10 Awesome Caravans and Travel Trailers | Made In The USA (Top Picks)

10 Awesome Caravans and Travel Trailers | Made In The USA (Top Picks)

When I think about the USA I picture things like baseball route 66 and mom’s apple pie American-made is another thing that comes to mind This is Reacher in keeping with that theme. We decided to bring you ten of our favorite towable campers made in the good old USA Number 10 This trip will slide out from Indiana based coachmen RV is part of their chaparral light line of 5th wheel trailers It measures in at thirty three and a half feet long and eight feet wide with an unloaded weight Just shy of nine thousand two hundred pounds The single entry door opens up to a kitchen area which includes a microwave an oven with a triple burner cooktop an 8 cubic foot refrigerator An island with a double sided sink and a dinette that can seat up to four people The lounge area includes a loveseat sofa and entertainment center Which has a Bluetooth audio system room for a 55 inch TV and an optional 36 inch fireplace The bedroom has a walk-around queen sized bed with a dual entry full-size bathroom Exterior features include an 11-foot awning and an optional dual kitchen entertainment center Which has a grill mini-fridge and room for a 50-inch TV? Multiple options are available on this one with prices starting in the thirty-five thousand dollar range Number nine The spider from Iowa based Winnebago is the first of many toy haulers that were fans of The latest floorplan offers a total space around 260 square feet with the rear garage area taking up about half of that Dual entrances allow access to a living area containing a private bedroom in the front with a walk-around queen sized bed There’s also a full bathroom with dual entrances from this and the kitchen area Moving toward the rear brings you to the l-shaped kitchen housed in a slide out Features include a double sided sink a microwave a stove with a triple burner cooktop and an 8 cubic foot refrigerator The garage area also doubles as a lounge area with recliners of hold up sofa and a large wall-mounted TV Extra sleeping space is provided by rear sofas which convert to a bed as well as an electric lift bed that lowers from the ceiling The large cargo door lowers to allow loading and unloading of all your cool toys while doubling is an external deck The whole thing has a dry weight of just under 9,000 100 pounds with a starting price around $47,000 Number 8 The Lance 26 12 is the only toy hauler currently offered by the california-based company, but given the features It’s really the only one they need the front of the trailer houses a bedroom with a queen-size bed while the door leads off of this to the bathroom a Centrally located kitchen includes an oven with a triple burner cooktop an 8 cubic foot refrigerator microwave and a double sided sink The lounge area includes two swivel chairs a fold up sofa and a removable floor mounted table the cargo area Includes two sofas that convert to additional beds as well as the bed that raises electrically to provide room for any gear The rear hatch serves as both a ramp for unloading and loading as well as an external deck with a dedicated awning This is one of the lighter ones on the list at only 7,000 pounds the base price runs around forty nine thousand dollars Number seven This next entry is by travel at RV out of Indiana and comes from their Falcon line of travel trailers It measures just over 27 feet linked with a dry weight of only 4,200 pounds a centrally located kitchen contains a dual burner cooktop a microwave sink and five cubic foot refrigerator Across from this is a dinette housed in the slide out with bench seating that converts to an extra bed if needed along with the converted dinette a Queen-size bed at the front and bunk beds at the rear provides space for up to six people to sleep comfortably The bathroom contains a foot flush toilet a small sink with a vanity and a stand-up shower Exterior features include a hot and cold handheld shower as well as a small kitchen with a mini Ridge and slide-out dual burner cooktop Pricing on the base model starts in the twenty eight thousand dollar range Before you get caught up in painting your house red white and blue be sure and hit that subscribe button And click that Bell icon to stay up to date on all of our latest videos Number six Palomino with headquarters in Indiana and Michigan have created the Puma Destination which tops out at forty two feet in length eight feet in width and a height of 12 feet Sliding glass doors open up to reveal a lounge area with a sofa and entertainment center Next to this is a large u-shaped dinette Well across from that is a kitchen having a full sized four burner range a microwave a double Well, sink and a 16 cubic foot refrigerator At the front or the bathroom and main bedroom Which has a king-size bed while the rear bedroom has a queen sized bed with a half bath Surprisingly the dry weight on this one is only nine thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds Also surprising is the starting price which runs around thirty five thousand dollars Number five Based out of Indiana Forest River RV has manufactured this behemoth named the Vengeance touring