10 Awesome Campers and Expandable Caravans

10 Awesome Campers and Expandable Caravans

(energetic music) – [Chandnil] Campers
for outdoor adventures can come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you’re looking for a vehicle capable of housing a
large bustling family, or maybe you’re more in the market for a cozy camper for two. Whatever your needs, this is
Chandnil from Minds Eye Design and here we have our 10 campers from little to large for
your outdoor adventures. – [Female Voice] Number 10. – [Chandnil] To kickstart our Top 10 list, we begin with a BRS Pursuit Platinum. This robust and four wheel
drive compatible hybrid camper has all the simplistic comforts of home combined together with an
array of modern technology. A queen size bed with
an inner spring mattress and a moon gazing window roof will give you the ultimate
sleeping under the stars feel. The Platinum also comes with a kitchen, fitted with a fridge freezer and even a pull-out outdoor barbecue for those warm summer evenings. The retractable goodies don’t
stop there either as this camper also boasts a pull-out
fully enclosed hot shower. Despite being out with nature
on your latest adventure the Platinum still has
you covered tech-wise, coming with a signal booster
for your mobile device so you can catch up on your
latest Netflix shows via the TV. A modern but tough camper, decorated in a simplistic fashion, giving you the five star feel, the camper is currently
on the market for $84,000. – [Female Voice] Number nine. – [Chandnil] A teardrop
camper with a space age electric lift up roof all
at the click of a button. The extendible ceiling
room makes this camper effortlessly simple and spacious. With the roof down, this
compact little caravan has an exterior height of 83.5 inches and 82 inches of interior
height with the roof up which is just under seven foot. This means that there
is more than enough room to walk around and have a stretch within the walls of your camper, unless that is, you
happen to play in the NBA. The large windows provide
plentiful natural light perfect for the keen outdoor adventurer, giving it a unique tree house type feel. It also boosts plenty of storage, a kitchen with a gas stove
and a small microwave, a small bathroom fitted with
a toilet and a lockable door, and also extra storage compartments. Weighing in at 2,000 pounds, the Alto is easy to tow without any strain even for the smaller vehicle. It comes with solar panels on the roof to charge a 12 volt deep cycle battery. It also brings the outdoors to you. And although it’s one
of our smaller campers, it makes up with a large soul. The starting price is
just over $27,500 dollars. – [Female Voice] Number eight. – [Chandnil] The Alpha Wolf is the largest of all the campers so far. With a length of 29 feet
and a height of 11 feet, the white and blue color scheme makes the cabin look clean and attractive, providing you keep it that way of course. The Alpha is fully laminated and insulated as well as being lightweight for its size, with a hitch weight of 600 pounds. The camper can sleep up to four people, making it perfect for
those family getaways. It comes with a full kitchen,
bathroom and corner shower, which is really handy compared to the less private outdoor alternative or having to use those
nasty campsite toilets. The kitchen features blue LED lights, a nice touch to give it
a modern futuristic feel. The designers clearly had
comfort in mind with this camper as the walk around queen
bed and the warm decor just scream home sweet home. It even has a dining
table with four chairs and a sofa to relax on. The price tag is currently
just under $29,000, a reasonable price considering
the size of this camper. – [Female Voice] Number seven. – [Chandnil] The ERIBA is a
German made camper that somehow combines a retro and
futuristic style all in one. The designers embraced technology
with the ERIBA Touring, integrating it with a
handy smart home system that allows the owner to monitor the water and waste tank levels, battery and gas, all at the click of a button through a control panel and app. But they haven’t skipped
on comfort either, with a kitchen featuring
plentiful storage, three hobs and a pull-out coffee maker as well as a bathroom with
a wooden panel shower. It can sleep a family
of four v-shaped beds at the rear of the camper as well as a 180 degree panorama lounger with the operational extra
of a 32 inch TV screen. With a lifting roof it gives an impressive 1.95 meters of headroom, with a width of two meters
and a length of 4.83 meters, it will be available from
dealers from Spring 2019 onwards. – [Female Voice] Number six. – [Chandnil] The Aura
2019 is a luxurious camper weighing in at just under 3,000 pounds and measuring at 22 feet long. The Aura covers all the
necessities for your camping trip, throwing in a few flash touches from the marble effect in the
kitchen to the bedside windows and quaint restaurant-style dining table beside yet another large window. The bedroom itself has a queen
bed with lots of headroom and the kitchen features two gas burners, a fridge, a sink and a microwave. The bathroom is equipped with a wet bath shower and a toilet. So not only does it look stylish,
it’s also fully equipped. It also holds a 31 gallon water tank and houses a hot and cold
air conditioning unit as well as the power awning making it spacious inside and out. Perfect for family vacations
whatever the weather. – [Female Voice] Number five. – [Chandnil] Yet another camper from BRS. This little camper is simple
but extremely versatile. It’s an off-road pod that
you can simply pop up and hop in for the night. The Sherpa is quick and easy to set up in as little as two minutes. And it leaves you
protected from the elements without the hassle of putting together one of those frustrating
1,000 piece tents. The awning simply raises from
the roof with no pulse needed, leaving you with a decent
amount of space within. You also have the option to
pop up an extra canopy portion to shield you from those harsh
sun rays on the hotter days. This little camper can
still fit a family of four, and it’s perfect for a family adventure with the little ones. The Sherpa features a
heated sleeping cabin and a dropdown camper shower heated by a diesel hot water system for those chillier holidays away. Inside the pod you can
find a bed, a TV, stereo and a set of cooling fans
all pre-fitted to the camper. There’s also a kitchen at the
back of the temporary home, with a fridge and a dropdown unit where you can store your
own gas stove to cook. The Sherpa weighs less than a ton and prices start from $44,000. – [Female Voice] Number four. – [Chandnil] Little by
name and little by nature, the MeerKat camper by
the Little Guy Trailers is a small lightweight compact trailer and it looks great. Weighing only 900 pounds, means that just about any
car out there can tow it. But it still comes with a
variety of cool features. Just 13 feet long and 60 inches wide, the MeerKat manages to
pack in a kitchen, storage, a porta-potty, icebox
and ample seating areas. Owners also have the
option of linking it up to a tent for extra living quarters. The pop up roof leaves you with a standing headroom
of over seven feet. But it also means that the little camper can be stored away in your average garage. The MeerKat has a real retro feel to it. A pocket size camper that
really packs a punch. – [Female Voice] Number three. – [Chandnil] The campster is a car and a campervan all in one, perfect for those longer
family road trips. It can seat up to seven
people and oozes versatility, transforming between
multiple configurations. The chairs are all swivel
seats and are fully removable, meaning you can create space and manipulate the camper
to your own specific needs. Swivel the seats to face
around the popup dining table, move them back to drive to your next site, or remove them completely to
make room for the double bed. It comes with a removable kitchen with a two hob gas stove,
a sink and a cool box. Ample storage is provided throughout, Whether you’re going on a family bike ride or a camping trip. And a popup roof makes
for extra standing room. It comes available with
controlled electric sliding doors that can be opened and
closed without contact. Versatility personified in the campster. – [Female Voice] Number two. – [Chandnil] The Tigermoth
is the Swiss army knife of the camper world. Handy compartments pop
out in every direction, including a 5.5 square foot countertop, fitted with a chopping board
and storage space for cooking. The Tigermoth is built
with NASA-inspired storage utilizing every inch of available space with attach points, hooks and bungees for wall-mounted belongings. With rugged features for
any kind of adventures, you can go up to seven
plus days off the grid. The Tigermoth sports
a roomy queen size bed with underbed storage
and a comfy lounge area. It also features an
innovative compress air shower on the outside of the camper and five gallons of
portable water storage. An optional awning can also
give you even more space. With the camper sleeping two adults, and two more with a rooftop tent, you can also add a roof rack for bikes or a roof box for extra storage. Weighing 900 pounds makes it easy to tow for almost all four cylinder engines. – [Female Voice] Number one. – [Chandnil] A very
different looking campervan rounds off our list,
the Hunter RMV Predator. This one is the biggest on our list and also the highest off the ground, with a 22 inch ground clearance. This isn’t an ordinary camper
but a military grade RV, turbo diesel 4-by-4, sporting giant tires to take on any extreme terrain or weather. But don’t let the rough exterior fool you. Within the hard walls, the
Hunter is actually rather homely with its quaint and old fashioned decor. The Hunter comes with a
kitchen featuring a sink, two gas stoves, a
microwave, a fridge freezer and a charming pop-out dining room. It also includes a dry
bathroom with a toilet, two bunk beds and a queen bed, making it possible to have six people. So it’s perfect for those
larger family getaways. The camper is also fully air conditioned with a three kilowatt solar power system. It’s big, it’s powerful, and it has everything you
need for extreme adventures. So there we have it. The Top 10 campers that
come in all shapes and sizes and are ready for any outdoor adventure. Which was your favorite? Comment below and let us know. (lively music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (whizzing drone) (bassy guitar music)

