10 Impressive Truck Campers, Camper Vans, and Expedition Vehicles

10 Impressive Truck Campers, Camper Vans, and Expedition Vehicles

– [Glen] Exploring the great outdoors can be an exciting time for people that have a love for nature. There are many option
when choosing a vehicle to take those adventures in. From smaller conversion and camper vans to great big expedition vehicles. Everyone has a different need when it comes to camping and exploring. This is Glen, and today we’re bringing you 10 vehicles for enjoying
the great outdoors. (glitchy electronic beeps) – This episode of Mind’s Eye Design is brought to you by the Autolover A8. This windshield heads-up
display sounds an alarm when you exceed the speed limit. Included is a fatigue
alarm, and keeps track of water temperature, fuel consumption, mileage, and has an engine fault alarm. For more information, visit the link in the description below. (crash) – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glen] The off-grid
Mercedes-Benz 170 EXT by Outside Van includes
a custom power system using a range of AGM and
lithium-ion batteries, alternators, a Magnum inverter,
and various solar panels. This has a fixed bulkhead
wall behind the driver with interweave fabric and a steel frame, and can have either a
soft or hard garage wall separating the cargo area
from the passenger cabin. You can store equipment
in the custom-made, heavy-duty overhead cabinets
that have a waterproof liner and can be removed
by loosening knobs from the Mac tie down studs
that hold the shelf to the wall. A three panel bed system mounts on rails and locks in place across
the width of the vehicle, giving you plenty of sleeping area. This also has a galley that
includes a butcher block countertop, a choice of laminate surfacing and drawer pulls, an induction stove, and a glass top sink
with a fold-down faucet. – [Woman] Number nine. – [Glen] This UNICAT
TGS 6×6 vehicle, made by UNICAT Expedition Vehicles,
comes with a trailer and was created specifically
for a rally racing team. The main truck is powered
by a 540 horsepower engine. The cabin can sleep two
drivers with separate beds. The section behind the
cab includes a U-shaped living area that will
accommodate six people, with a kitchen and bathroom. Plus a master bedroom with a double bed. The rear trailer consists of a bedroom with two bunk beds to
accommodate four people, a kitchen area, a bathroom,
and workshop in the rear for keeping tools and
cabinets for spare parts. The rear trailer can be accessed through a large ladder at the back. This expedition vehicle
also has two fuel tanks, including a 105 gallon gasoline tank, and a 132 gallon diesel
tank that can be used for fueling other equipment and vehicles. – [Woman] Number eight. – [Glen] The Sawtooth
Adventure Van by RB Components is based on a Mercedes-Benz
4×4 sprinter platform and can challenge the harshest terrain. This off-road vehicle is
ready for off-grid living. It’s entirely self-sufficient and designed to take outdoor enthusiasts to places you usually can’t go. The Adventure Van is a
true 4×4, with amenities and features that provide
for comfortable exploration of remote places, and
rides on a LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air suspension kit. With a 17 inch tire
package for added comfort. The interior architecture boasts several hi-tech amenities, including a custom stainless steel enclosed
shower with hot water, bamboo wooden tables, a 69
gallon freshwater system, solar panels, a 3000 Watt power system, an electric awning, and an outside mount barbecue for outdoor cooking. – [Woman] Number seven. – [Glen] Orange Work in Cologne plans and manufactures custom-made motor homes and expedition vehicles
from the very first step all the way to completion. You can experience unlimited mobility with Orange Work’s long distance vehicles. The Bremmen T-Rex motor
home has a 170 horsepower 125 kiloWatt engine, all wheel drive, a five speed manual transmission, and weighs a total of 13,230 pounds. This has ventilated bunk
beds, a ventilated alcove bed, a table with walnut veneer wood panel, and the kitchen has a
gas hob with two burners and a worktop made with Corian with a flush mounted sink. The washroom has a mirror wall unit, Corian vanity, ceramic cassette toilet, and a Corian shower tray. Orange Work also has a
T-Rex 4×4 vehicle that is a bit smaller in size, and has a steel frame laminated in the bottom
plate with rubber elements for tension free connection between the body and chassis frame and
a large passage to the cab. – [Woman] Number six. – [Glen] Exploracell
by EuroCamper comes as either a removable cabin
over a platform on a truck, or can be fixed to the
chassis of any pickup truck available on the market. The cabin interior’s electrical and water facilities are always hidden,
and the inside is made with easy to maintain materials
that are cozy and practical. The closed, hermetically
sealed gate windows and roof, along with sound absorbing materials, result in an interior that
