10 Best Places to Visit in France

10 Best Places to Visit in France. France has become one of the most popular
tourist destinations since the last couple of decades. More than 82 million tourists visit this country
every year. People across the globe prefer to spend their
vacation in France to explore the exceptional scenario and to be a part of the distinguished
lifestyle of France. It has gorgeously diverse landscape that inspires
the poets, writers, and artists to visit this country more often. If you are planning your next vacation in
France to discover the sophisticated culture, green countryside, sparkling coastline, exquisite
cuisine, dazzling landmarks, and romantic chateaux, then you should consider the following
ten beautiful worth visiting places. 1: French Riviera. French Riviera is the favorite destination
for the famous, rich, and hordes of global tourists. The place is famous for the Monaco or the
Cannes Film Festival. Besides, you will have many well-known tourist
destinations including perched villages of Eze and Saint-Paul de Vence and the Perfumeries
of Grasses. You will also love the warm climate. This is the perfect destination to visit any
time throughout the year. While visiting this city, you should explore
Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St Tropez, and Cassis. All these places have some distinct qualities. Nice is known for beach, café, bar, and restaurant. If you love nature, you should visit Cassis. 2: Paris. Your vacation will be incomplete without paying
a visit to Paris. It is a must visiting place. If you love sophisticated culture and advanced
life, then this place is designed for you only. You will have everything to enjoy the place
most and to have a life-changing experience. It is the popular destination of the France. Paris is also known as the City of Love, City
Of fashion, and City of lights. You will have lot areas for the entertainment,
fashion, and romance. Besides, Paris is the home of some world-famous
museums. You can visit Eiffel Tower, Gothic Notre-Dame
Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe. 3: Lyon. You might have heard about Lyon. It is the capital of the Rhone department
in the Rhone-Alpes region. This third largest city in France has a very
interesting history. It is popular for the gastronomy, historical
architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. The city comprises many districts and all
the districts are famous for a specific treasure. If you love France culture, then this is a
worth visiting place. You can visit Presqu’île for restaurant
and bars, Croix-Rousse for hidden passageways, and Fourvière for Gothic churches. 4: Arles. If you love art and want to explore some of
the popular artistic works, you should pay a visit to Arles. This city is well-known for the tranquility
and arresting beauty. It can get the attention of any nature lover. You will be impressed by the surviving remnants
of Roman architecture including Roman Amphitheater. Besides, this city is known for festivals,
special events, and bullfights. While visiting this city, you should explore
the Classical Theatre, Church of Saint Trophime, and the Cryptoporticus. 5: Loire Valley. Loire Valley is one of the popular tourist
destinations of France. It is known for splendid chateaux, spectacular
scenery, and historic villages. The place stretches 175 miles along with Loire
River. You will find most beautiful villages across
the river. Some of the well-appreciated chateaux of this
place include Chambord, Chinon, Chenonceau, and Amboise. This place is also popular for the wine and
inquisitive cuisine. 6: Mont Saint-Michel. Mont Saint-Michel rises from the midst of
the vast mud flat. It is one of the most beautiful places you
will ever come across. It is located on France’s northwestern coast
in Normandy. This Island is well-known for medieval structures. It is built in a unique way just like stacked
upon one another with a crown that grabs the attention of the tourists. It also has a beautiful history. It was built by the monks in 708 AD. You might not find such an old and beautiful
construction anywhere else that makes it stand out from any other tourist destinations. 7: Palace of Versailles. Palace of Versailles is the proud tourist
destination. Besides, it is an important administrative
center. It is popular for the beautiful construction. It is a hugely grand and ornate Palace of
Versailles. Both the palace and the manicured gardens
offer an extraordinary look. In addition, the Palace of Versailles offers
the insights of the lives of 18th century. By visiting this Palace, you can an idea about
the royal life of France. It is now open as a museum. The visiting time is 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. 8: Bordeaux. Bordeaux is built upon the River Garonne. Bordeaux is popular for the historic sites,
architecture, and some exceptional shopping centers. It is also popular for the cultural scene
and world-class arts. It features more than 350 historic structures
and landmarks. While visiting this place, you can explore
Ponte de Pierre, medieval churches, and charming old bridges. It also has some beautiful plazas including
Place de la Bourse. It looks stunning with the mirror-like effect. Your visit will not be complete if you do
not drive through the surrounding wine country. You will have a unique experience while visiting
the chateaux, vineyards, and beautiful villages. 9: Biarritz. Biarritz is located in the heart of the French
Basque country. It is popular for the sophisticated look,
elegance, and tranquility. If you love beaches and water life, it is
a worth visiting place for you. You can enjoy the swimming and world-class
surfing. Some of the popular beaches are the Grand
Plage and main beach. These places get very crowded in the summer. There is also a surfer’s beach known as
the Cote de Basque located on the Boulevard du Prince de Galles. 10: Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region. It is located on the border of the Germany
and France. Besides, the city serves as the seat of the
European Parliament. It has many other institutions including the
Council of Europe and the European Courts of Human Rights. The historic center of City, Grande Île is
one of the popular attractions of the city. In this city, you will see a blend of two
different cultures and architecture. Both the German and France culture dominate
this place. You will also explore many shops, museums,
and other attractions like Gothic Cathedral.

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