10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia – Travel Video

10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia – Travel Video

Located in the Balkans, Croatia has become
one of Europa’s top tourist destination again since its War of Independence in the
late 1990s. Like much of Europe, Croatia boasts its share
of medieval cities and historic ruins, but what makes this country exceptional is its
wealth of stunning natural attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes, the spectacular Adriatic
coastlines and gorgeous islands. Here’s a look at the best places to visit
in Croatia. Number 10. Krka National Park. Located in Central Dalmatia, the Krka National
Park is a protected area of spectacular natural scenery, wildlife and historic sites. Situated along the Krka River, the national
park is best known for its numerous gushing waterfalls and natural pools of clear, blue-green
waters. Easily reached from Split, the national park
offers well-maintained walkways and boat excursions for getting around. Many trails lead right around the waterfalls,
presenting fabulous photo opportunities. Some of the falls plunge into natural pools,
which are great for swimming. Number 9. Zagreb. The capital and largest city of Croatia, Zagreb
is a vibrant metropolis packed with both historic and modern attractions. Located in northwestern Croatia, the city
dates back to the 11th century when a diocese was first established by Hungarian King Ladislaus. Today, Zargreb is a sprawling cosmopolitan
city and the heart of Croatian culture, academics and government. The city is divided into an Upper and Lower
Town, with Upper Town being the historic core where tourists can walk down cobblestone streets
and visit old, medieval churches and towers. Number 8. Korcula. Best known as the alleged birthplace of the
famous merchant traveler, Marco Polo, Korcula is a 30-mile long island located off Croatia’s
Adriatic Coast. Korcula is comprised of lush green forests,
vineyards, olive groves, sandy beaches and charming villages. The island’s main town, Korucla Town, is
a historic, walled town with Venetian Renaissance architecture, colorful markets and plenty
of tourist facilities. Number 7. Pula. Located at the southern tip of the Istria
peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Pula is a popular destination that has been attracting tourists
as far back as ancient Roman times when fans flocked the city’s amphitheater to watch
gladiator fights. Having been ruled by various government powers
over the centuries, Pula today belongs to Croatia, and is best known for its wealth
of Roman ruins and mix of cultures. Number 6. Zadar. A three thousand-year old city situated on
a beautiful coastline rich in history is sure to draw tourists. Such a city is Zadar, located on Croatia’s
northern Dalmatian Coast. Zadar could be called the ideal tourist getaway
because it offers plenty to see and do without all the crowds of other popular destinations
in Croatia. At the heart of the city is its Old Town which
offers fantastic sightseeing attractions including medieval architecture and numerous old churches. Besides the Old Town, tourists will find a
string of beautiful beaches all along Zadar’s coastline where they can swim and relax. Number 5. Rovinj. Located on Croatia’s Istrian peninsula in
the Adriatic Sea, Rovinj is an archipelago of 20 islands with its Old Town set on a small
peninsula. Narrow streets of cobblestone, stairways,
arches and other interesting architecture make the Old Town a sightseeing adventure. Some of the Old Town’s historic gems include
seven medieval city gates, the 12th century town clock and St. Euphemia’s Basilica,
an imposing baroque church packed with many stunning art works. Also worth seeing are the scenic harbor, Carrera
Street with its many shops and art galleries, and Grisia Street, which is lined with artists
and souvenir vendors. Number 4. Split. Nicknamed the “Mediterranean Flower,”
Croatia’s second-largest city, Split, is located on a peninsula off the Dalmatian Coast. The city’s main attraction is its historic
core of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture of which the Diocletian’s Palace is the
crown jewel. Built between 298 and 305 AD, this Roman palace
complex is more like a small city itself with a maze of marble walkways and buildings containing
shops, cafes and bars. Outside the historic center, tourists will
find plenty to see and do including strolling along the seaside promenade, shopping at the
lively Green Market and swimming at Bacvice beach. Number 3. Plitvice National Park. One of the most beautiful natural wonders
in Croatia and all of Europe, the Plitvice National Park consists of several breathtaking
lakes, waterfalls and lush forest. The park’s most notable features are the
16 interconnecting lakes that are divided into upper and lower clusters. Formed by natural travertine dams, the lakes
range in distinct colors from turquoise to blue, green and gray. Visitors can explore the lakes and surrounding
area by walking along the assortment of wooden walkways as well as by boat. Number 2. Hvar. The island of Hvar is a beautiful Croatian
destination off the Dalmatian Coast, favored for its landscapes of spectacular beaches,
lavender fields and lush vineyards. Hvar’s main city, Hvar Town, is an attractive
city, featuring 13th century walls, marble stone streets, Gothic palaces, stunning churches
and an imposing old fortress. The town square is one of Croatia’s largest
and most beautiful, surrounded by many historic building like the 17th century Arsenal and
the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The natural beauty of Hvar offers plenty of
outdoor recreation, from hiking in the cliffs to swimming in the secluded coves and beaches. Number 1. Dubrovnik. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic,”
the old city of Dubrovnik is one of the prominent places to visit in the Mediterranean. Located at the southern tip of Croatia off
the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik was established in the 7th century on maritime trade. With orange rooftop houses sitting in contrast
to the blue sky, Dubrovnik presents many sightseeing treasures. The historic district, the Old Town, is stuffed
with many historic features such as the old, defensive walls, cobblestone streets, magnificent
palaces and stunning churches. Just outside the Old Town are several popular
beaches, while the nearby island of Lokrum offers even more beaches.

