10 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

10 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

Whats up Everybody welcome back to my laboratory. Where Safety is the number one priority And today I’m going to put to the test, camping gadgets Lets check this out Ok lets see what we got here I got a bunch of gadgets for you Looks like first gadget going to be is airpad Its like a blow up mattress but But renovated So you dont have to sit there and slowly blow it through the small hole It takes you hours to blow up a single mattress And what you wanna have is a mattress under your sleeping bag so that way you would be super comfortable in a tent so just want to pull it out look at it
there’s a special book to keep the attack together awesome now we’re just going to know it boom a call what you’re doing so probably going to lay down right here
she scared me a bit we all know that you see it’s huge but
once you lit up its comfort it looks like feels like Mikey l is not
just blasting feels that could say was doing both some kind of cloth material
and look at this big hole on this side what’s up girl I don’t have anything for
you and then what we just simply going to do
it just blow it here yeah it says right here in stocks and keep it
sideways like that and we’re going to just blow in it well that’s pretty simple to blow it up
look it’s almost four so now i’m just going to wrap it around and there’s a little like that here just
go in the closet I yeah and here if you still not happy with how
much is born here there’s a side let’s see what it does yeah you can fill
it up a bit more carefully same thing if you filled up too much you can just get some air out boom just only to blows and look at it this
is a nice build-up poop this cars got here now i can wait comfortably on a ground also if I’m by the fire and I want to
sit down I’m just going to pull the two times
like that and now i can just sit by the fire and a
big super comfortable Luca awesome of this and this material is awesome it
feels like cloth it doesn’t feel like rubber so i think
it’s going to be super durable inside now let’s just how fast it is to put it
together let’s open this open this wall as well and just get maximum air out and
I was just want to fold it here and hold it here while all the air already out this is
this was simple wow you know how usually air mattress
it’s almost impossible to get all the air out now let’s see if I can pull it back up
in the normal position where i used to think we’re all up and and now right here there’s the stage
of bending put it around and walk it and there’s a little handle it here store it in my backpack I’m ready to go
camp into the difference but it’s actually exceeded my expectation thumbs up for me check this out let’s
open it and let’s see what it is boom a sport a three-spoke actually the
night I get 30 no actually four of them in the
park so i can get everybody in the camp effect can turn out with four people this is awesome check this out we got
here spoon for the soup we got here for . everything else and
look at here there is a knife right here it’s pretty sharp Bachelet so i can do a
lot of things with that I can cook a steak and then i can cut it with the
pork and then um this is awesome this is the best sport I’ve ever seen actually spoke with a knife thumbs up
for me definitely taking it with me to kempen see what we got for the next
gadget boom pocketbac let’s see what it’s about look up a little hole there like that
there’s a holder to put it in your belt pretty awesome let’s open it and see
what it is so this is a pocket change so looks like
this is just a blade it can come up with come over then you
can’t hold us and or in your hope so you’ve got to be probably have to have
your own I have a view something like that before
but why is this different as you can see we’re going to look at it closer this is have double blade before I won’t
be seeing single blade on one side so one big once i get dull you have to
sharpen it up but because of this double side so it will be useful devices warned so you can cut the wood and once once
I’d get dole you flip it around and use the other side let’s look at this close up as you can
see it has a blade on the both side and is going to last us twice as long now let’s go cut something and see if it’s actually works well or
not let’s start to cut this piece of wood yeah yes got in early wall but after a while
its get stuck every time i’m going to try to finish
should have gotten it from this side see what happened just pinching it but
as you can see it breaks but as you can see boom it’s pretty much cut it too not bad I
like it’s my improvised scandals of so funny night sky can walk just got to have a
good angle you see we got it – pretty easily – this stick piece so it does work
pretty good okay let’s see what we got for the next
gadget boom this well thing I seen on internet is amazing so let’s test it out because i don’t
have any apples for you today let me alone let me call my video so
we’re going to unplug this thing right here it comes to the wheel cover like
that and let’s see what it does there is a lock right here we’re going
to open it up not bad now we’ll all we have to do it
just opened this open the shop love is a plastic bag and shadowing I wonder what happens if you poke a hole
to this plastic bag I have to do yeah the time now you see how this locks
already all the air from escaping then simply which is going to pull it
together this is awesome why look at just john garbage can with
stick now which is going to lay down like this and i’m going to try to land
that if it works or not fail I guess it’s supposed to lock it up or
something then you see you going to blend it together and lucky and now we
can lay down lay down on it oh yeah this is awesome this is like our arm shield I might be a
little bit too tall for this thing but this is awesome I can camp like that anyway I’m so
