10 COZY CAMPERS for more Comfortable Camping in 2019

10 COZY CAMPERS for more Comfortable Camping in 2019

Its that time of the year again and we are
going to bring out the campers and trailers, and pretty much anything we can find for your
camping excursions. These videos are some of our most viewed on the channel and usually
have plenty to choose from. I’m Reacher, today we’re bringing you some campers, trailers,
and campervans for your next summer getaway. Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design Number Ten Manufactured by One Hundred Miles the My Drop is a
Teardrop trailer developed for the European markets. Primarily intended for leisure it’s
light, coming in at a maximum weight around 1650 pounds.
The trailer comes with a small kitchen, a cooler, a sink, and can accommodate two people
on a double bed. Ideal for the off-road and nature it can be purchased in either red or
beige. Number Nine Tipoon, The Travel Machine, is a comfortable
camper that opens and closes in under three minutes with a remote control. Panoramic
windows and large doors at the back make it open to nature. It has a living space for
up to four people as well as a shower, dining area, second bed, and an ample storage area.
The Whole shebang weighs in at just under 2100 pounds with the removable
tow trailer. Number Eight Chinook unveiled their latest version of the
Trail Wagon at the RVX 2019 with an added focus on luxury. A mix between a camping trailer
and a toy hauler, the trail wagon is app-controlled and meant to match the van that tows it. Some
extras include a rear deck, air conditioning, refrigerator, and an upgraded entertainment
system. Two models will be available, one with a rounded van like front, and another
with a squared-off look. Number Seven Built on a Mercedes Benz 24 foot chassis,
Winnabagos new Boldt will have you ready for an off-grid adventure. It also includes hey
Mercedes, an AI voice interface, that works like Alexa or Series allowing voice control
navigation throughout the camper. Additional features include a wet bath, dining area,
and a kitchenette. Number Six The Sequoia is the flagship model from New
York-based Trail Marker outdoors. It includes such features as solar power, a front counter
with a stainless steel countertop, double awnings, and a drop-down queen size bed. There’s
room to sleep two people and still haul your gear inside using the interior mounting system,
which can secure multiple bikes or motorcycles. Number Five The newest trailer in the Timberleaf teardrop
trailer line-up, the Pika measures in at just under 12 feet, making it the smallest trailer
sold by the company. Built for rugged simplicity, it’s compact but still allows about three
feet of headroom. The sleeping area features a multi-speed fan, dual USB ports, cargo net
storage, and LED reading lights as well as two extra sliding windows and dual access
doors. The Pika might be small but a skylight and it’s thoughtful area design give the impression
of a trailer much larger in size. Number Four Zenvanz combines the skill of an award-winning
small space architectural and interior designer with a licensed general contractor. Offering
a technical expertise and design appeal thats unrivaled in the industry allows them to envision,
design, and build the perfect overland adventure van. The best methods and finest materials
are used to ensure the components will stand the test of time. Cabinets built with a rugged
yet lightweight eco-friendly bamboo, and an aluminum exoskeleton, provide an aesthetic that is
both strong and beautiful. Interior components use bolts instead of screws, utilizing factory
holes, for ultimate flexibility, and each interior element can be removed to reconfigure
the layout as needed. Number Three The Icamp by Udo is a modern folding caravan
suitable for small cars with a light engine, as it weighs in at just under 1200 pounds.
Easy transport, easy handling, and comfortable camping are the three things that characterize
this caravan. It has a remote-controlled electric roof that expands in just under 30 seconds.
The interior includes 6 seats that convert into a double bed with an extra bed above
the kitchen. The trailer also has a high load capacity allowing for an extra 450 pounds
of cargo while still only having a hitch weight of 132 pounds. Number Two The Polydrop trailer is a spaceship-like
camper that came about so the designer could have a portable space to call his own. The
inside is suitable for two adults with plenty of storage space, room for a 26 square foot
mattress, and a 100-watt solar panel that provides power for the lighting and heating.
Made with an aluminum frame the newest version weighs 760 pounds with a tongue weight of
just 80 pounds, allowing it to be towed by any car. Number One Featuring a full lift rear tailgate, a sleeping
area for four people, and oversized European windows, the Silvan Sports Vast debuted at
RVX in 2019. Two queen-sized beds provide ample room for a comfortable sleep experience.
While one raises and lowers from the ceiling using a motorized lift system the other converts
from the lounges cushion for easy setup. The patented all-season sliding kitchen fits into
the shower area when traveling, but once at your destination, it unfolds and can be used
from inside or outside the camper. Planned to begin delivery in the fall of 2019, the
Vast also includes a side-mounted rack system that turns the entire side of the trailer
into storage for any style kayak or canoe. Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Mind’s Eye Design. We love to hear your feedback, So, please leave your
comments below, and let us know your favorites from this video and why you liked it. If you
have an idea for a future video, leave another comment, and let us know. Then if we use your
idea we’ll give you a shout out in that video. But, don’t leave yet. Keep watching, because
there’s more.

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