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  1. Thrilled that I had the opportunity to visit this place but unfortunately I'm now enduring the torture of missing the country and its people. All Good things have to come to an end sometime I guess. Breathtaking beauty.

  2. They should establish a local SPCA which is non existent. Anyone with money should look into this. Stray dogs and cats are a common sight in the area.

  3. Nice video!
    Regarding the pronunciation of places, you've done good job, except for Plitvice Lakes, which is pronounced "Plit-vee-tze", no "ch" sound. If someone's planning to buy a ticket to get there, it could be useful to know. 🙂

  4. Arlene Dorego The town of Sibenik is great and should be in top 10. It has two UNESCO world Heritage sites and after Dubrovnik in my opinion the second most beautiful medievil town on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. It is twenty mins from the Krka Falls and also the entry to the Kornati archipelago. The surrounding town of Primosten, Vodice, Rogoznica and Murter Island are also must sees. A great base to stay in Croatia as very close to other region due to it being central Dalmatia.

  5. Thank You for this video! We watched it over and over when trying to build our ultimate Adriatic Itinerary last Fall. Having done it now, we probably wouldn't recommend doing both Krka AND Plitvice but our trip was indeed fantastic. We wrote a post about our Itinerary and what we would have changed here: https://www.expeditionrecreation.com/adventure/adriatic-15-day-itinerary

  6. The 2Cello brought much attention to Croatia. They have done much to tourism and the world with their beautiful music. TX guys!

  7. I've been to Croatia twice and cannot say enough about its beauty, good-hearted people, history, and so much more. I can't wait for my next trip to Croatia.

  8. There is one thing and one thing only that is really really terrible about Croatia……….The day you have to leave and then counting the months days and hours before you can find a way to go back again.

  9. Croatia looks truly beautiful, I am quite confused though, as I was thinking about visiting, but people say to me that Croatia is warring with Serbia.

  10. Croatia! See you soon in Summer. Ne mogu dočekati da vidim moju Hrvatsku nakon godinu dana ponovo. The most beautiful country ever 🙂

  11. Croatia is central-European and Mediterranean country.
    Skip global/colonial geopolitical labeling if not needed.

  12. Расположенная на Балканах, Хорватия снова стала одним из главных туристических направлений Европы после войны за независимость в конце 1990-х годов. Как и большая часть Европы, Хорватия может похвастаться своей долей средневековых городов и исторических руин, но то, что делает эту страну исключительной, это ее богатство потрясающих природных достопримечательностей, таких как Плитвицкие озера, впечатляющие побережья Адриатического моря и великолепные острова. Обзор лучших мест для посещения в Хорватии.

  13. Go to Jasenovac a place where croats kill 900.000 Serbs 30.000 Jews and 20.000 others. God sawe me of plake and croats and croatia.

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    The campaign of verbal and physical violence against all diversity in the so-called Republic of Croatia actually reveals how weak the idea of ​​Nazi Croat Catholics as the only desirable identity is. A Nazi Croat Catholic turns out to be a "national being" without any immunity and power, as he is threatened by Serbs, gays, women's rights, darker-skinned people, people of different political beliefs, and more. A Nazi Croat Catholic is actually an essential weakness, which is why he compresses himself into the herd because he is not worth anything by himself, which he indirectly admits by voluntarily assuming the status of a member of the Croatian-Catholic herd. Instead of enjoying the diversity of human existence, the Croat Catholic runs away from her because her impersonality is recognized. She/He wants to rise above all others and others in such Croatia because he secretly feels that the equality of people would harm him by exposing him.

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  15. Fuck croatia bad, Yugoslavia would be very powerful country in the present and it would not be communist anymore… Those who wanted to split are vety big idiots, now the 6 republics are nothing

  16. Would have been a good video of a beautiful country if it wasn't for that tape loop of moronic non-music repeating every eight seconds throughout the entire 12 minutes. What idiot added that?

  17. Too much dog shit in the streets, people are too closed-minded and rude, Bosnia Serbia and Montenegro was more better, absolutely!!!

  18. Croatia (HARVATYA) is NOT located in your imaginery "Balkans". It is midle-european, catholic state in the northern mediteranian area … and it is ZADAR, not "zara"

  19. Thank you guys.I live in Croatia,and i know is really beutiful but is doesn't have ocean…
    Hvala vam društvo.Ja živim u Hrvatskoj,i znam da je prekrasna,ali nema oceane..

  20. Islands are so goregous! Loved this video. I loooved visiting Split! I went white water rafting with my family (captured in my 1 minute vlog!) https://youtu.be/DP4zwg8oHpI

  21. This is just crazy,you counted 10 very very beautiful places and I can count another 20 just as good so let me do it :Šibenik,Risnjak national park, Trogir,Omiš,islands of Brač,Rab,Vis,Krk,Lošinj(both),Papuk,Velebit walking track,Gorski kotar,Makarska riviera,Varaždin,Krapina,Trakoščan,Hills of Zagorje,Samobor,Kumrovec,Solin,every little town inland istrian peninsula,Opatija,Poreč,Umag,Osijek,Požega…..my god I'm just warming up and I came to nerly 30 in less than 3minutes .I think I could go to 100

  22. Being from Croatia and working in tourism I can say this is probably the first accurate video about touristic attractions and main destinations in Croatia. Of course they have missed a ton of touristic gems here, but it is still a very good list including places like Zadar, Rovinj and Korcula which are ofter very underrated. ?

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