10 Best Places to Visit in Spain – Travel Video

10 Best Places to Visit in Spain – Travel Video

Splendid beaches, delicious cuisine, vibrant
nightlife and lively fiestas all make Spain one of Europe’s best getaways. Because Spain encompasses several autonomous
regions and islands, the country boasts one of the most widely diverse cultures and landscapes
on the continent. Here’s a look at the top places to visit
in Spain: Number 10. Santiago de Compostela. The capital city of the Galicia region in
northwestern Spain, Santiago de Compostela is famous as the final destination of the
traditional pilgrimage known as Camino de Santiago. This pilgrimage is important to many Christians
because it is believed that Santiago de Compostela is where St. James, an Apostle of Jesus Christ,
is buried. Today, the city attracts thousands of visitors
every year for both its religious tradition and history. The arriving point for most pilgrims is the
main square. Situated in the heart of the city, this bustling
plaza is the scene of many important landmarks, particularly the Santiago Cathedral where
the tomb of St. James is located. Number 9. Toledo. Perched on a mountaintop in central Spain,
Toledo served as the Spanish capital until the 16th century. Because it was inhabited by Jews, Christians
and Muslims for many centuries, the city is sometimes called the “City of Three Cultures.” Today, Toledo is a popular destination for
its wealth of historic art and architecture that dates back to the Roman Empire. The best thing to do in Toledo is to get lost
amid the medieval streets and admire the old architecture that includes a stunning cathedral,
synagogue and mosque. Number 8. Cordoba. Cordoba is the capital of the Cordoba province
in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. The historic quarter of Cordoba is a maze
of tiny medieval streets, plazas and whitewashed courtyards all situated around the star attraction,
the Mezquita. Initially built as a mosque, the Mezquita
is now a glorious cathedral retaining most of its original architecture. Its forest of columns topped with Islamic-style
red and white striped arches serves as a reminder of the glory and importance Córdoba held
in medieval times. Other places of interest include the Fortress
of the Christian Monarchs, the Street of Flowers, and the Old Jewish Quarter with its charming
patios and souvenir shops. Number 7. San Sebastian. San Sebastian is located in the Basque country
of North Spain, off the coast of the Bay of Biscay. This beautiful seaside city is well-loved
for its excellent beaches and outstanding culinary tradition. The Old Town features many historic buildings
reconstructed in the 19th century after the city was nearly destroyed during the Napoleonic
Wars. San Sebastian boasts also some of the best
beaches in Europe with the most popular of these being Playa de la Concha, which offers
sunbathing and water activities like swimming, kayaking and water skiing. Number 6. Valencia. One of the largest and most important cities
in Spain, Valencia is located in the eastern part of the country in the region of Valencia. After redirecting the Turia River, the city
constructed its most impressive landmark, a massive cultural and entertainment complex
known as the City of Arts and Science. Contained within this complex are several
buildings such as a science museum, planetarium and aquarium that are each artistic marvels
in and of themselves. Every March, Valencia hosts the Fallas Festival
where each neighborhood displays papier-mâché figures of all sizes and colors. At the end of the week, the figures are ceremoniously
burned, and the communities party into the night. Number 5. Seville. Exceptional tourist attractions, lively festivals
and buzzing nightlife all make Seville one of the best places to visit in Spain. As the capital city of Andalusia, Seville
is also the region’s financial and cultural capital. The city is home to many beautiful and important
historic landmarks, chief of which is the grand Cathedral of Seville, where it is believed
that Christopher Columbus is buried. Another significant building is the Real Alcazar,
an extravagant Moorish palace with luxurious gardens. Number 4. Madrid. Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid,
is widely known for its sizzling nightlife scene. The city constitutes a diversity of ethnic
groups, making it one of Europe’s most colorful cosmopolitan cities. Located within the city center are most of
Madrid’s most popular tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace, the residence of
Spain’s monarch. The heart of Madrid and Spain is Puerta del
Sol, a large plaza serving as the scene of festivals, important gatherings and street
performers as well as a hub for the public transportation network. Another important square is Plaza Mayor, known
for the lively San Miguel Market. Number 3. Spanish Islands. Spain has some of the most beautiful islands
in Europe. The largest Spanish Islands are equally divided
between the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. East of the Spanish mainland, the four chief
Balearic Islands maintain a character distinct from the rest of Spain and from each other. Mallorca is the largest and best-known Balearic
island while Ibiza is famous as a party destination. The Canary Islands, also known as the Canaries,
are located just off the southern coast of Morocco in the Atlantic. They are popular for their beautiful beaches,
mild climate and important natural attractions, especially the Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canaria
and the Teide Volcano in Tenerife. Number 2. Granada Located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains
of southern Spain, Granada is the capital of the Granada province. Granada offers a perfect blend of traditional
cultures, an animated nightlife and spectacular attractions including the world famous Alhambra,
a pinnacle of Moorish art that encapsulates Andalusian history. This medieval complex overlooking Granada
is one of the great architectural sights of Europe, with many visitors coming to Granada
expressly to see the Alhambra. The last Moorish stronghold in Europe, the
Alhambra offers the visitor splendid ornamental architecture, spectacular and lush gardens,
cascading and dripping water features, and breathtaking views of the city below. Number 1. Barcelona Located in northeastern Spain, Barcelona is
one of the country’s top travel destinations because it offers everything tourists look
for in a European city from historic architecture to lively shopping and buzzing nightlife. Unique to Barcelona are the architectural
marvels of Spain’s famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, which include the Casa Batllo and the
famous Sagrada Familia church. Both of these extraordinary structures feature
combinations of fascinating designs, shapes and colors. Popular activities in Barcelona include strolling
along La Rambla, a tree-lined pedestrian avenue, and sunbath on Barceloneta, one of the city’s
most popular beaches.

