37 thoughts on “10 Easy Travel HACKS + Packing Tips | Travel 101

  1. Look, I LOVE y'all. I just felt like saying this for the gazillionth time today. I've been here for 5 or 6 years and to see the girls and you and everyone grow into such great individuals is so special for me. xoxo

  2. As a dude in his late 20s, I love to rock those cargo pants and shorts, I just love them for the amount of pockets they have. I don't need to pack a lot of stuff. Just my electronics, chargers, shower and teeth brushing supplies, they go in my backpack carry on, and my clothes in my luggage. That is all I need. I carry all my immediate need items in the pockets of my cargo pants/shorts. I usually buy food and water at the airport or train station.

    But yea, if you ever see me travel, I will be wearing an outfit with as many pockets as possible on it.

  3. This is so helpful! I’m actually traveling on Thursday (in 4 days) to go to a wedding and this video came in handy:)

  4. i was hoping that there would be folding hacks, this was not what i expected. not everyone has all the stuff that she has, so this will probably apply to no one

  5. When you are traveling with all 6 kids, do all of you share a hotel room or have separate ones. Love from Dallas!❤️☺️

  6. My travel bags are in my closet. I keep all my bags hung up simply because I don't have shelf space so I know where it is and I don't have to go searching. I have a couple different bags that I use: I have a floral print backpack from Ardene, I have a drawstring backpack and a couple other ones. All my bags are somewhat multicolored so it's easier to spot. In addition to my backpacks, I keep my beach bags, and other bags I would need to go away with me in the same location. I have my flip-flops directly underneath in a bucket as well as my swimming goggles and my waterproof phone protector in case I would like to take underwater pictures. I have yet to try it but it's there so I know to bring it. What I normally pack in my carry on are my phone, a book or my Kobo, a notebook and pen, gum or mints, hand sanitizer, tissues and a word seek.

  7. Very helpful video! ? One thing that has helped me is that when I fly extremely long flights I wear compression travel socks.

  8. I have all the stuff I have to take while going to security in one of those mesh bags so I can take it out all at once. Especially because I mostly only travel with carry on

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