10 Awesome Campers and Trailers for Your Outdoor Adventures

10 Awesome Campers and Trailers for Your Outdoor Adventures

– [Narrator] Hey everyone. We’re already three
months into the new year, and that means it’s time to start planning those outdoor activities. This is Reecher, with Minds Eye Design and here are ten awesome
campers and trailers for your outdoor adventures. (upbeat techno music) Number ten. This slide-on by Innovan has a fiberglass molded body on a Monocoat
composite chassis. It measures a little
over nine feet in length and seven feet in width
with an operational height of eight and a half feet. It features a remote
controlled air conditioner, a refrigerator freezer unit, an internal three-burner cooker, bathroom area and an
external slide-out kitchen with a stainless steel sink, prep area and a double-burner cooktop. Two single mattresses
can be pushed together to make a queen size space to
sleep two people comfortably. Storage runs along the front and side providing 13 compartments equaling 3,000 liters of total space. One AGM battery provides power to the unit with the option for another
battery or a solar panel. The base price on this
one starts at $46,980. (upbeat techno music) Number nine. When you hear the name Airstream, you know that you’re going
to get a quality product. The current Basecamp
model is a 16 foot long semi Monocoat aluminum structure riding on 18 inch tires that allow it to tackle the toughest of terrains. The wide entry side door
opens into an interior that has a counter area
with a two-burner cooktop and stainless steel sink. The dinette area can seat
five people comfortably, or it can be converted to
a sleeping area for two. The shower area includes
a porcelain toilet and handheld shower head. There’s also an exterior shower if needed. A two foot by four foot hatch allows for easy loading and unloading of gear through the rear of the trailer. The starting price on this
one is a little under $36,000. (upbeat techno music) Number eight. Don’t let the vintage look
of this trailer fool you. It has more than its share
of modern day features. The HC1 by Happier Camper is 13 feet long and just under seven feet wide. In that space, the company has designed what it calls an adaptive interior. This is a modular setup,
using just six components. The kitchenette, table, bench, cushions, floor panel and lid. Each one is put into place on a floor that has Lego-like slots. This modularity allows you to reconfigure your layout in minutes, or just use the furniture outdoors. Power comes from a 100 watt solar panel which provides energy
for the sound system, lighting and a heated shower. There’s also USB, AC and DC power ports, as well as a docking station for a tablet. The base model starts at $18,950. (upbeat techno music) Number seven. The teardrop shaped body of this trailer may seem small at just
under nine feet in length but it has more than its share of features to keep one to two people well prepared for any excursion. The round doors and porthole style windows add to the distinctive design. Once inside, you’ll find a queen size bed, a shelf for storage, a
heater, USB charging ports, and a portable Bose sound system. LED lighting illuminates both the interior and exterior and the rear
area is an open air kitchen which has a single burner gas stove and a cutting board that also serves as a lid to the ice chest
below the countertop. There’s also storage for food, water and any utensils needed for cooking. A solar panel provides
energy to the battery while the built in Wifi
allows for GPS tracking and internet connectivity. The Mink can be purchased
for around $17,400. (upbeat techno music) Number six. If you see an old covered
wagon going down the road, don’t worry, you haven’t
gone back in time. You’re probably just seeing one of the sheep wagons
by Idaho Sheep Camp. This modern take on the old wagon blends antique hardware
with modern features. Each custom designed, handmade wagon is made from birch and Douglas fur. At one end is a queen size mattress with a four foot pull out
table and storage underneath. At the other end is a small kitchen area that can have either an
electric or wood stove, while benches line the wall providing an area for sitting and eating. There’s also extra storage
under the benches as well. Each wagon is painted white and green and is covered with a
traditional canvas roof. Antique spoke wheels or modern day wheels are available as well. Prices start at $16,500. (upbeat techno music) Number five. If you drive a half ton pickup with a five to six foot
bed then this slide on from Lance Campers is
your new best friend. The overall length of 15 1/2 feet, seven foot width and an eight foot height provide more than enough
room for everything you’d need for a trip to the outdoors. The cab over area houses
a queen size mattress, closet space and a
three cubic foot fridge. The galley area has a stainless steel sink and double burner range
with a dinette area that can be converted to
a single bed if necessary. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink and handheld shower head. Other features include
a tankless water heater, ducted heating, an audio system, keyless entry and a microwave. Pricing information for
this one is available through the manufacturer’s website. (upbeat techno music) While you’re deciding where to
take that next camping trip, be sure and hit the subscribe button. Also, don’t forget to click that bell icon and make sure you catch all the latest from Minds Eye Design. (upbeat techno music) Number four. This hybrid caravan camper
offers the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t love that
in an outdoor vehicle? The 12 foot long aluminum composite body rides on 16 inch off road tires with two spares that
give you added freedom to roam off the beaten path. A fold out queen bed
offers more than enough sleeping room for a
couple or a small family. Ample storage, a fold down table, and a full bathroom
round out the interior. An exterior kitchen includes
a stainless steel sink, a four-burner stove, electric water pump, and a slide out fridge. There’s also an electric wind down awning to help protect travelers
from the elements. Power is provided by
three 100 amp batteries and a 300 watt solar panel. Pricing on this one starts at $38,800. (upbeat techno music) Number three. If I told you that you
could sleep a family of four and you could still haul
two full size motorbikes in a 19 1/2 foot trailer, you’d be probably be a bit skeptical. But the Knaus Deseo
does that and then some. A full sized bed in the rear of the camper raises and lowers as needed to provide extra living space when not in transit. There’s also a full kitchen
with a double burner cooktop, a bathroom that includes
a toilet and shower, a seating area that
converts to a double bed, and a 24 inch LED TV that
retracts into the countertop. In addition to the side
door, a large rear hatch and integrated access ramps make for easy loading and unloading of your gear. An optional tent can be
attached to the hatch to expand the usable space
for indoor outdoor living. Prices range from $26,400 to $34,300 depending on the options you choose. (upbeat techno music) Number two. The Black Caviar T3 is
a futuristic looking, 24 foot long, seven and a half foot wide, dual axle badass that has
more standard features than most campers offer as added options. Here’s a few in no specific order. Solar panels that provide up to 550 watts of energy to a 400 Ah battery. A gorilla glass touch screen that monitors the temperature, water levels
and electrical systems. A full bathroom with a waterless toilet. A water reclamation system. A washing machine. An exterior kitchen with a prep table, two gas burner stove,
and an induction cooktop. A 130 liter fridge freezer. Ducted heat. A roof mounted AC. Wifi and 4G connectivity. A satellite TV system. A smartphone app that ties into it all. And I just scratched the
surface with all those. The starting price on this
one is roughly $166,000. (upbeat techno music) Before we reveal our number one pick, we want to remind you to let us know after the video what
you thought of our list. As always, we read every comment and welcome your suggestions. Number one. This one takes the top spot because we think it perfectly combines everything you would need by way of features, size and functionality. The single axle 18 foot long trailer can be stored in a standard garage. It runs completely off
of two 12 volt batteries with the option of using propane. It’s also pre-wired for
optional solar panels. It has a center roof that pops up to allow extra room and
improved ventilation. Features include a queen size bed, a wet bath with a cassette toilet, a kitchen with a 65 liter fridge freezer and a two-burner stove, and an exterior shower
with hot and cold water. All sales are done through dealers with pricing and availability depending on the specific dealership. (upbeat techno music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching! I’ll see you guys next time. (energetic rock music) ♪ Here’s tomorrow, and I’m holding on ♪ ♪ searching for the last year… ♪

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