29 thoughts on “💰TRAVEL COSTS 💰1 YEAR OF TRAVEL // HOW MUCH DID WE SPEND? (more than $50k USD)

  1. Great summary at the end guys 👍 your right, could spend that and more just doing the same old at home. Good on ya !

  2. Wow, Thats very very inexpensive. $15000 per person for the whole year. Usually in peak holiday season even Airfare is extremely high. But guess you planned smartly.

  3. Wow. Nice work. After evaluating our last couple months, we are definitely spending more than that on the road. Super helpful.

  4. Hey guys!! This is a great idea for a video. We always like to see what other people are spending. For all the things that you did /places that you visited – well worth the money👍 What a year guys🙂 Hope you all have an amazing 2019 – Adam & Corinne

  5. What makes traveling faster more expensive? I'm planning a trip to Europe to see all 50 European countries over the course of a year and would consider this faster paced. Money is of course limited, so I'm curious about your experience with fast travel in hopes of figuring out early on some ways to save. Thank you in advance for any insight you can offer 😀

  6. Jones Family that is very helpful info. Wow you have had some amazing experiences. Keep the videos coming ❤️

  7. $ 1, 200, 000 us dls to pesos > 24,000.000 mx 😱
    That's a Fu* Assaulted…
    For that Money in my Neighborhood a bigger, better ( and no molesting noises) can found. for Less.
    what a mother fuc* the Owner & AirB&B 🤔
    – maybe in Next time in your future travel –


  8. Pitty to hear. You had bad luck. Most foreigners using the same company have had great experiences. Next time stay at a four seasons or at a Sheraton. You might as well find the right place for you.

  9. the videos are the best… and the music… i think : huapango de moncayo… y muchisimas más… more more more… greetings, beatiful family…

  10. OMGosh! I am so happy that I found you guys again. It’s Shayla Smart! (This is my other YouTube Channel) Hi Amy! I have been super busy and I told my husband that I was going to check in on you all and see how it’s been going. We are back in the US! Hoping to head out again soon. I am so happy that you all are still out there enjoying! Much prayer love and Peace! 💕❤️

  11. I have been to many places and still, I prefer Mexico, there is so much to see and still inexpensive unless you go to Riviera Maya.

  12. Well done sir. $15,000/person is not a bad deal for a year.

    Your videos are informative. Do tell the costs of travelling to K2/Pakistan 👍

  13. That's definitely money well spent considering these awesome memories will remain with you all forever!
    The best decision you guys made 👍
    I'm loving your videos and wishing you a great blessed and awesome trip around the world!

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