πŸ‘‘ ULTIMATE BUDAPEST TRAVEL GUIDE 2020 🍷πŸ₯˜ 10 Amazing Things to do in Budapest Hungary Vlog

πŸ‘‘ ULTIMATE BUDAPEST TRAVEL GUIDE 2020 🍷πŸ₯˜ 10 Amazing Things to do in Budapest Hungary Vlog

Are you planning a trip to Budapest?
Prepare yourself for something really exciting! From the moment you land, this
inconspicuous capital in Central Europe will make you feel like you’ve found
yourself a new, cozy holiday destination. All you need to do now is sit back and
relax. Planning your trip a little in advance will turn you stay into an unforgettable experience. But before we get started, for those of you who are new here? Say hello and connect with us by subscribing to our Channel, we’ve got tons of video
out and the more in the making and we’d love to hear from you what made you
decide to see Budapest! Today we’re in Budapest, and
we’re about to explore one of the most iconic places in Budapest,
which is… the Széchenyi baths, I’m not too sure whether I’m pronouncing it correctly? I think it
might be Széchenyi. So we’re starting our top 10 list of things to do in
Budapest, with a trip to the best bathhouse you can find in Budapest! Start your Budapest experience by
soaking in a tantalising thermal bath! Széchenyi – Also the largest spa in Europe.
With a beautiful and totally symmetrical interior, you can find yourself in one of
the three possible scenarios: 1) experience what it feels like being a
soft boiled egg. 2) Dipping into chilly 16 degrees, the maximum you’ll ever get in the North Sea. It feels more like 3 degrees! It’s cold! It feels like you landed on the Artic Sea or somewhere! It does! Or 3) Soaking in a blissful 36° water,
where all you ever want is for that moment to never end! What’s on the cards?
18 pools, medicinal waters with healing properties and a giant whirlpool
where grown-ups fall around and behave like oversized 5 year old kids with
their beards and beer bellies! On Saturday nights expect manic sparty raves with 3D
laser projections and DJs. More about it in our Széchenyi vlog! Ok guys are you ready?
We’re about to enter Gellért! Or…if you want to impress your significant other, this is pretty much guaranteed to make them go
weak at the knees! Take them to the spa palace by treating them to Gellért. Gellért’s geothermal pools are known for their ultimate beauty. There’s one place that you definitely haven’t seen and we’re about to explore it! One thing you that you should know is that Anthony Bourdain was featured in one of these baths. Let’s get going! To my left, 40 degrees,
to my right, 36 degrees. Which one do you choose? Check out our Gellért baths video for the
full pampering experience! And since you’re on the Buda side, take tram 19 and
head to….. Fisherman’s Bastion, did you know that the 7 towers of Fisherman’s Bastion represents the 7 Hungarian tribes. Our Budapest guide wouldn’t be the same
without covering Budapest’s most scenic and romantic spot. Actually, not just in
Budapest, but also in Europe. Talking about Fisherman’s Bastion. It’s all over guides, postcards and Instagram of course! Why do we love it so much? 1, because of its breathtaking
panoramic city views. 2, it’s nothing like what you’ll see elsewhere in Budapest
and it’s free! This construction dates back to the 19th century and it features the first king of Hungary. It’s so beautiful here that a hotel goes for 5 to 10
times the average rent price in Budapest! More on this in our fisherman’s bastion
video. Did I mention that you can also have your very own candlelit dinner, in one of the
towers with live musicians and a private balcony where you can get a perfect view
of the…. Parliament building, so the Parliament building is not actually accessible to the public, it’s only accessible via a guided tour. You can get a beautiful
view of the Parliament building on the Buda side of the river, which is where we are now and even better from Fisherman’s Bastion. So if you go to Fisherman’s Bastion from the top, you got a perfect view of the Parliament building. The Parliament building along with
Fisherman’s Bastion are the most imposing architectural wonders of
Hungary. At least in our eyes! Our favorite place to see it? It’s got to be the night
view for Fisherman’s Bastion! It’s also the largest building in Hungary. If you have to pick a single place, that tells you a dark story of Budapest it will be the House of Terror, which is right behind us right now. If you want to see the
darker side of tourism in Budapest, visit House of Terror, home to the former
headquarters of the Nazi and later Soviet secret police. It’s going to be a
real eye-opener. However, expect queues, around half an hour to about an hour. If you ever wondered what it felt like having to endure Nazi invasion and then 4
decades of communist regime, you’ll get a very good jist here. This is going to be
one of the best history lessons you’ll ever have. This is literally the Orwellian dystopian
vision of the world. It’s sad, it’s not a fiction, it actually
did happen! Give yourself about an hour to two. The rooms are filled with terror
and totalitarian slogans. You can’t help to notice the brainwashing propaganda, the black and white pictures from the forced labour camps. And last but not least, the social
realist paintings featuring good old uncle Joe. If you somehow managed to
escape the House of Terror, you can find yourself in a sanctuary which is only a
short walk away, which is exactly where we’re taking you next! So guys we are outside of the Dohány Street Synagogue. Which is the largest synagogue in a whole of Europe! This
place was built in the 1850s and it seats up to 3,000 people! The beautiful
architecture was inspired by the Arabic North African and alhambra patterns. The interior is incredibly artistic and symmetrical with beautiful blush pink
walls and chandeliers asking for that picture perfect shot when the light
shines through the glass stained windows! There are security checks before you get
in, so just be prepared. You need to wear modest clothing with longer sleeves and cover your legs and guys you’ll be given a kippah of we’re inside the
synagogue at all times. Located in the Jewish quarter,
it witnessed the atrocities which happen inside the Budapest ghetto during World
War 2. There’s also a Jewish Museum if you want to learn a little bit more
about Jewish culture. And on the outside, there’s a mass burial, telling a dark
story of the Holocaust. If you happen to be peckish there are a few Jewish cafes
to try kosher food too! But if you prefer something more Hungarian like we did… So we’re gonna try the famous Lángos, which is one of the dishes you must try here in Budapest. It’s something that was brought by the Romans, in the ancient times to Hungary. Trying street food in Budapest is a must!