comfortable it has way more here in it now so
probably will be easier to see oh yeah that’s it I can play like that
all day of course I’m a giant they should like
make an external one just for me my lord legs are too tall I’m 67 so for somebody who’s like for
somebody who’s like 54 maybe like six foot or be perfect but
for me it’s a little too small but I’m so comfortable this is like a couch a
woman so this gadget we’ve got here it’s not
just ahead it actually has a flashlight it’s a cool
color head what do you look like looks cool and
look there’s a LEDs let’s figure it out how to turn it on
right here on an off switch so you turn it on let’s put it on and
turn off all the lights and see what it looks like look it’s camp in colors huntin colors
and you got this led life next time I’m going fishing in the
wintertime I’m getting this head so check this out that definitely works
how do I look awesome so if I need anything all the tools really easy to see and I
don’t really have a different flashlight i just have a head so it’s not heavy at all on my head some
of those head flashlights are too tight or to book and
always falling off so that’s awesome this survival gadget
called I suck what it is is a little big yard here and
it’s supposed to hold up to one leader look that tells me to take this off
tells you how to use it all sets a waterproof so this way we
could use this as a ploy . but if any of the put our technology in and keep it
over to die like self forms whatever charge of all these good things
we can just put it in there and then all it up and that way it will be waterproof
stick it in there as you can see here is not escaping from
there now let’s stick it inside of the water
and go look at it it’s want to float because it’s super
water both and it can hold up quite a few things also you can use it as a flotation
device just fill it up close it and you got a
little floaty so you can hook in your commerce and stuff or backpack or
whatever and that way it won’t sink that way whenever you drop it in the
river and go float now let’s ever got here what up of
chimera ago poor if you drop it boom you see this lab Aggie can be a
floating device pretty awesome right also they sell it
like a 5-liter bags much bigger bags so you could use it as a flotation
device for yourself so when you click in your always wet so we got here came in shower let’s check out what it’s all about
holder’s at hand word there is a live wire and that’s got
to be a minimum order let’s put it all together and see what
it’s all about I guess inside with that here is a
rechargeable battery so i will plug it in and plug it into the computer or the
USB charger or cell phone charger that work and the church’s body and here you
can lock it up so it stays waterproof that’s so cool wow so then looks like we
need to put this in and then I hear we’re going to slide it around all the
way to the bottom this is cool next time I’m going came
from definitely taking a shower with me so then we’re going to all this up and
close it tight boom and on this side we just go on the
shower head here here’s their own bottom nights on now
we’re going to stick it into the pocket and it should turn on the water yep it
did now we got ourself a shower who here
feels good form of the sky kim wore this is school can even stick it into the
river what started put it on the bottom right here so you
can just put this cause into the Eva and look at this it’s pumping the water up so any kind of
sauce like maybe arriva a small steam will work as one of this pump submerged it will be good Optimus so just make
sure you pull the charges can shower amazing look at this is pumping water
literally well so if you going somewhere camping and there’s not much to swim
this shower is awesome little steam as one of this pump will get submerged
you’re going to have a shower and get yourself one of this solar panels to
charge your shower that way you can go camping with style
and all the larger for this gadget you definitely need a
water bottle and look at this one this one is for the bomb completely you can
hook it up to your back pocket here and let’s open it up start to fill it up let’s say I got my water from the steam
i bought my water filtered it and get to put it in my water bottle boom and look at this water bottle awesome it’s lightweight it’s easy to
hold it once i think all the water and I don’t have any more water simple just call it up and stick it into
your backpack here’s the left in to keep it hold up boom now it’s a little water bottle that
doesn’t take up too much space I like it a lot we’ve got your solar
charger let’s see what it’s all about looks like
the charger is for the annoyed forms connector I don’t see the iphones connect us or if
it’s it’s waterproof regard to submerge it and see if it’s it actually going to
snow white and they actually say it’s super water Pope and we’re just going to
stick it inside of a boom oh no looks like the water when inside
of it well they said it’s a super waterproof all set stones shockproof and drop
resistance pretty awesome Oh looks like it’s filled up with water it does has some bonds fingered here so
when you drop it on the side look it’s bouncing turn it on and it’s still
working awesome ok now let’s pull this use be
plotted out that charity of forms if it’s actually going to work go open it so you need something sharp
to open it because it’s over tighten now I see why because they want to keep it
water off and then we’re going to plug it into the phone and let’s see boo much charging it says it has only
one charge it now but it’s charging how long does the form keep charge a day
or two days so that this solar charger you don’t have to worry about anything
you can just a charge of any time as one if you have a sign your day the water see what happens oh my
goodness what is good night hun wow that but we’re bomb just becomes so
much cooler

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