? Is this the ULTIMATE remote beach camping setup? ► All 4 Adventure: Unleashed TV

? Is this the ULTIMATE remote beach camping setup? ► All 4 Adventure: Unleashed TV

With the sun slowly setting, it’s time to
find a nice spot on the coast and setup camp for the night. We’ve got a gorgeous sunset happening. We’ve found a beautiful little beach and
now we’re going to setup our swags on this beach, above the high tide mark. You just pick a spot to put your swag on,
you want to level it out, get a good nights sleep so you want a nice level pad. There’s a bit of mucking around, you trim
it all up, and that’s the spot I’m putting my swag! Perfect! And then it’s time to light a fire and cook
our barra. What’s for dinner? Ahh, would you like some barramundi sir? What else is there? Ummm, we’ve got some barramundi! Barramundi? Ah yeah well I reckon barramundi will be just
fine. Alright, too easy! What’s for dessert? Barramundi ice-cream! Without the ice. And the cream. Now to cook up a barramundi like this for
dinner, you’re really gunna need to get some coals going. So, first thing I’ve gotta do is try to
start a fire. Alright, I’ll try this, this might do the
job. See how we go. I have got a lighter in my bag, if all else
fails. So I pulled out of my repertoire, a little
flint that I had sitting around. You didn’t bring a cold beer but you brought
50 thousand different ways to light a fire with ya. Can’t cook barramundi with cold beer! Alright, here we go. Yep, we’ve got something going on here. We’ve got smoke. Flame! It’s a go-er! Nice work. We got a go-er! So there’s no shortage of wood on this beach,
and it doesn’t take long to get a decent fire going because we’re gunna have to pack
all that down for the coals. Buildin us a bonfire! There is nothing better than setting your
swag up and making a fire and sitting on a beach as the suns going down in Arnhem Land. Now the best thing about cooking on the beach
is you can cook the fish whole on the coal. With a bed of coals going, you can just throw
the fish on. It’s almost like natures alfoil, and that’s
the skin with the scales on it without out piercing the fish, it bakes in its own juices. Alright lets get us much as we can on it. Gunna need a longer stick! Can hear em sizzling! She’s sizzling alright! Get as much coverage as we can. That’s it, that’s perfect! By the time the fish are ready, the suns gone
down, we’re now on torch light. Alright, coming over. This bloody Barra is heavy. We pull it off the coals, put it on a bed
of leaves. Look at that! That is hot hey! Peel back the skin, beautiful white flesh,
cooked to perfection. Look at that, it’s like alfoil isn’t it. Doesn’t get any better than this. Here ya go, what’s it like? All time! Is it cooked properly? Ah be cooked a bit more down deep. Down deep? Down deep – it’s a big fish. It is a big fish. Bit of salt. Nice and juicy, a bit of salt and pepper,
what more could a bloke want! Absolutely beautiful. How good is it to come out to a place like
this mate, catch your own food and you know, basically this Barra was swimming and now
we’re eating it on the beach in the middle of Arnhem Land. It’ll be one of those nights that you don’t
forget. I’m going to ruin mine and put some baked
beans with it. Baked Beans! Caution: eating barramundi with baked beans
is not endorsed or approved by the producers of Unleashed. Or their taste buds. It is good. Damn.

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  1. Awesome as always! I want to try this with some trout, Im from the middle USA, I always thought you had to clean them first, worried the innards might pop! Cheers.

  2. These episodes are great. Love that bivy style tent! I could really use that here on Texas beaches when Im not using my teardrop camper. Anyone know the brand and model? Not sure if it's even available here in the states.

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