10 Amazing Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️

10 Amazing Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of tents and camping this video will amaze you because of its crazy and
super innovative designs so let’s go camping core 12-person instant cabin
family tent this innovative camping accessory costs less than your average
tent at two hundred seventy seven dollars it can comfortably accommodate
up to twelve people with us stunning 180 square foot of space and it’s available
in two colors light grey and white in addition to this the core 12-person
instant cabin family tent is easy to set up with the average set-up time of less
than two minutes and offers a suitable amount of privacy with zippered privacy
panels and the option to create three separate rooms this tent is guaranteed to improve your
camping experience as aside from providing a spacious and element proof
place to lay your head at the end of the day it also comes with a handy carry bag
a lantern hook and a gear loft tats on sports canvas tent with Teton sports
canvas tent you are guaranteed a well-designed camping accessory
available in 12 16 and 20-foot diameters this innovative tent is made up with
100% treated cotton and with a reinforced floor material to prevent
seepage of groundwater this stylish camping accessory was designed to
provide comfort and privacy with the nature of the materials used in its
construction selected to guarantee maximum airflow and it’s 400 square feet
of carpet area is able to comfortably lie up to 16 people and it’s 11 foot
height will help you forget that you aren’t in the comfort of your own
bedroom Cabela’s west wind dome tent Cabela’s
west wind dome tent combines comfort with style it’s seven point seven by
nine point eight foot floor area provides enough space for you and your
camping buddies to properly stretch out while its unique material protects you
from the hazards of Sun and wind this stylish tent also provides opportunities
for entertainment with a gear loft and entertainment system with the power port
and stunning four mesh pockets this innovative combination ensures that
you’ll take your entertainment wherever you go even in the wild and it’s
available in the price range from two hundred to two hundred seventy-five
dollars the poppin goat and the pop and go tent
provides an innovative approach to camping with its modern fiberglass
framing weave netting and unique patented pop up and down technology for
quick and convenient tent set up this tent is uniquely suited for use by young
children with its AS international and SGS safety certifications ensuring their
absolute safety you can have this tent in either orange or black at the very
affordable price of $140 this pack includes a handy shoulder strap bag for
easy carrots Kodiak canvas flex bow deluxe the Kodiak
canvas flex bow deluxe is a tent that’s a little bit different providing a
variety of size options ranging from eight by five by six foot tent to the 10
by 14 foot tent although this tent isn’t recommended for areas with severe
snowfall it’s otherwise suitable for other weather conditions it’s extra
windows and double doors ensure proper aeration and it’s 100% cotton material
provides a natural complement to your camping trip the price of the Kodiak
canvas flex PO deluxe range from 370 to $700 with the more
expensive option offering more floor space regardless of costs all tents come
with a 12 inch rod steel tubing and a handy backpack for convenient storage
with this tent you are guaranteed maximum comfort and convenience Smith fly floating tent if you think
you’ve seen the best inflatable rafts with tent toppers think again this Smith
Fly floating tent is one-of-a-kind and its production provides a fun option to
your nature trip adding the extra thrill of an overwater tent to your nature
watching experience this thick durable and waterproof product is easy to
install and use with three air compartments it ensures maximum
stability and it’s waterproof eight by eight foot space ensures that you have
enough space to spread your legs starting at $1500 this tent represents
innovation and thrill seeking at its finest and it’s highly recommended for
camping enthusiasts everywhere five joy instant pop-up tent are you
tired of tents that take ages to set up or are so complicated that you’d rather
just sleep in a tree well fear no more the five joy instant pop-up tent is an
easy-to-use camping accessory to suit your needs
made with PU coated polyester the five joy instant pop-up tent is available in
two stylish colors army green and camel and it also has double doors which
ensure privacy each tent also comes with mesh windows and barriers to protect
from insect infestations and light rainfall setting up tent can be done in
less than two minutes and in three smooth motions unzip slide and release Coleman Drake tent the coleman drake
tent was designed to help provide a camping experience that can be shared
with your whole family this futuristic tent can sleep up to four people and is
made from 100% PU coated polyester to stand up to the very extreme weather
conditions with its lightweight 5.8 kilograms and low cost that is a hundred
and ten dollars this is ideally suited to cater to any
use that you wish to put it to its abundance of Allegro and stylish range
of colors provides an added luxury in your quest to get closer to nature Rhino
wolf like its name implies the Rhino wolf is not afraid of standing out this
tent provides absolute luxury even in the most remote of areas it showcases a
complete system with inbuilt mattress and sleeping bags and the possibility of
connecting to other Rhino wolves for a truly social camping experience this
super-sized camping tent is surprisingly portable weighing in at just two and a
half kilograms when patched together available in a range of colors from pink
to black this tough-skinned tent should be your go to for comfort strength and
style Iko capsule tent at last here comes an
ecologically friendly camping option for those who are environmentally aware the
eco capsule is a modern self sustainable camping unit equipped with solar and
wind powered options providing up to 880 watts and 750 watts respectively this
functional unit can serve as a home and office or a getaway spot bringing the
best parts of civilization to your journey through nature thanks for
watching which tent are you going to buy let me know the reasons in the comments
section below and if you’re new here then feel free to subscribe and be part
of my online family I’ll see you guys in my next video peace you

