but unfortunately we came here for snorkeling and weren’t able to. The waves and the currents were just too strong. Ask in advance to some expert before coming
here so you avoid these bad surprises. Crabs are black here. They jump from rock to rock. They’re super quick! Lucky for us they’re afraid of humans and
kept distance. Pictures here are outstanding! take a look! After that we went back home and took a shower. Had a quick bite to eat and left with the
bike again! We took many beers with us in a freezer bag
and went north. As we pedaled, the sun went down so we used
our phones as torches. We reached the end of the road and almost
fell into a ditch cause there was no road warning! Be careful or you can really get hurt! Always use torches when it gets dark. It was very windy, dark purple sky and strong
sea waves. A unique starry sky! We went back to enjoy our beers by the beach
and stumbled upon a huge black rock in the middle of the road. We took a closer look and found out it wasn’t
a rock but a huge centenary tortoise that randomly fell asleep in the middle of the
road! Maybe the waves are coming so it’s gonna help
her to move a little bit off the road. Alright! We parked our bike and enjoyed our beers by
the sea. Some curious crabs tagged along as we enjoyed
the view πŸ™‚ A good BEEER ! EKU and Seybrew! Eku from here and Seybrew from here! Locally brewed! Alla salute! Na zdravi! Cheers!! ON OUR EIGHT DAY we took it easy, it was raining
very hard so we took our books and read by the porch. I then took the bike and went north to do
some photography and videos – I love rain – and I took these. It is really nice but, woah! So much rain! This is the northern part of the island, it’s
going towards the north point and there are several beautiful small hotels built right
next to these really big rocks! Renting the bike here is quite expensive,
you’re going to find places that offer 150 rupees per day, 12-13 euros. I got this one for 100 rupees per day and
I told them I’d stay for 4 days so they gave me 1 day for free so in the end I spent like,
80 something rupees per day. I don’t recommending renting your bicycle
from your hotel, I do recommend renting your bike from the guys that lend it on the main
road. You see? This is what you should do on these rainy
days, you can read a book over there! Isn’t it amazing? Overall, this was an outstanding holiday packed
with tons of fun and bargains. We did so much in such little time, and it
was all affordable! If you save money here and there, it’ll count
when you sum it all up. Now.. Why should you visit Seychelles? Being it a super natural archipelago of around
115 islands, there are so many places to see! The amount of beaches is outstanding, leaving
you enough choice to have your own personalized spot! We usually get 2 different reactions when
we ask people about Seychelles: One reaction is: “WOW, Seychelles! I wish I could go there! I’ll go there when I have the money” or, “when
I get married I’ll go there”. The second reaction is: “I prefer Maldives,
much better beaches and easier to get around” “Seychelles is too big and messy” Luckily for us, Seychelles isn’t a target
for mainstream tourists. They don’t know how cheap and beautiful it
can be. And the ones that come, stay on the main island
and go to the most commercial places. Leaving the best to you! We really hope you loved this video as much
as we did! Seychelles is Paradise and will always be
in our hearts! Love you all! Subscriiiibe! Bye!

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