has seamless acoustics. The customizable interiors
can include a shower, a convertible bed, upper
and lower removable beds, storage, an audio system, a gas alarm, seats, a kitchen with
heating, hot water, a cooler, and lighting and battery display helping to make you feel at home. On request, reinforced
suspension, underbody protection, ARB bumpers, compression system, or GPS can be installed on the vehicle. – [Woman] Number five. – [Glen] The Cruisinator
6×6 was the biggest, and first, of the Cruisinators,
built by Bonetti Campers for the challenges of
the Australian Outback. This has 225 amp power and AGM power, and 240 Watts of solar
energy that is controlled by a battery management
system that will run the operations independently. Wide ranging tests were
run on the vehicle to show that it could run without any engine power or external power for several months while still using the
refrigerator and LED lights, and never depleting the
battery more than 75% even in the heat of the Queensland summer. This also has big side
windows covered by screens for proper ventilation, an
over the cab bed with mattress, a kitchen with two burner gas hob, a hot and cold water sink,
and a toilet and shower room. Bonetti also makes a
smaller 4×4 Cruisinator that sits on a Toyota
chassis and comes with plenty of storage, an outdoor
shower, a queen-size bed, a two burner cooker, and
plenty of other great options for an off-grid experience. – [Woman] Number four. – [Glen] The Overland
220 Residential Cabin by Camp-Crown is a popup
topper that will fit a double cabin as well as
on 1 1/2 cabin variants. A parallel lift roof
will set up in seconds thanks to four gas pressure dampers, providing access to the interior that will sleep two people comfortably. This popup camper is made of tarpaulin and is one of the thinnest available. It includes four large
windows, a retractable bed in the alcove with a mattress pad and mattress, a sink with a glass cover, and a portable toilet. The Overlander has 16 7.25 gallon totes that can easily be stored for storage. And comes with a power system that has a 150 Watt solar system
with smart regulators a 15 amp smart charger, two 60 amp hour gel batteries, and a battery computer. – [Woman] Number three. – [Glen] The EarthCruiser EXD
is ergonomically designed, allowing for a short walk to the bathroom, living area, kitchen, and bed. Whether you’re looking
to go on a year-long trip or a weekend getaway, this
is ready for the challenge. The EXD can be put on any
chassis, fitting just about any make in the correct weight class. And provides a system that
is comfortable and capable. Higher ground clearance
helps protect components and permits you to take this vehicle to the most isolated locations. The key difference for
the EXD is the structural integrity, intelligent
systems, and functionality. The camper is outfitted with
systems that would typically be premium options from
other manufacturers. Four drive actuators
lift and lower the roof with the push of a
button, and are designed to be able to lift snow off the roof. This takes about 18 seconds and could be done manually, if needed. – [Woman] Number two. – [Glen] The Labyrinth 4×4
Ford E350 conversion van by Adventure Company
is the popup camper van made to be self-sustaining and for exploring the great outdoors. The interior on this includes the premium interior package, full audio
package, LED strip lighting, custom kitchenette, and cabinet package. This full-size conversion
van has a removable table, custom upholstery, redwood finishes, a portable toilet, and
leather captain chairs for a comfortable ride. The van also includes a
sink with two burner stove, storage compartments
under the queen-sized bed and on the side walls, and room for two people to fit comfortably. – [Woman] Number one. – [Glen] A Russian team
of experts is preparing for an expedition to the Kara Sea from the capital of the Urals to put hard tests on this Arctic-class
vehicle designed especially for the conquest of the North Pole, according to the website
of the expedition. The off-road Burlak is designed
to go to the North Pole. It has six wheels, and the chassis of this amphibious vehicle has
wheels with a diameter of almost two meters and
reproduces the concept of the BTR-60 inventory armored vehicle. The cabin design and
propellor are watertight and allow the vehicle to float and maneuver between breaking ice. The inner part of the cabin is lined with insulating material and synthetic felt that
retain heat for a long time. The Burlak is also equipped with a sink, shower, and gas stove. Meanwhile, the advanced
off-roader is conducting preliminary tests in floating ice, water, and thick layers of snow. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done
so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next
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all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (soft adventurous music) (upbeat music)

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