10 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know!!

10 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know!!

🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Today, I got some unicorn buns, do you guys like them? 🦄 Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and it’s my favourite time of the week, summer hugs! 🏝 Wengie: Today, I’m back with another 10 DIY hacks, that you guys can do; I did a bunch last year, that you guys absolutely loved!❤️ So, I’m back with some more amazing ones, some of my favourite, I wanted to share with you guys! 😀 Wengie: But hold up, if you guys aren’t part of the fam yet here already, I encourage you to join, click the subscribe button, and join the #wengiecorns fam, because I love you guys so much, and welcome if you’re new, and if you are a part of the fam, you’ll be automatically entered in the current Mac – Book Air giveaway, the only other thing you need to do, apart from being part of this wonderful family, is to subscribed to my other channel, ReactiCorns, don’t forget to check the link down below, and subscribe there! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧❤️💻👇 Wengie: And that is literally all you need to do to be entered, so good luck everyone, let’s get this video, to like hmm, a hundred, and thirty-eight thousand thumbs up, that would literally be amazing! 👍👩‍👩‍👦 Wengie: So, without further ado, let’s get on with the video, let’s go!`📹 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love going to the beach in the summer, but no matter how hard I try, get all the sand out of my stuff, somehow I always bring it home with me! 🌞 🏠❤️ Wengie: Like even weeks later, I don’t know how it’s still there! ❔ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: But I got this mesh tote bag, which is amazing, not only it does look super cute, but the gaps in the bag let the sand slip right through it!🛍 ❤️ 🎵*Music playing* 🎵 Wengie: So, now you can pack up all your stuff without worrying, and, as you walk, the bag will automatically clean itself! 🛍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I always forget that, after a few hours I the sun, the car steering wheel gets really hot, like it actually feels like it burns your skin!🔥👐 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: But a genius hack to avoid this in the future, is actually to turn your steering wheel upside-down before you leave the car, by the time, you get back, the bottom will be scorching hot, as usual, but the top when you turn it back, will be nice, and cool! 🔥 ❄️ Wengie: This is the top, you normally drive with, so it is awesome! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Some of you guys might know this hack already, but this is new to me, and I love it, the best way to bring an ice-cold drink out, is fill a bottle halfway with water, and then, freeze it on its side, that way, when you’re ready to go, just fill up the bottle with water, using the gap of the opening, the large surface area of the ice will allow your water to cool down much quicker, this will give you a refreshing cool drink, ready on the go, instead of a bottle full with ice, and only a tiny amount of water, which used to happen to me all the time! ❄️ 🍵🌦🕰 Wengie: And I ended up, smashing my water bottle against a hard surface, to break the ice, but that’s really not great for your bottle, so this is awesome!⛏ 🍵🌦👍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: So, summer equals yummy fruit, which also unfortunately brings fruit flies, like I swear, I have a family of fruit flies in my basement, whenever I eat fruit, they’re like ‘ Feeding time, guys!’🍏🐜 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: But, an awesome way to keep them contained, is actually with fruit, that’s right, using their beloved fruit against them, just take any fruit scraps, and put them in a jar, and seal the top with cling wrap, poke a few holes on the top ofthe cling wrap, and then, let it sit there, the fruit flies will be attracted to the smell, and will squeeze through the gap, they won’t be able to get back out! 🍏♨️🐜⚱️ Wengie: You can just dispose the jar, once you cleared out the flies! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Sun screen is super important when you’re spending time out in the sun, but sometimes, you might get sunburn, if you’re out for too long, or miss a spot, a super useful hack for sunburn is to freeze some aloe vera cubes beforehand! 🌞🖥 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Then, just pop a few out, and then, put it in a hand towel, and apply it to the burnt area, make sure you don’t apply the ice cubes directly to your skin, the cold ice cube will soothe your skin, and the aloe vera is a great treatment for sunburn, and this will slowly seep through the towel, and melt, keeping it, nice, and clean, and, you don’t get a huge, melting mess! 