10 AMAZING Hidden Gems & Secret Spots in NYC ! (MUST VISIT)

10 AMAZING Hidden Gems & Secret Spots in NYC ! (MUST VISIT)

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon And some of you watching this video Are the types of travelers who like to go off the beaten path Maybe you’ve been to New York a few times Maybe you’re tired of tourist traps Maybe YouTube just kept recommending this video and you decided to click Either way We’re going to be sharing 10 Hidden Gems For Your Next Trip To New York City Guys we’re going to be covering everything from hidden art Places to eat And even some secret parks This is going to be fun Let’s go We’re in front of the Parker New York Hotel Where a room will run you 400 dollars a night But I’ve got some good news You can find one of New York’s best.. burgers For only.. 9 dollars Well that is If you can find it Just follow the Big Burger Now I admit while this is a hidden gem It’s not really unknown A lot of people know how good the burgers are So I advise not going during peak dinner times It was pretty crowded when we went but.. Oh my goodness Was that a good burger I ordered a cheese burger, with the works Look at this thing Mmm Definitley one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in New York City Seriously Team Adriana even got in on the act on this one Oh my goodness Mmmmm But seriously you are going to impress people If you take them here Because the quality of the burgers to me Is more impressive Than the fact that it’s actually pretty tough to find This is one of my favorite hidden parks In New York City We’re going to cover a bunch of them today Just find these non descript stairs at 55 Water Street And follow me Guy there’s a rule in New York City Whenever I’m anywhere.. the escalators aren’t working But we have reached the Elevated Acre This is my favorite hidden park In New York Let me show you Honestly, what I like best about this park Is that there’s usually nobody here Or just a handful of people So you have this little forest In the heart of the financial district Surrounded by buildings all around you But you just feel some peace Right behind me is one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge That a lot of people have no idea about So make sure to bring your camera Really cool insider tip for you Bring a towel.. there’s usually not a lot of people Nobody here in fact right now On this fake turf Hit up one of the food trucks Literally around the corner off of Water Street And you have this.. scenic New York lunch Something to definitley consider We’re in front of the Irish Hunger Memorial Dedicated to the Great Irish Famine In the 1840’s and 1850’s And this has got to be.. One of the most overlooked places to visit In Battery Park In fact, I’ve lived in New York almost 10 years I’ve never even been inside So why don’t we go check it out For the first time together This is kind of surreal It’s like we’re walking inside of an Irish Cottage In the middle of the Financial District How did I never visit here guys? How did I never visit here? It even doesn’t smell like New York in here The grass is from Western Ireland It smells good Surprisingly The actual structure you’re looking at Everything was imported directly from Ireland Including the stones from County Mayo The grass and every single county of Ireland Is represented inside I love that But what this memorial really stands for Is hunger around the world And it wants to remind people about that And to always be grateful For what you have. There’s a lot of alleys in New York That are hidden in plain site And Washington Mews, right next to Washington Square Park Is one of my favorites Because it’s open during the day And you can just walk through Let’s show you what’s inside. It’s called Washington Mews.. Mews for stables This was actually farmland And this street was built in 1883 To house the horses The stables right behind where people lived And when you walk on this street to me, it feels like you’re transported back to 19th century New York City And there’s so much history here Number 9, right here Jackson Pollack The famous artist, spent a year of his life here From 1949 to 1950 You see the stone street right here And you can just imagine horses, galloping through Now there are other streets in New York City that still do look like this But it’s one of my favorites because I live right around here And it’s usually open And I said for pedestrians to walk on through Just get transported back in time for a little bit It’s the perfect place for a quick stroll And one more thing They actually had an apartment from here Listed for rental in 2016 For the cheap sum of 30,000 dollars a month Yeah I don’t know if many of you out there can afford it But right now it is leased by NYU and used for a lot of their different programs. Guys I want to interrupt the video real fast to let you know For the rest of November If you want to join our Patreon and support what we do And get some really cool perks Anybody that joins at any tier is going to be getting a PDF File with the best things to do in NYC for the Holidays If you join at $5 or higher I’m going to send you