hey guys today I have a new holding
utility wagon cart to show you it’s by Timber Ridge it can be used for camping
gardening on the beach or almost anywhere so this timber ridge wagon is
collapsible but I’ll show you that part later it has a steel frame which makes
it very nice and sturdy as polyester fabric so it’s not gonna get dirty
easily and it has a nice telescoping handle which you just push the bottom
since this is collapsible it’s perfect for the beach camping or to lug stuff
around at the park or if you want to go to an event and carry stuff around any
this is great for anything where you want to carry a cooler or you know
anything that you need for essentials so the dimensions of this wagon are thirty
five point five inches in length and eighteen point four inches in width and
twelve inches in height the handle like I said earlier is adjustable but from
the ground to the top is about thirty-five inches
it weighs twenty five point nine pounds so it’s not that heavy and rolls very
easily and as you can see the tires are actually nice and sturdy
they’re quote-unquote oversized and the front actually can rotate in a circle to
help easily maneuver the device these you can already tell would be great for
the beach they’re nice big would easily go along in the sand
we’re on rugged terrain yeah just like that very easy to move it as you can
tell the front wheels just turned around now this supports up to 150 pounds on a
hard surface and 110 on sand for the beach which is very helpful because you
want to always take some snacks or water sunscreen towels to the beach not having
to carry all that yourself this would be great for that so I’m going to show you
how to put this in its compact size and I’ll reopen it for you alright so I am
going to show you how this collapses just to be clear there is no assembly
required at all for this it came right out of the package so all you have to do
is remove your bottom piece right here that helps make it straighten out easily
folds up and I’ll go into the cover which I’ll show you later now all you
have to do is pull this right here and when you do that you pull it up now
remember the tires in the front rotate so you have to make sure that they’re
facing outwards for it to fit together so we’re gonna squeeze it all together
alright so there are two straps on the back you use them to wrap around the
wagon once again making sure the wheels are in the right place get the wagon as
close together as you can and loop one second and Luke when I find the
other strap start looping it through lupone’s other
strap here we go now we have this nice cover and you put it through there’s a
hole for the handle get it on there and zip it up and then pick up your bottom
here and it fits nicely in the side right here alright so now I’m going to
show you how easy it is for you to just pull it all back together you’ve reached
your destination you’re ready to go so let’s get this on with the roll so unzip
it pull your bottom piece out lift the top get to your strap buckle it push it out get your flattening bottom right here
put it in and there you go alright so here’s a closer look at the wheels the
front row front ones rotate 360 degrees pull the backs back ones just rotate
front and back as you can tell they are very sturdy very thick wheels good for
going on multiple types of terrain so I’m gonna take a beach trip this
summer and I’m really excited to be able to take this because I think it’s gonna
do very well and be very useful please make sure you check the description
section below for more information about the product also make sure you like
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  1. Great for summer – I haven't used this one, but I have an old one of another brand that really comes in handy!

  2. Love this Wagon.▫️▫️>arah.in/EI6u Came ready to use right out of the Box. No assembly! Moving into a 2nd Floor Apt. and this Wagon has been a life Safer. Smooth Steering. Holds a decent amount! So Happy I purchased this.

  3. I cannot thank you enough for this video. I got it out of the box but I couldn't for the life of me get it back. YOU ARE AMAZING! I love my YouTube community. Thank you for helping me with so many things.

  4. Looks like it has some very nice features over folding wagons from the past. I like the cable tie that holds it together after collapsing. I like that it actually stand by itself in its collapsed state. One question I always have about these folding wagons is that the pull handle attaches to the frame and not to a yoke as with the typical Radio-Flyer wagon. The front wheels are free to turn as they please and depending on the surface, they turn when least expected. This can cause the wagon to go in a serpentine "S" motion as it is pulled. Has this problem been solved or addressed?

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