addition It measures over forty three feet in length, eight and a half feet in width and over 13 feet high It’s no slouch in the weight department either coming in at just over fourteen thousand two hundred pounds dry Starting at the front of this triple slide-out, you’ll find the main bathroom along with a private bedroom, which has a walk-around queen sized bed Steps lead down to the kitchen which includes a flush mounted sink a triple burner cooktop and oven a microwave And a 20 cubic foot refrigerator Across from this is the dinette which can seat four people Next to this is the lounge area with a sofa entertainment center and fireplace just Off of this is a loft bed above the door to the garage area This area has sofas that convert to an extra bed and another bed above that which raises off the floor The large rear door lowers for use as a cargo ramp or is a deck area the standard starting price on this one runs around $80,000 Number for This toy hauler from Indiana based KZ is not only the size of a full-length trailer But it’s also a fifth wheel front to back It has a private bedroom with the choice of a walk-around queen or king sized bed next to that is the main bathroom Steps lead down to the l-shaped kitchen Which has a triple burner cooktop and oven microwave a double well sink and an 18 cubic foot refrigerator Next to the fridge or reclining theater seats Across from that is an l-shaped couch and the entertainment center Behind it above that is a loft bed with a door below that leads to the garage area Here, you’ll find a separate half bath along with sofas that convert to a queen bed as well as another bed housed in the ceiling The cargo ramp doubles as a deck area with a folding screen door and awning all this is mounted on a chassis measuring just over 43 feet in length and eight and a half feet in width with the driveway to 14,700 pounds pricing will run you around $70,000 before options Number three This one is also based in Indiana, it’s manufactured by the RV factory It’s named Deluxe gold and it might very well be the current standard for luxury travel trailers The single side entry opens up to a kitchen area with a double induction cooktop a microwave a 21 cubic foot refrigerator And a large island containing a double well flush mounted sink Across from this is a small dinette area with a wall-mounted table and seating for two people Next to that is the lounge area with theater seating a sofa fireplace and entertainment center Steps lead up from this to a private bedroom with a walk-around king-size bed an entertainment center There’s also a bathroom spanning the width of the trailer as well as a room at the front with a full sized washer and dryer Even though it weighs 16,000 pounds. It’s not the heaviest one on our list It’s also not the most expensive with a base price around 125,000 dollars Number 2 This second entry from Forest River RV is the last of the toy haulers on our list the XLR thunderbolt has the distinction of being both the Longest and heaviest on this list with a link to forty four and a half feet and a dry weight just under 16 thousand four Hundred pounds the triple slide-out has a side entrance which opens up to a combined kitchen and lounge area The kitchen has a full sized oven with a triple burner cooktop an 18 cubic foot refrigerator a microwave And an island with a double well sink Across from this is a large couch while forward of the whole area is the entertainment center Toward the front. You’ll find a full sized bathroom as well as a private bedroom Which has an extra-large walk-around king-size bed at the rear is a loft bed above the entrance to the garage This area offers more living space with the wall-mounted sofas that double as a bed the ceiling mounted bed above that and a dual entrance half bath There’s also a 12 foot patio deck on the side of the trailer which has a wall-mounted TV fireplace and dedicated entrances Pricing on this one will run you around $80,000 Before we reveal our number one pick we want to remind you to comment after the video and let us know your favorite piece of Americana and which of our choices you like the most Number one No list of this kind would be complete without an entry from Airstream this brand with its iconic silver Look has been roaming the American landscape since it began production in California in 1931 The classic offers four floor plans with a maximum length of 33 feet in a dry weight just under eight thousand three hundred pounds The easy to navigate layout has options of either a queen or two twin beds located at the front or rear The kitchen includes a microwave a large sink an oven with a triple burner cooktop and a six cubic foot refrigerator Across from this is the dinette area which converts to an extra bed if needed The lounge areas next to this with a sofa as well as an integrated projection screen The bathroom stretches the width of the trailer and is located toward the rear Pricing on this one starts at one hundred and forty nine thousand nine hundred dollars Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the most interesting and why? Also if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button Stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time