a hand-written postcard from New York City Anywhere in the world Just wanted to let you know Details in the description Sometimes the best art is left in plain site And right behind is a piece of the Berlin Wall New York City has just 4 pieces scattered throughout This is located next to the Harbor at Brookfield Place And interesting spot to go shopping But if you head out and check this right here This was actually done by a French painter in 1982 Who moved to West Berlin And he made these head like structures Because they were really easy and fast to make under the cover of darkness And that was his signature style And if you’re just strolling through this park right here You can see a piece of history And after the Berlin Wall came down 40,000 pieces scattered throughout the world This one right here though.. Is open to the public Most people have no clue it’s even here But it’s got a very important message About the unification of societies And I think it’s just.. the definition of a hidden gem Green Acre Park is one of two Urban Parks In Midtown East That are absolutely amazing And a lot of people don’t even realize that it’s right here Now you can hear the Waterfalls from the outside When you turn into the park Even at night, it’s illuminated Absolutely gorgeous The perfect respite from a busy day in Midtown Just come in there Sit down, eat a meal Enjoy the peace and quiet that honestly Is really tough to find in this part of Manhattan Now we’re going to show you.. another park Just a few blocks away We just showed you Green Acre Park This is Paley Park It’s a little bit more modest It doesn’t quite feel like a Japanese Garden Like Green Acre does It’s considered a pocket park Of New York City It’s just 20 feet.. you go inside Huge water fall A lot of places to sit down and to relax You can come at night And it was named after William Paley Who was one the Chairman of CBS You might recognize that name These murals could be on display at any Museum in the world And they’re yours to see for free Inside the subway If you just know.. where to look The Marine Grill Murals are special They used to be housed in the basement of a very famous hotel called the McAlpin Which opened in 1912 In Herald Square And these murals hung for diners to see This was a luxury hotel and this restaurant had murals Of ships crossing the Atlantic It was at a time when New York City was most well known as one of the busiest ports In the entire world It’s just a step back in history You take a closer look at these murals The fine details And it’s amazing that they’re inside of a subway And as I said Not in a museum The next time you’re at the Fulton Street Station Try to find them.. trust me It’s worth it.. Behind me is the Payne Whitney Mansion
We’re across the street from Central Park And inside is the French Embassy We’re going to concentrate on 2 hidden gems inside One is called the Venetian Room And it’s like stepping back into the Gilded Age of New York It was created in the Early 20th century And then sat dormant for a long time Until it was restored and opened to the public In 2018 If you step inside the French Embassy peek your head into the Venetian room And just stare at some splendor Of New York City in the past And of course you’ve got to visit Albertine Located down the hallway The only French language bookstore In New York City They also have some English selections as well Go to the second floor and check out their celestial ceiling Absolutely beautiful And just a really peaceful place To walk around And pretend that you can understand some of that French Because I took Spanish in High School From the Outside it’s a pizza place But on the inside.. Taste of Persia is some of the best Iranian food in all of New York City And we’re going to go check it out.. for the very first time When you walk in the doors You see a pizza place on the right You turn to your left and there’s this little counter But I assure you you’re in the right place Just home made, Persian food Made on the spot there So easy to order We tried a couple of different things From their menu And well let’s just say We had a really good tasting I’m trying the Fesenjan Walnut/Pomegranate Chicken My first time ever eating Persian Food And it won’t be my last The slightest sweet flavor You can taste that pomegranate,mixed in with the walnut So tender so good The food was so flavorful. I am definitely coming back I am happy that I came here And happy to share it with you guys All of the online publications were right About Taste of Persia Definitely put it on your list, for a quick meal if you’re in Lower Manhattan Members of the Barrio tell me down below in the comments Which one of these Hidden Gems you are most likely to visit New York is just full of surprises You just have to know where to look Special thanks to my camera guy Ben for doing a great job Check out our other New York CIty playlists linked down below in the description Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time Guys we have our next hidden gem of the video It’s this empty volley ball court And uhhh Yeah..

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