10 Awesome Travel Products | Must Have Travel Gear & Accessories In 2019

10 Awesome Travel Products | Must Have Travel Gear & Accessories In 2019

60 thoughts on “10 Awesome Travel Products | Must Have Travel Gear & Accessories In 2019

  1. Absolutely love your videos. Haven’t come across a channel which presents info in such a compact and organised way and is so truthful. Keep going

  2. I like every one of your ten awesome items here, bud. Nicely done and you have very good taste in travel gear (if I do say so myself). Thanks for yet another great PH review.

    As a side note, I loved that I could check out a quick review on so many items in a relatively short video clip here. I miss some interesting videos due to my own time issues so this really helped me doing it this way. Much appreciated!

  3. i love my thule subterra pouch but in the mini size. in it i can fit my leatherman skeletool, a tibolt pen, a marker, some basic first aid, apple's wired earphones, anker 10,000mah portable charger, iphone charging cable plus a jabra elite 65t with its casing! this is almost my must-have for eveyrwhere i go, be it locally or overseas!

  4. I love my stasher bags, I use them all the time, didn't know it could be TSA compliant. I was in a rush packing for my last trip so I threw my hair gel into a Zip lock which didn't work too well 😆 so I'm get the humangear go tub. I'll probably pick up the hero clip and tripod too. I recently had to put my bag on the floor of a public bathroom. 🤢 And I'm looking for a tripod for my phone. This was a very useful video! TFS! 🤙🌺🌴🌈

  5. Can you make a ultimate packing guide for a travel photographer?
    For example if someone has 1-2 camera bodies, 3 lenses(one canon 70-200) , drone, tripod, drone battery’s, camera battery’s, memory card case, filter case, cables and chargers, first aid kit plus clothes. Can you help me figure out how to carry all of that within two carryon bags? (I’m using the new Shimoda action x50 bag)

  6. Ultrapod is a lighter/smaller alternative to the gorilla pod which (imo) provides basically the same level of versatility. I've been happy with mine (the smaller version)

  7. Nice review 👌. For information my hero clip in medium size as been confiscated at the airport 😫😭. The explanation was that it can be used as an “American punch”… and it was too late to return it to my car…

  8. an alternative to the humangear tubs is Kinder egg containers. I have one for storing vaseline, another for my b12 vitamins and another for when i take off my earrings. if only kinder made a bigger egg

  9. Just a tip when you're in Japan, those Tom Bihn pouches and that last one, Topo design case, you can get exactly the same pouches and cases at Daiso or any 100¥ shop around Tokyo. I bought tons of these things while I was there in all different sizes and colors 😅 Not only they are cheaper but also good quality.

  10. Guys, please suggest a way to carry a small p&s camera, like Ricoh Gr ii sketchbook, phone and kindle while travelling. Hip packs are too small for Kindle and sketchbook and backpacks are too big for all these.

  11. Cant see why you would wont a heroclip i dont even use a carribiner cant see a point for travel or hiking! Climbing yes anything else nah. Looks like most things people do now days way too many things too many pouches and bags ditch them all take less stuff take more money! If your traveling in hot country 25ltr bag done. I spent 10 days in finland outdoore in winter (-30oc) 45ltr pack 8kgs you need to became a minimalist makes travelling way more fun.

  12. Some really good essential products here. Again, great review as always.
    PS: Would love it if you guys can check out the Amabilis Dave jnr duffel.👊😋

  13. Does it seem odd to anybody else that there's not one, but two different companies here that named their largest sized product a "medium"? Seems like a sort of reverse "Our amps go to eleven", doesn't it?

  14. I’m confused about the use case the most these products for travel… A good travel pack would do most of what these products do without having extra weight and gear

  15. When i was making my EDC type backpack setup…i came across the Heroclip n thought is it worth £20 on amazon….3 months later and its brilliant, hanging my bag off a table or when ive gone out photographing i dont have to keep my back on i can hang it up off a tree / rail etc.

    Keysmart i ended up getting the Pro version as it has a mini led torch and a tile tracker in.

    Also got the Joby Gorillapod 1k kit as i needed one that had a standard camwra mount but also a phone too

  16. I don't know why I like to watch this kind of videos because I don't travel but they are cool and I love to be organized.

  17. I dont know how it is in other countries but we have so many different sizes, thicknesses and models of keys, it just doesnt work for me.

  18. The Peak Design tech pouch holds two pairs of full size headphones and a powerbank plus its waterproof. How do you pack the tripod?

  19. fantastic video – just ordered two of the Thule Subterra pouches – will check out the rest of the videos on the channel now. You can never have enough good travel gear

  20. OMG i was thingking of getting a door hanger since some bathrooms dont have a hanger built in the doors. clicked forward on your vid and saw the hero clip. This the perfect thing I'm looking for. no need to buy a 1lbs door hanger. thanks! you've really helped me out!

  21. I bought the Thule tech pouch (black with teal blue liner) for a trip to Argentina based on this recommendation, and I have no regrets! I packed headphones, earphones, MP3 player, Kindle, portable charger, backup flash drive, and pen along with corresponding cords. It kept everything well organized and protected. I lost all my other pens except for the one in here. It also worked great for TSA. I just opened it and laid it flat in the tray so that everything was visible (caveat not all TSA officers may like this though) without all my electronics crashing around in a tray. This is the only bag that doesn’t look worse for wear after the trip as well. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  22. I’m looking for a bag that would be great for a structural engineer.
    Looking for a bag that is comfortable and durable for a full day on a construction site. Can easily clip a hard hat to.
    And can have easy access to interior even when in cramped and uncomfortable spaces.

    I currently use a Swiss gear bag. It gets the job done but is not ideal (heavy and not allot of room).
    I carry drawings, a clipboard, an iPad, a small camera, and some tools (tape measurer, knife, level, etc.)

  23. If I was Tom Bihn I would keep an eye out for people who have Ton Bihn pouches. If I saw someone with one I’d call the police and tell them someone stole my pouch. I’d show them my ID that says Tom Bihn then tell them to see if my name is on the pouch.
    You sell them the pouches, then get em right back.

  24. Black pouches with black insides…sounds like lost items in another black bag. Insides should be bright to make life easier.

  25. So what’s the deal with three sizes – medium, small and micro? What happened to S, M & L. Is there a larger version of these bags and things? It’s not like there aren’t more sizing options should you “use up” the S, M & L! (Mini, micro, XL, XXL).

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