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    This Day you celebrate your Day of constitution. Spain is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes, nice cities, charming people and so much culture and tradition. Wish you only the best for the future <3

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  3. 10 Santiagal 0:40
    9 toledo 1:48 spanish old capital, city of three cultures, historic art and architecture, get lost
    8 Cordova 3:03 cathedral, forest, medieval, fortress of Christian monarchs, flowers, patios
    7 San Sebastian 4:10 War, beaches,
    6 Valencia 5:07 large city, cultural and entertainment complex, streets, phallus festival, opera house
    5 sevia 6:12 real alcazar, Moorish palace, salmon coloured uilding
    4 madrid 7:20 largest city, royal palace, plaza mayor, san Miguel market, pavlova building
    3 spanish islands 8:25 my orca, Ibiza, canaries, dunes in gran canaria, Tenerife volcano
    2 granada 9:36 Alhamra medieval moorish, blend cultures and history, architecture, views of city,
    1 barcelona 10:50 everything Europeans look for, gothic cathedral,

  4. For me, if you had to pick one country to visit in Europe, Spain is the best country to visit. I was blown away by the history and architecture. The people were very friendly the the food was fabulous. I do recommend you learn some Espanol, which adds to the overall experience. I am so glad I took Espanol in high school. Make sure you go see to a Flamenco dance, characterized by hand clapping and percussive. It is super intense! The performers are really into their craft.

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    Love from India🇮🇳!!

  6. I went to spain after I watched your videos! It helped me deciding which place I should go to. I posted the the travel videos on my channel. Now I am home and I miss Spain already, the food, the people, the flamenco, the festivities, everything!

  7. Spain and Spanish Latin heritage and cultures everywhere are the coolest in the world and should never be fucked with ever

  8. Toledo lost it's position then after the Spanish Inquisition, when it became more and more Christian or maybe Euro-Centric. I had a lover from Toledo, a lawyer by now who told me of their mixed heritage.

  9. Please watch this video before going to Spain: [Spanish police played dirty games] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a5wT6Aquzs

  10. I'm from Spain and when I saw Seville I died because it is sevilla

    Soy de España y cuando vi lo de Seville me enfade porque es sevilla

  11. Thanks for uploading this beautiful video about Spain! The footage is gorgeous and the cities you mention here are without a doubt amazing places for anyone to visit! 😍😀😄😍🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  12. Spain is definitely very underrated, and worth the visit. One point I disagree however is the beaches, not just Spain, but Europe in general. Their beaches are nothing compared to the Caribbean and other tropical islands.

  13. So funny she messes up the pronunciation of the vowels in most cities (Galicia, Toledo, etc) but she does the lisp in Barcelona, when that is not required at all (some Spanish people don't lisp, and no one in South America does, you won't ever hear a Mexican pushing the lisp when he refers to Barcelona). There is nothing wrong in pronouncing cities with an English pronunciation anyway if you are audience is mainly English speaker. We don't care. As long as you don't call Barcelona Barsa and you avoid balconing you will be fine.

  14. Spain Is beautiful but why they go in phillipines t get the beautiful places and why they kill the GOMBURZA and many people at phillipines
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  15. NO PLEASE, do NOT come to Barcelona. It's already too crowded by tourists. Barcelona people want to sleep at night, want to stop smelling pee and shit on the streets, want decent housing rents. PLEASE GO AWAY, to somewhere else, or even better, stay home.

  16. The Mezquita of Cordoba was initially built as a Visigothic christian church. When the Muslims conquered Spain they built there a mosque and when Christians recovered the place they respected that building (adding a "christian" part, though) and converted it into a christian church again.

  17. Eso no es lo mejor de España. En España hay otras ciudades tan bonitas como estas, con unos monumentos impresionantes. No las nombró por si me olvido de alguna.

  18. Великолепные пляжи, вкусная кухня, оживленная ночная жизнь и оживленные праздники делают Испанию одним из лучших мест в Европе. Поскольку Испания включает в себя несколько автономных областей и островов, страна может похвастаться одной из самых разнообразных культур и ландшафтов на континенте. Вот краткий обзор лучших мест для посещения в Испании.

  19. If you want to explore Spain away from the tourist traps, go to Tudela in Navarra or/and Tolosa in Basque country … close to Tudela you'll find the outstanding landscape of Bardenas Reales Navarra (National Park) . I've been there several times… and will return!

  20. what with the pronounciation :DDD ? clearly never been to Spain. So wrong. Cliché video for average `merican tourists

  21. The grandfather of my mother is pure Spanish blood.. Also the grandfather of my father is pure Spanish blood. I am born in Philippines. I am now a pure Filipina .

  22. Spain ignorant country ignorant people…they kill animals for fun. 100.000 dogs (galgos) brutally killed every year and podencos too…killing bulls in the name of tradition. It's all legal there, whtf you have no culture, no respect, no life education, ignorant scum.

  23. Pakistan is also beautiful and super safe for a tourist. you should visit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QvW7a7wpNI&list=PLh-PhWmanICUyh-J3B1FuWLib_cp-5Uvb

  24. …And Segovia, Salamanca, Ávila, Cáceres, Oviedo, Santander, A Coruña, León, Teruel, Burgos, Cádiz, Santander etc.

  25. Wonderful country Barcelona is the worst- pickpocket and graffiti all over. Love Santander and Malaga-beach clean people and fooood

  26. I visited Spain on August last year with my parents and my little brother and it was such a wonderful experince. We went to Almeria , Roquetas de mar , Isla plana , Salou and finally Barcelona. Can't wait to visit yet again and see other parts of this really beautiful country that is Espana. Granada , Cordoba , Sevilla , Malaga and San sebastian are on my list

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