58 thoughts on “10 Amazing Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️

  1. I think I'm gonna buy Coleman Drake tent and the capsule (it looks like the one in Dragon Ball and I'm addicted to Anime)

  2. That tent loft was hilarious! but not as hilarious as that stupid bloody animated polar bear.
    The floating tent is great if you set up by a river one night and the river floods.
    The Eco tent is for me,awesome!

  3. Would someone please proof read / listen to our narrator girl. She has glaring mispronunciations in almost every video. Obvious stuff too.

  4. Watching this made my back hurt , I can't imaging the size of the backpacks a person would need to carry all of the gear with these tents. "O" I see , the backpack a person would use is made by Ford or Chevrolet or Dodge or Toyota or Kia or any-other vehicle manufacture.

  5. Good job and the last one obviously it is a strong housing so protection from bears well better?and the elements..it’s self contained..and I’m sure year round with hopefully the abilities for a small wood stove or heater other wise the one for me it’s awesome 👏

  6. Really cool tents!! Prices are very reasonable for all of the features and sizes each one offers.The $1,000 unit is out of my price range but it'd be nice for those who can afford it! Sorry, but there's NO WAY I can pick just one! For a family sized tent and the money l would have to go with the first one l do believe. I also liked the canvas yurt-style tent too…lol!! Thanks for sharing this with us! Peace to All of Us!! 😉

  7. If your going to promote a single tent from a company that has several you shouldn’t put the others in the clip. You showed the kodiak flex bow for like 5 seconds then showed the kodiak cabin tent the rest of the time. Completely different tent and costs. Also with the bell tent you showed other tents with it.

  8. I'm not going to buy any of them they are too big.. too heavy too expensive.. I will stick to my little Dome Tent that's good enough for two people.. do they think these tents are made out of gold way way too expensive..

  9. TEE Taun .. omg TEE taun !!! Why do so many of these voice over people not know how to pronounce basic words !!! ??? …………

  10. I like the Coleman tent because it is cheap but strong. Hope i can receive one. 😁✌️. I like also the capsule one but im sure it is expensive. Love your videos guys. Keep going❤️❤️

  11. I'm sorry, but these are all relatively poor quality tents. Especially the pop up tent. It's terrible to highlight poor quality, gimmick tents, and not actual high quality tents like MSR, or actual innovative tents like, I don't know, Tentsile.

  12. Lol the Smithfly tent has enough space to spread your legs. Guess they didn’t think that one out before saying it.

  13. First of all. All these stated tent capacity numbers should automatically be cut in half. That is only based on sq footage, not usable space and doesn’t take account tables, stoves, ice chests, gear, etc.

  14. lol I had to rush thru this with all the flickering and jerky camera work. Looks like it could have been good

  15. We had a pop and go tent for our kids. Worked great inside the house as playpen and out camping and at the river fishing.

  16. She didn't even tell the price of the last 1 & I wonder why lol . They cost anywhere from $8 grand & up very expensive lil capsule .

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