🤑HOW MUCH does visiting BARCELONA cost? 💸| Barcelona Travel Guide

🤑HOW MUCH does visiting BARCELONA cost? 💸| Barcelona Travel Guide

Hello travelers! Today is the moment to
clear up any doubts that may arise regarding “How much does it cost to visit
Barcelona” Welcome back to my channel travelers, about all you need to know if
you’re planning your trip to Barcelona I’m Valerie I’m a local here and I’m going
to give you a precise idea about prices in the city, well actually precise is
impossible, it of course depends on the trip you want to do and your budget. First of all let me tell you that Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Spain but still one of the cheapest in Europe and the second tip Barcelona is a super walkable city compared to other cities like for
example London or Paris here in Barcelona it’s super easy to walk
everywhere so I’m going to start this video talking about “Transportation”. I
have just updated to my getting around guide in Barcelona but you can get it by
clicking in the link in the description down below. We have a very good metro
train and bus service in Barcelona so it’s not complicated at all don’t be
afraid of taking public transportation google map will definitely be your best
friend in Barcelona if you want to buy a single ride in Zone 1 which is actually
where all the attractions in Barcelona are the price is 2,50€ at
the moment I’m recording this video There’s the 10 trips card, there’s the
one day card, there are actually several options but I have made a video about it
so you can watch it I will leave you the link here
what transport card should I get while visiting Barcelona you can use the same
car for the bus for the metro and for the train and it’s super easy also the
bus is easy you have a screen that you can see continuously what the next stop is if you need to combine several means of
transport like for example the bus and the metro, it will count in Zone 1 as only one trip Beyond public transportation there are other options as well like taxi my tip when you want to take a taxi in Barcelona
is to download these two applications “Cabify” and “Free Now” we don’t have
unfortunately “Uber” anymore in the city but these two apps will really help you
to get a taxi quickly it is also super safe and it will tell you exactly how
much it’s going to cost you can pay either by cash or by credit card you can
set these options beforehand and you can also see at all times the route where
you’re going so that the taxi driver doesn’t wander you around the city
drawbacks from taking a taxi from these applications well a minimum price is 7€ so if you are thinking about doing a shorter trip then it would be better
in that case to take a taxi in the street. Car renting in Barcelona why why you want to
rent a car in Barcelona where there are no free parking and driving around the
city is the worst idea you can ever have in your holidays in Barcelona ok only if
you want to have a day trip far away from the city like for example Girona
Costa Brava Sitges Montserrat Tarragona that could be a good idea other than that forget about renting a car in Barcelona. No! You can get a shared room in a hostel from 5 euros 8 euros 10 euros this is the cheapest thing I have ever seen or you can get a private room in hostel as well or in an Airbnb
prices start in the winter from 30 euros and summer from 50 70 and up or you can rent an entire flat just for you to luxorious five-star hotels there are all
kinds of accommodation in Barcelona with or without the kitchen in case you want
to cook rather than eating out so my tip would be to search for the perfect
accommodation in Airbnb or in Booking.com this is actually the way I do it to have an idea of prices and locations and I will leave you the link here to my
video how to search for the perfect accomodation in Barcelona and depending
the time of the year you are coming to Barcelona you will pay very different
prices for the same accommodation the peak season is from April to September
October then we have the low season prices also go up in December for
Christmas and New Year’s and the best time of the year to come Barcelona to
get the best prices is during January in February which is our Winter. Also the location may
influence in the price so I have prepared a video for you on how to save
money on accommodation in Barcelona here you have the link. I believe the cheapest
options are the takeaways in Barcelona prices go around 6 to 8 to 10 euros then
we have the street markets but they are not particularly cheap in Barcelona they
are actually cool and ffensive then we have the lunch menus in all the
restaurants in town they are around 10 euros 12, 15 then we have the good
restaurants which are from 15 euros 20 to 25 and the very good ones that are
around 30 to 40 euros and of course more and the once-in-a-lifetime experience
that start around 100, 150 and of course there should be more expensive ones as
well I’m gonna give you the prices of main attractions in Barcelona at the
time I am recording this video we have Sagrada Familia, the icon of the city
basic entrance 20 euros Park Güell 10 euros if this is not your first time in
the city yes it used to be free but now we have to pay 10 euros
then we have Casa Milá, Casa Batlló, and Camp Nou they are around 25 euros the
good news is that I have prepared a super updated Barcelona travel guide
with all the things to do by neighborhood and today you can download it I will leave you the link in the description below but don’t forget first to
subscribe to my channel talking about free we have the free walking tours in
these tours you can give only a tip to the tour guide and the prices normally
given to the tour guides are between 10 to 15 euros per person or more if you
want to make a happy then we have the guided group tours like for example a
ebike tours, photo tours, tapas, paella cooking class and flamenco shows etc they start
from let’s say 30 to 50 euros and then the day trip ones that start from 80 to
100 120 and they go far away to Girona to Tarragona, Sitges, Montserrat, etc ok
travelers that was all regarding “How much does visiting Barcelona cost” hope you have all the necessary tips and a better idea about prices don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel you can follow me also on Instagram and write me there
leave me your comments in this video and see you next week with more interesting
things about this amazing city

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  1. Hola … My girlfriend and I will be in Barcelona in May. We cant wait =) . Thanks for all the great videos …. ooh I got the first comment !!

  2. Hola Thanks for the vlog and information about Barcelona. Cruising out of Barcelona in November. , staying in the city for 4 nights . ❤ it . Australia

  3. Me encantan tus vídeos. Estuvimos en diciembre y me voy a poner a ahorrar para regresar sola, voy a tratar de hacer todo lo que no pude hacer con mis niños, jajaja. Yo creo que con 1,300 dólares me alcanza para quedarme una semana en Barcelona. I'm going to avoid peak season and December!🤞🤞

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