And if there was one single thing to try it would be Lángos and remember that
you won’t find it outside of Hungary. You can easily find Lángos stands and
restaurants dotted all over Budapest, so take advantage of it whilst you’re here. And
once you’re ready for the comprehensive culinary tour, head to… Central Market Hall is considered to be oldest dating back to the 19th century,
largest and probably the prettiest indoor market hall in the whole of Budapest. Apart from offering an awesome shelter during an unexpected downpour,
like it did in our case! Central Market Hall is your gateway into Hungarian
signature dishes and some of the best comfort food out there. Split across a
couple of floors, it’s cramped and vibrant. Things to try and buy: Paprika,
Hungary’s spice the obsession. Tokaji, the sweet wine that made it all way to Versaille, Pálinka the fruit brandy and colbas, the
Hungarian salami. And if that’s not enough, treat your taste buds to Goulash
or skewers, they’ll be screaming for more! Sounds like a place you wouldn’t mind
hanging out for some delicious food? You can learn more about it in our Central
Market Hall video where we take you on a Hungarian Street food tour all around it! Enough of food now, time to burn off those excess calories in town! So we finally made it to Szimpla Kert! Somehow this place reminds me of Shoreditch! That’s right guys! The vibrant nightlife
here is not to be missed, and the heart of it is nowhere else but Szimpla Kert!
I know it’s pretty hard to believe that this place an even exist up until 2002,
and it was made from dilapidated buildings! However, now this place is heaving!! Check out our Budapest nightlife video
which covers this in more detail. And if the party animal in you is dormant
for whatever reason, then there are several other places you could go for a romantic stroll instead, and there is no better place than… The famous Chain Bridge connecting Buda to Pest! Make the most of Budapest and explore
it on foot whenever you can! The Chain Bridge is the first permanent suspension
bridge in Hungary dated back to the mid 19th century. The unparalleled
architecture and the romantic scenery create a perfect opportunity for a
stroll by the majestic Danube River with the views of Budapest. At night the
glistening lights make the city look so charming that you’ll want to stay for
another hour, and another hour. And you know its iconic when Katy Perry features
in her firework music video! The graceful Danube river is also
witness to some of the most chilling atrocities of the Holocaust. On the pest
side of the Danube River the sculpture of around 60 pairs of iron shoes from
the 1940s tells the haunting story of thousands of people who were mass
executed, that spanned across 2 months from December 1944. During those freezing
cold winter nights the Arrow Cross party soldiers would pull the shoe strings
from the shoes of their victims, then tie their hands together before shooting
them and then throwing their bodies into the freezing cold water. And before wevwrap it up there is one more place you simply cannot miss… Before we show you this amazing view from up here, first we’re going to take you through St Stephen’s Basilica, along with how we got up here! Expect the finest restaurants, cocktail bars and cafes dotted around St Stephen’s Basilica,
Budapest’s prime location. It’s vibrant both daytime and in the evenings, so you
could just hang out, dine here or enjoy an evening stroll. St Stephen’s Basilica is Budapest’s largest church and is free to enter, although donations are welcome. The interior is very beautiful and decorated
with golden ornaments, mosaics and stained glass, generating amazing echo
and acoustic sounds. If you’re brave enough to tolerate a bit of gore, head to the left of the alter to see
the thousand year old relics of the right hand that belonged to St Stephen
the first king of Hungary. So now we’re going to go to the top, the tickets are 1000 Forint each. You can get in the lift, or take the stairs it’s the same price. If you want to keep fit obviously take stairs, but if you want to be lazy then take the lift. So we’ve decided to take the stairs! Ok looks like we’re halfway there, it’s only 145 steps left, so that’s not
too bad I guess? If you do take the stairs you’re going to see those amazing Instagramable
stairs of St Stephen’s Basilica and they’re really really breathtaking.
So that’s what’s going to take you out of breath! So we’re on top of St Stephen’s Basilica, which in
fact, along with Parliament building is one of the tallest buildings in Budapest,
although it’s only 96 meters tall! There you have it, our guide with the top
10 things to do in Budapest! I’m starting to think that Budapest stole my heart. It
might be your case too! If you want to see more, now you know where to find us.
Once you hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell, you’ll be
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