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  2. I personally would love to have the big overlander setting in my drive. I can also see good merits in all of them though. Great choices. God bless and stay safe.

  3. The meerkat seems to be the best for me and my budget, I think most of them are way way over priced like the last one 200k is crazy money for half that I could build a awesome camper.

  4. 10 looks great
    9 looks echo smart.
    As do 7.
    6 sounds great.
    5 looks easy to set up and compact.
    4 looks small but big enough for a close couple.
    3 is also also small and unique.
    2 looks fantastic!
    1 is ultimately the best ever. That would be my double favourite!!!!

  5. Great video. Part of the fun for me (as an engineer) is seeing the enormous delta between different cost/effective alternatives. You got a little trailer camper for $84,000 and a full 4 person luxury caravan for $28,000. Lol. I have to remind myself that there are standard retail watches out there that cost more than a top end Ferrari, so "value" is entirely subjective.

  6. 6.15 – ‘The bathroom is equipped with a wet bath/shower’ – I HATE those dry baths and showers. You just can never get clean!

  7. Interesting products out there! Now for the rest of us on a budget who don't want to pull a trailer, there's the Autohome Maggiolina at autohomecanada.com. I bought the Maggiolina 10 years ago for about $3000.00 and still use it every year.

  8. 10 – too expensive.
    9- Cool
    8 – nice, but a bit large
    7 – obviously, very euro
    6 – larger than it looks ,good price
    5 – really well designed and thought out!
    4 – great retro sort of 60's vibe, liked it
    3 – too small
    2 – great design and price
    1 – oh yeah, that's awesome. At $200K, it's out of my price range but still neat!

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