👐⌨️🌞 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Keeping cool in summer is important for a good night’s rest, but sometimes. the heat will leave you tossing, and turning, and sweating all night, cotton sheets don’t help either, because they tend to retain heat, so instead try some satin sheets in summer, they’re much more cooling on your skin, and you’ll sleep like a baby, and oh, they feel amazing, and oh, they’re actually great for your skin, and super anti-agent, because they don’t pull out your skin at night!🏝❄️ 👐 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love the feeling of sand on my feet, but, I don’t like the hassle of getting wet sand off, it actually feels like, it takes forever, for some reason, wet sand doesn’t let go, a cool hack I never knew for this, is to use baby powder, I know it seems a little strange, but, baby powder actually absorbs all the water from the wet sand, it helps it become dry, and flaky, so it rubs super easy!❤️🏝👣❔ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: This quick, and easy hack is so useful in summer, instead of adding ice cubes to your water, just use some frozen fruit, this cools your drink down, and also slowly infuses your water with fruity goodness, this is so simple, and easy, and delicious, and you can eat the fruit after, guys, it tastes so good, like you have no idea how awesome this is, you have to try it! 🏝 🌦🚰🌬 🍐 👍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love summer, but what really bugs me, is ants, huh, get it, bugs, anyway, they seem to make it into the house, even if there’s isn’t food laying around, which can make pretty annoying! 🐜 🏠🍐 😡 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: There are heaps of ants’ sprays around, but a natural ant rappel is coffee grounds, just store all your used coffee in a zip-lock bag, and then sprinkle it around any obvious ant nests, and also around any entrances to your home, like doorways, gaps in your windows, keep your home ant-free during summer, and saves you some money!🐜 🚪🏚💵🏝 Wengie: So, it’s chemical-free, which is a thumbs up, in my book! 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: I love, just chilling, and lying down on the beach, but I don’t know, and if you guys have this problem, or it’s just me, but there’s nothing to put my head on, and sometimes I end up using my bag, which squashes everything inside, lying completely flat, is not only uncomfortable, it makes the blood rush to my head, so usually, I put my bag underneath my beach towel, and this literally squashes everything inside, which is not great, but I found how you could DIY your own personal beach towel with a pillow! ❤️🏝🛍 🛏 Wengie: All you need is two beach towels, a memory foam pillow, and a sewing kit!🛏 Wengie: First, choose a size for your pillow, I wanted a more portable one, so I could fit it in my bag, so I ended up cutting the memory foam to a smaller size, using my bag as a reference guide, so I knew it would fit well into my bag!🛍✂️ 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Then, I cut out a section of the second beach towel to make a pocket for my pillow, or you can use a towel or another small piece of fabric, that just covers the pillow, so this pocket onto the bottom of your first towel, leaving one end open, and then, slip your pillow in, I love this because the memory foam is so comfortable, and now, I can relax on the beach in style! ✂️ 🛏❤️👍 🎵*Music playing*🎵 Wengie: Did you guys learn something new today? I hope you guys did, and you guys try out any of these hacks for DIY, don’t forget to hashtag me on #wengiecorns, and what did we get up to in ReactiCorns, this week, let’s have a look! 🎨💻 (Laughing) 💬 Max: Great, legged Afros! 😀👍 (Laughing)💬 Wengie: Oh, my god, look how scared that baby looks like! 😱😰 (Noise) 💬 Wengie: So, it’s come to that time, where I have to say goodbye, so I’ll miss you guys so, so, so, so, so, much, bye, love you! ⏰🤚♥️

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  2. HI Wengie my name is Addy , and I have been watching your channel for a long time and I love it I have been trying to make the life hacks but my mom won't let me my birthday is on October 26th Iam gonna be nine .I can't go on Instagram and want to get merchant Ican not ??? can Iget a shoutout? I watch you all the time

  3. With the baby powder to get sand of your feet make sure to use pure cornstarch baby powder. Normal baby powder if prooven to give you cancer

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