43 thoughts on “10 Awesome Caravans and Travel Trailers | Made In The USA (Top Picks)

  1. Top picks, what the heck was your criteria? What a miss mash of choices…. Did you spend any time thinking about this at all?

  2. Its really incredible how they can screw up such big spaces ,over there in the good ol' US.
    90% of all campers and motorhomes from USA look so outdated inside,with these big leather ugly sofas and dull colours. Why everybody stil stuck to 70's? They should take lessons from tiny homes.
    Only the last 2 shown in this video were nice.Though the 2nd one could have much better space adjustment inside.

  3. Another fun video to dream about what you would travel the country in. I've towed up to 28 feet, and wouldn't want to tow longer without a duelie 5th wheel setup or even larger rig. A beautiful as Airstreams are, I'm over the sacrificing space for their luxury… Any of the other top 6, I would love to travel in. Give me the space!

    On another note- I don't get how these trailer and motor home companies are still installing stoves with a single grill above each burner. In such confined spaces, a full grill covering the entire stove is more practical for safety reasons alone. Plus it gives you more space to move hot pots around the cooktop.

  4. Reacher MED: do you ever share videos regarding locations where one could place one of these beautiful RVs for full-time living? I am considering this as an alternative to a “tiny home“. Or do you know of any channel that would offer that type of information? Additionally, any info regarding companies that would deliver one of these beauties and/or re-locate them if necessary? Thanks again for all that you do for your audience!!😀👍

  5. Reacher:I must say you really should do MORE voice work! Never get tired of hearing those pipes!Now, to get down to business!
    #10Chapparell Lite; the rather traditional set-up is perfect for sending Retirees on Hiatus! Truly a "home away from home feel" and excellent start at $35k;#9 Winnebago Spyder for a bit younger couple to take to a Festival/County Fair!#8 Lance, best layout & price at $28k start for sleep/multiple activites; engine pwr while maintaining Low weight! #7Falcon, Young Family w/friends for overnight or weekend Beach or RV Park, well-priced at $80start! #6PUMA, got a lot to offer! It's a man's Dream come True- if his heart is set on a Camping adventure with his Buddys or what a Woman needs to cover all the bases on her own!

  6. U said pease of americona okay the 80 pound 2 stroke blowup plain sits 1 but two can fit , it has a poly yearathain shield for the bottom to land any where and take off any where.. 1948to1953 fits in a sea bag and can fly 100 mil between fills

  7. The Vengeance Touring Edition would be my choice out of this group. It is big with 3 slide outs and the back deck just seals the deal. Even if you didn’t have toys to carry, I can think of all sorts of uses like a bow-up hot tub.

  8. Like the top 10 of American made big camping travel trailers could you do a list of American made small camping trailer like under 20 ft

  9. Stay away from Forrest River. I own one that has had so many issues, from drain leaks to interior paneling comming down and trim inside and out coming off.

  10. I really get frustrated when i think of the RV industry going to these 3 burner cooktops. I had some older units with 4 burner jobs and it was like cooking at home. When you're using a griddle and want to use 2 other pans as well you run out of burners. Or if your layout is 1 in front and 2 in the rear and you have a griddle over the back 2 doing pancakes for the family then you have to reach over the front pan with the spalttering bacon or whatever to reach the griddle. Give me back my 4 burner stove.

  11. Some of these are simply house trailers! I'm impressed with some of these but you'd better have a Peterbuilt to move them. The Airstream was the coolest even it didn't have options found on the others.

  12. I love Airstream trailers and if I ever win the lottery, I’ll buy myself a top of the line trailer.

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