10 Feet Down | 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs Opening Tease

10 Feet Down | 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs Opening Tease

Huni is… just a top laner now. Forget his name is Huni, forget all the things he did. CLG’s a tough team to put your faith in. Especially after what happened last year. Cloud9, they haven’t won the NA LCS since 2014 Spring. Meteos goes down! And OpTic are cut to pieces! They’ll find even more disaster. No Quicksilver Sash. He is down, he is shut down. What is he doing? Oh, that is huge for Huni! – He’s back!
– Yeah, he’s back, and so is Clutch. 1, 2, 3! Meteos showing up now trying to grab a little bit of extra damage. Meteos has still got it. TSM is marching down mid lane. The quadra kill onto Zven. The flash bind onto two! That was beautiful, Biofrost! Svenskeren: If Kennen walks up too far, I’m gonna look. Nisqy: Ok.
Svenskeren: Kennen, Kennen! He’s in! C9 says, “Not today!” Team Liquid are your North American LCS champions. Back-to-back sweeps, TL… it’s three LCS titles in a row. Nobody can beat us! Doublelift goes deep into enemy territory, a double kill over to him. Liquid will remain at number one.

100 thoughts on “10 Feet Down | 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs Opening Tease

  1. Calling it. CG wins and CLG wins. TL picks CG and sweeps them. Then CLG will win C9 3-1 all close games except the first one. Then TL will win 3-0 vs CLG

  2. This is it, this is the Split, Cloud 9 is winning it all, time to be back on top. The truly faithful shall be rewarded.

  3. There's so much love for Biofrost, and he absolutely deserves it
    I really feel like he's become the new face for CLG

  4. TL C9 CLG might represent NA TSM struggling if they play like they did last year's playoffs maybe. OPT and CG might surprise everyone and beat some of these teams

  5. What kind of weird-junk music was that? Like, just, complete non-sense, the representation of the regions? The duck?!

  6. If Zven is still not able to redeem himself this split, he would become like Huni. A shadow of his former self. I hope they come back strong (both Huni and Zven) even if I hate TSM. They don't deserve this.

  7. I feel bad for Zven, dude probably hated himself for that one mistake that cost TSM everything in spring. Getting back up from something like that cannot be easy. I was kind of hoping he'd have a redemption arc in these playoffs but that wasnt the case.

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